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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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38 The church of Yang

"Dang this place is just like downtown Vancouver!" I looked around the place and commented.

"Yeah." Lili said casually, followed with a spike of energy: "Oooo guys! I need to show you something! Follow me!"

We followed her without question.

"So are you guys religious?" Lili asked with both hands behind her head.

"I am Christian." I answered.

"Same." Hazuki replied with a quiet voice.

"What about you Lili?" I asked.

"I am atheist. But I do go to church once in a while."

"What kind of church is it?" I asked.

"The church of high thigh my dude! Man, thigh is love, thigh is life!"



"Nah, I believe in science. I loved science since I was little." Lili added.

"I see." I commented.

"Alright here we are." Lili stopped in front of one of the building.

"The Church of Yang." I read the logo. "Wtf is this?"

"I figured if the two of you want to understand this world more, this is the place to come."

"Fair enough." I said, and a second later Lili pushed opened the door and the 3 of us stepped inside.

"Looks like we are in the middle of the preaching." Lili said with a hushed voice, and the whole place was jammed back so we had to stand in the very back. And there at the very front, was a familiar looking giant penguin dressed in priestly robes.

"Is that?"

"Yep, Sam. Aka, tyrantboost2." Lili answered.

"In the beginning God created the world and mankind, and the 4 dark lords." Sam preached.

"Amongst the 4 dark lord, the legend was born. And was given direct authority and power from God to rule over mankind."

"Without the Legend, we toxic people would have no home to go. Rito banished him into the void, only to find him return more powerful and more toxic."

"Today we will look at one of the passages from Yang's book 'The art of the scam' the passage we are reading today is: 'The hoes ain't worth it.'"

Then there was about a rant for 30 minutes of various points supporting the statement, and to be honest I was quite convinced in the end.

"That wraps up tonight's sermon, next week we will focus on the central passage of 'The art of scams', 'get money and fk bitches'. And always remember brothers and sisters, in yang we trust." Sam left the stage, and a brief moment later the church band came onto stage and began playing: 'Smoke weed everyday'.

What kind of cult is this?

"Aww, I wish they could just play Linkin park." Lili commented, then turned and began to leave.

I wonder what Yang is like...

Q: Would you go to the church of Yang?


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