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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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49 Welcome to Akihabara!


Aka the holy land of anime.

The one place where all otakus around the world will at least go once in their life time if they had the chance. Buildings and streets lined up with anime and nothing but anime merchandise.

Due to the fact it was just all virtual space created by magic, there was not a single soul soul seen walking on the street, all except for just two...

Maria looked around, and didn't appear the slightest bit interested in the rich culture surrounding her, she drew out her sword and fixated her eyes upon her own blade instead:

[Name: Maria Springfield

Species: Human

Strength: S

Speed: S

Mana: S

Skills: Ruler's Soul (U) Radiant sword (SSS)

Overall: SS]

Going with pure stats wise, the opponent has 0% of winning...

But that's not an excuse to underestimate the enemy!

Maria thought as she narrowed her eyes, and got into a battle stance.


"Platinum 5225..." I read Maria's points from the spectator view. "Platinum verses Gold..."

"Who do you think will win Petunia?" I asked in the spectator voice chat.

"Ummm...I really don't know sorry..." Petunia apologized in a soft voice.

"Petunia you really gotta stop apologizing for no reason now."

"Oh, I am sorry, I am sorry..."

"Oh whatever..." I shook my head. "Well, going with pure stats wise, my money will be on Maria." I rubbed my chin and continued:



"Fighting is not all about stats now."

"So who do you think is going to win?"

"It's still to early to say now, but for now, let's just watch."


At the other end of the empty street, Lili silently pulled out her head phone and hit the play button on her phone:

Lili drew out her blade in synchronize to the music and began to slowly make her way towards her opponent.

Q: Place your bets: Lili or Maria?


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