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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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41 Da wae

"Where the fk am I?" was the first thing WW commented as he stepped out of portal.

"My humble dwelling of course." The mysterious figured said with folded sleeves.

Before WW was a sea of collection of manga, legion upon legions of anime figure, and rows upon rows of body pillow lined up against the shelves.

After a good 3 minute of awe struck, WW turned back to the mysterious hooded figure and asked:

"Jesus! Who are you!?!?!?" 

Which to response, the hooded figure took off his hood, revealing a long white beard a wrinkled face with a pointy wizard hat on top.

"Just an old time anime lover..." The man scanned the room. "It took me 300 years to fill up this collection."

"...300 years..." WW paused. "That means you are that-"

"Eternal Grand Wizard Scrapian at your service." He bowed.

"Wait! Wtf! You are the most powerful mage in history!"

"Perhaps. But with great power, comes with great cost..." Scrapian sighed as he scanned over his anime collection.

"In order to retain my magic powers, I must continue to remain...Ahem..." he coughed.

"Oh, remain a virgin I know." WW said blatantly. "Heck I am thinking about becoming a ranger as well..."

"Oh child...Choose wisely, these choices will affect you for life..." the moment Scrapian said those worse, his expression seemed to age another hundred years.

"Yeah, but it's not like I am going to get any girls..."

"Don't worry. There will always be 2D waifus."


"So why did you bring me here anyways?"

"Ah, that." Scrapian snapped his fingers again, and a closest appeared out of nowhere, hovering few inches above the ground right beside him.

"I had this dress reserved for a long time, but I haven't found its owner till now."

The closest door opened.

"No, no fking way." WW flinched back a little.

"This is da wae."


Scrapian snapped his fingers again, and WW body froze at once, as if there was an invisible restraint.

"I am sure it will fit you well."

Scrapian's lips turned into a wide happy smile, as a look of horror overtook WW's face.


Long radiant golden hair, large eyes like lakes of sapphire, marble smooth cheeks, slim body built, azure blue dress that showed off her white stocking and white leather boots.

She looked in the mirror at her new self.

"My eyes have been blessed!" Scrapain commentated from the side.

"This is...Me?" WW's said with his usual male voice.

"100%! Except you are officially a trap now!" Scrapian said proudly. 

WW stood as still as a statue before the mirror.

"Your voice hasn't changed, but here I have a voice change potion here that can help." Scrapian produced a small pink vial out of nowhere and handed it to WW.

"This can't be real..." WW muttered, but still took the potion.

"Well, with your new trap identity, we should help you come up with a new name as well.

"New name?"

"Yes. Take your time to come up with one."

"Huh...New name..."

Q: Are you into traps? :^)


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