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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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43 Custom figh

@@They say we are not going to fight, yet the 6 of us found ourselves on the arena que platform.

"3v3. You guys choose the theme of the map. We will whoop your ass anyways. HA!" Lili pointed with one finger in a mocking manner.

"No you get ready to be put down." Will replied, from the other end of the platform.

"Lol. At least my mom not gey."

"No your mum gey!"

The two fired back at one another with 12 year old insults for a solid 3 minutes, until I stepped in:

"It's been 3 minutes. Might as well start now."

"Fine." Lili said with an irritated voice. "Let's just put this kid down and go home."

"Same." Will responded, then he tapped something in the air. "High noon map how about that?"

"Whatever kid. Ima put you down." Lili scuffed.

Will then pressed confirm on some invisible tablet in the air. And a brief moment later, the glyph beneath our feat began to grow in bright purple, so bright my entire vision went white for a moment. And by the time the light died down again, we found ourselves in a complete new scene:

Wild West style building lining up the side, dusty cow webs strolling by, the metal sign making cranky noises every time the pushes it around. And most iconic feature of all the bright baking sun of high noon.

Oh shit...

I was already sweating. Feeling rubber in the knees. And ready to collapse any opponent. And there our opponents was ready on the other end of street with their expression only spelling no good.

These bastards picked this map on purpose!

But it was too late to regret now.

The enemy trio stepped forward.

Q: What would you do if you were at a disadvantage in a team fight?



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