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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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36 Mocha

"Hey." I said.

"Hello." Hazuki replied with a small voice.

"Let me guess, you are teloported to this world as well?"


"So you are fully Japanese?"

"No-Just my mother. My father is American. And you?" Hazuki studded in beginning.

"Chinese." I replied. "You look about the same age as me, how old are you?"

"Um...17." Hazuki answered after a brief pause.

"I see." I nodded slightly. "How about you guess mine?"

"Um..." Hazuki looked up and down at me for a moment. "16?"

"Ha! Most people say that, my Asians genes keeping me young. But no, I don't actually remember my actual age. But what I do remember was that I was in Uni, so I at least must be 18..." I rubbed my chin.

"I see." She replied.


"I am sorry I am awkward at conversations." Hazuki spoke up again.

"That's fine. I used to be an awkward person as well, in fact for 4 years I didn't have a single friend in grade 4-8." I replied.

"That must have been really rough."

"It was rough indeed." I paused, feeling the rest of the memory is missing. "Anyways, do you know how to make mocha?"

"No unfortunately." She replied softly.

"Alright let me show you then."

"First you need to get out the coffee bean."

"Then you take out one of the paper bowl's and dump all coffee beans in it into the coffee grinder."

"Now remove the portafilter from the espresso machine."

"Then press the portafilter against the coffee grinder."

"Even out the coffee powder in the group head of the portafilter and pressure it with the coffee powder stamp."

"Now place the portafilter back onto the espresso machine."

"Now pour milk into separate metal cup, and place thermometer inside."

"You see the thermometer? We want the milk heat up to about 140F."

I pulled the steam lever, and the milk let out an agonizing hiss.

140F, perfect...

"Since this is grande size cup, we would want a grande size shot of espresso."

I pressed the grande size espresso option, and from there the machine worked it's self.

"Now that the espresso is filled in, it's time to pour the milk into the cup. Then add 6 chocolate pumps to it."

Once the espresso has blended in with the milk I added 6 pumps of chocolate, from the chocolate syrup container at the side. Then I went to the side and fetched a spoon.

"Here you want to dig out the rest of the foam and placed it on the top."

"And here the chocolate squeezer..." I did a quick swirl on the top of the foam.

"There, done." I said, handing her the finished product.

Slowly and hesitantly, she reached her hand forward and took the cup from my hand. And once the cup was in her hands, she took a sip from it.

Q: Do you like Mocha?


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