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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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47 Power level reading

Day time, sunny too. If it were the me previously, these would be my days, but nowdays? Not so much anymore...

Hazuki had the day off for the day (since it's still the weekend), but she said she needed to stay back at the mansion and work on her book instead. So instead I asked Petunia if she wanted to spectate the duel between Lili and Maria with me, which she surprisingly easily agreed.

And here we are the 3 of us, walking down the center of the plaza, and there at the main gate of arena stood Lili's opponent dressed in full gear.

"Man, how long have you been waiting here?" Lili asked Maria casually.

"2 hours." Maria replied with a stone masked face.

"2 hours! Holy shit man!" Lili swore. "You are going to dehydrate yourself! Especially with those thick clothes and armor you are wearing man!"

"It's fine." Maria said as scanned at them normally for a moment, then next moment she stared hard at them like nails:

A line of glowing golden text appeared in Maria's eyes, one that only be seen from her view:

[Name: Gid

Species: Half demon/half human

Strength: B

Speed: B

Mana: F

Skills: Demonic transformation (S)

Overall: B]

Maria narrowed her eyes at the word 'half demon'.

She turned to Petunia:

[Name: Petunia

Species: Human

Strength: F

Speed: F

Mana: A

Skills: Master violinist and Pianoist (S)

Overall: C]

At last she turned to Lili:

[Name: Lili

Species: Human

Strength: B

Speed: S

Mana: F

Skills: Swordsmanship (S)

Overall: A]

"Man, why are you looking at my boobs?" Lili said to Maria. "I am flat as a washing board lololol!"

"FLAT IS JUSTICE!!!" I added in the back.

"HELL YEAH MAN!" Lili gave a thumbs up in approval.

"..." Maria closed her eyes for a moment then turned her back to them.

"Let's just get the duel started." without further words, Maria pushed opened the doors of the arena and marched inside.

The three looked at her back silently, then shrugged and followed suit.


Inside the que chamber:

"I shall leave you with the honor of choosing the map." Maria said.

"Alright, you said it man." Lili said, as she scrolled down the map selection from her invisible menu.

"Alright I am choosing this map!" Lili tapped something on her menu. Instantly a screen popped up around the ceiling area of the arena, which showed an screen shot of the map as well as a line of text below:

[Toyko: Akihabara]

"Ohhh!!! I been here before back in g11!" I commented.

"Oh nice man." Lili replied.

"Yeah, I walked around there for 5 hours just to find a figure. It was a limited edition."

"Ahem." Maria did a fake cough.

"No need for rush man." Lili replied casually, as she hefted her katana onto her shoulder. "Alright then, let's begin."

Q: Do you own any figures?


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