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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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42 Trapz for dayz

The arena lobby was tame and quiet with small chit chat here and there, but that was all about to change as a new figure stepped through the door:

Long radiant golden hair, large eyes like lakes of sapphire, marble smooth cheeks, slim body built, azure blue dress that showed off her white stocking and white leather boots.

"That booty..." Talonmain licked his lips.

"Me see pretty grill! Me smash!" Eric08 commented.

"Wut?" Will swept his head back and forth in a confusing manner, and when he finally traced his friend's eye sight to where they were pinpointing he quickly added: "Bruh. Not interested."

The other two ignored him and turned their attention back to the new comer girl again.

"M'lady~" Talonmain appeared beside the new comer girl in a blink of an eye, and said: "If you were my assassination target, the only way I would kill you is love you to death." Talonmain got down on his knees and took her hand gently kissed it.

There was a cringe expression on the new girl's face.

"Tell me your name. O the thief who stole my heart!" Talonmain asked.

"WTF MAN!" The girl screamed, then realizing something was wrong he quickly recovered his mouth again, then let it go again after a short pause: "Uhhh...You can just call me Alicia..."

"Alicia! What a sharp name! Each every single one of it's letters will forever be engraved onto my heart!..." Talonmain held up hand as if looking at some invisible dagger.

"My right arm is a lot stronger than left one!" Eric flexed his right arm.

WTF is wrong with those people!?!?!?

It's like they are on drugs or something...

Alicia thought and subconsciously backed up one step.

"M'lady join us! And together let us embark on a journey of death and love!" Talonmain proposed with one hand forward.


Alicia's thoughts raced.

"Hey virgins." A new voice popped up, and the 4 turned to the new figure.

"Leave the grill alone she's mine." Lili said.

"It's the weeb girl." Will said with a hint of malice.

"Yeah, but at least I am not bronze or silver." Lili fired back.

The trio went silent for a moment.

"Man you got carried!" Will shouted back.

"Says the kid who shot backwards 4 times! HA! Have fun in bronze!"

"Man, watch me climb to silver!" Will said.

"Well, you can...IF YOU KNOW HOW TO AIM! HA GET REKT!" Lili said with hands at her hips.

"Bitch! Watch me get there..." Will mumbled, then got up from the chair.

"Man I was gonna woop yo ass, but I gtg eat."

"HA! Eat my ass!" Lili taunted. "Your just too scared to 1v1 me!"

"No u!" Will said one last time, then turned and left, with the rest of his gang following behind him.

Once they were gone, the lobby returned to its usual peace again.

"Grill." Lili turned to Alicia. "You said your name was Alicia right?"

"That's right." Alicia replied casually. "Thanks for fending off those creeps. It's like they were on drugs or something!"

"Ye probably." Lili shrugged. "Grill, it looks like you don't have a party. How about you join us?"


"Ye, there's also my friend Gid." Lili gestured to a figure behind her.

"Hey." He said.

"Yo." Alicia replied. "What rank are you guys?"

"Both of us are gold." Lili answered. "Right now we are making a guild, and we are looking for new members."

"Guild? This early?" Alicia said with a concerning voice.

"Yep. It was his idea, but I am like 'eh whatever'." Lili shrugged.

"A guild I see..." Alicia mumbled to herself for a moment.

Oh WW look at the shit you have got yourself into...

Alicia lowered her head for a moment, then lifted up again and spoke up:

"Sure. I fking regret nothing."

Q: Do you know any IRL or online traps? :^)


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