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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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40 Tfw you stuck in elo hell

"Oof!" WW made a sound as he was knocked to the ground by the impact.

"This is why they call me Lejhindary." A muffled chuckle Came from behind Will's scarf.

"Fk! Since when did you learn how to aim!?!?!?" WW yelled, then immediately regretted as he coughed out blood.

"Dude! I always know how to aim!" Will exclaimed.

"I deserve diamond." Talonmain said, as he came up beside Will. "Your garbage kid." He spat on the now dying WW on the ground.

"Bro I got an idea! Watch this!" Will said, as he walked over to WW face and proceeded to squatting up and down in a continuous motion.

"OH SHIT! HE'S T-BAGGING HIM!" T1 roared through the speakers.

Above the crowd laughed in tears.

Oh gawd...

Just kill me...

WW thought.

"They been T-Bagging Kirito wannabe for 3 minutes now, have some mercy these animals!" T1 commentated again.

"Ugh...My legs are getting tired now. Alright, let me finish him." Will said, stepping aside and whipping out his pistol.

"Your garbage kid." Talonmain repeated on the side.

"This is for the other day." Will said as he point and aimed it at WW's head.

"Any last words?" Will asked.

WW turned to the side and coughed out blood one last time and spoke:

"I fked your mom last night."

"Nah dude. I fked your mom." Will said, and before WW could form a new come back, Will pulled the trigger.

WW's world went black.



WW slammed his fist against the outside of the building, then immediately regretted it.


"I am fkin done with this game!"

WW screamed, then dropped to his knees a second later.

But without climbing the arena there would be no income...

But being hardstuck like this...


Tears began to swell in WW's eyes, as he went out in a full clannad ending cry.

A hand laid on his shoulder.

"I understand your pain of stuck in elo hell young man. But save your tears for more important things." Came a deep voice.

WW looked up, the figure wore a dark robe, with a face shrouded in darkness.

"Who are you?" WW chocked back a sob.

"Whom I am is not important. What is important is the potential of what you can become." The mysterious man stood up. "Come young man. I promise I will show you the way out of elo hell."


With a snap of a finger from the mysterious hooded figure, a portal of swirling pink mist appeared beside him.

"Because I know da wae."

Q: What's your favourite 12 year old come back line?


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