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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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44 OwO what’s this?

"Duel wield activated!" Alicia yelled, as she pulled out another sword out of nowhere. And while she activated the skill, a gust of old wind drove by and lifted up the skirts of Alicia, and my eyes couldn't help but spy on them...

Sports shorts huh...


That moment time seemed to freeze as I was able to closely analyze the uncanny situation at hand:

Notices bulge...

OwO what's this?

With all my attention on the peculiar specimen I didn't even notice Eric was right up in my face, not until the very last moment Eric's blade way half way through splinting my skull.


Not too surprisingly, 1 minute into the battle, me and Alicia were already dead, and was now watching rest of the battle unfold from the spectator view which was basically watching from your remaining teamates's view like an FPS game.

Seeing herself outnumbered in the open, Lili ran towards the nearest building and slide under the pair of door way, as 4 shots of bullets chased her tail from behind:


All 4 shots from Will missed, as he proceeded to reload his pistol. While at the same time, Eric rushed forth and followed suit into the building as well. The place appeared to be a bar, with chairs and table neatly tucked out in the front and drinks lined up the back of the wall. And there right behind the bar, Lili ducked as she hugged tight to her katana.

"Naruto girl! Come out come out wherever-" Eric taunted.

"It's not fkin NARUTO!" Lili shot up at once and drew her katana. 

"LOL! I don't care! I ma kill u now!" Eric yelled as he charged forth raising her blade.

With a nimble roll side ways, Lili avoided the fate of being chopped into half and she like a metal spring, she quickly shot up into the air and landed on one of the tables. Frustrated, Eric swung his massive blade around and slammed it on the table she was on, and the force was so great it instantly shattered the table into half. But Lili was a beat faster. The moment the blade hit the table, she jumped in the air once again, did a flip and landed right behind Eric. Enraged, Eric swung around his blade in a spin attack, only to find himself hitting the air. A moment later, Eric stopped spinning and looked around again, unable to find a single trace of shadow where she went.

"Where you go nartuo girl?" Eric said to the air.

"You dumbass! You let her get away again!" Talonmain complained as he scanned the scene from the entrance.

"Says the emo kid." Eric fired back. 

"Call me that one more time and I will have your tongue out." Talonmain threatened.

"LOL! The emo kid is angry!"


"Sorry to bother you guy's bronze conversation." Lili's voice came from above, and the two looked up; Lili was sitting on top of a fan with legs hanging.

"But I think I am just going to end you all now."

And with that sentence Lili hopped off from the two story height and whispered something as she unsheathed her sword. 

"Keno no ame..."

There was a blur of silver, followed with the light foot steps of Lili landing.

"OOF!" Blood sprayed out like a fountain from the two's bodies and slowly they fell back with onto the ground in the form of a dozen of pieces.

The floor board creaked, as a shaken Will stepped into the room.

"I will let you have some free shots at me. Lol." Lili let out a chuckle as she got into a ready stance.

Will drew his pistol and nervously pointed it at Lili.

All was quiet except for the dusty old wind blowing outside, the creaking sign at the front of the shop, and the chipping mice passing by on the roof beam.


Akward silence.

More awkward silence...




"Bitch you gonna shot or what?" Lili said impatiently.

"Dude I am trying to focus!" Will complained.

"Yeah sure you been like that for like 15 minutes now!"

"Bruh. Let me concentrate."

"Man, I am tired of waiting this shit." Lili said, as she eased out of her stance and began to walk forward.

"Aaaa-Get away from me!" Will fired:


There was a series of ricochet sounds in the room, whether it been the hard knock sound of bouncing off wood, or the glass shattering ring as it bounced off bottles, it lasted for a brief moment as the bullet's journey ended with a an:

"Oof!" A red dot appeared on Will's head, and a brief moment later he fell back dead like a single chop stick.

At the sight of victory, Lili hefted the Katana on her shoulder twice with a grin, and a brief moment later a game announcer window appeared behind them: 


WW? Who's that? Oh wait...

That means...

Q: Would you ever become a trap yourself?


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