I been teloported to a world determined by power level
48 Weeb samurai vs The radiant swordswoman
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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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48 Weeb samurai vs The radiant swordswoman

Steel kissed and sparks flied, as the two swordswoman exchanged blows one after another. On the speed aspect, the two were about equal. But when it came to strength, Maria clearly have the upper hand. With each strike she imposed, Lili staggered back a little, and every time Maria's sword struck the ground, there would be a small crater made.


Lili did a back flip and narrowly avoided getting cut into half.


Lili threw two kunai with paper tied at the end, only to be deflected away by Maria with a single flick of her sword.


The two swords met again, and Lili slid several meters in a moon walk fashion, while Maria remained still in her place.

"Guide me, o father of light..." Maria began to chant, as her sword began to glow in a blinding white light fashion.

"May the blessing of thy archangel be with me..."

"And I offer my valor and blood as testimony to our bond..."

"Wait!" Lili held up a hand.

"...Why?" Maria actually stopped.

"It's BTS blood sweat and tears. Wait let me change it to a different song man."

Maria lowered her sword and actually waited, after about 30 seconds of scrolling through her phone, Lili finally put away her phone again.

"Alright, I changed it to EXO - Promise." Lili said as she got back in a fighting stance.

"Very well." Maria said, as she began her chant all the way from beginning again.

"Guide me, o father of light..."


"And lend me thy power to pierce through the darkness..."

"And shine the mortal plains with the glory of your strength!"

Sensing something is wrong, Lili began to run backwards and she put about a good 100ft distance between them.


​The whole world turned white for a moment.

And by the time the light died down again, ash and smoke crowded the air, and by the time that cleared there was a long scorching path of destruction stretching several hundred feet long.

Yeah...She dead for sure...

But why is the game announcer not saying anything?...

"Bitch!" came a voice from behind Maria. "You can't kill me!"

And there Lili was right behind Maria with katana held just inches away from her neck.

"How did you do it?" Maria slowly turned her head and gave Lili a side glance.

"I didn't." Lili replied. "You just fell for it now."

"Oof!..." Maria made sound, as a long silvery body of steel went through her heart from the front. And there in front of her face was an exact identical Lili.

"Yeah it's called clone jujitsu." Lili casually said, as she pulled out her blade in one swift motion.

Maria's eyes grew large for a moment as blood from her chest like a massive mountain, and after a few second of the blood fountain display, Maria to slump to her knees. Even as she fell, she still held her sword tightly in one hand with point still sticking in the ground, and face lowered. From there her whole body went rigid and after about a good 30 seconds of dreadful quietness, the game announcer popped up:

Winner winner chick dinner! : [Lili]

Q: Do you feel ripped off by the results at the moment?


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