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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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53 Back to the kitchen

"You are late by 33 seconds. I didn't know you want to become dead meat this bad." Isa said with a lazy voice from behind the sofa.

"I am sorry sir! I have no excuse to be late!" I saluted.

"At least you are honest about it." Isa made a grunting noise, as she stretched two hands above the sofa zombie style.

"You know how to cook fresh meat?" She asked again.

"Yeah, a little."

"Go make me some food and bring me another bottle." She said, as she  sat up and revealed her free falling white hair for a moment.

She's just like a normal pretty girl from behind...

"Why are you not moving? Do you want to become grilled meat?"

"Uhhh-sorry sir!... Any specifications?"

Isa grunted and paused for a moment then said:

"Meat. Is must have meat."

"YES SIR!" I saluted and rushed to the kitchen, and began rummaging through the fridge and cabinets for ingredients.

Olive oil...poured and heated.

Shrimp...Unfreeze with hot water and peeled.

Seasoned with salt...

Garlic...finely minced.

A slice of lemon...Squeezed.

A slice of cold butter...

And kale for the side...

Once the oil began to boil I threw the barely unfrozen shrimp which let out a hissing white vapour. Then I tossed in the butter and garlic and began frantically stirred it with my spatula. Then I squeezed the lemon from the top and rained a bit a salt on top of it. And after another good minute of scraping, I made sure the shrimp is inside and out cooked from all angles. Seeing it turn golden brown around the edge, I poured the contents onto the plate, and placed the batch of fresh kale to its side.

"Its done!" I said as I grabbed the plate and shuffled my way to Isa and carefully placed the plate before her.

"Your garlic shrimp sir." I said, then quickly ran back and grabbed her drink and fork and placed it before her.

Isa started down at her dish with such intensity, I thought the shrimp was gonna run away. A moment passed and finally Isa lifts up her fork and stabs a shrimp with it, then  proceeds to lifting towards her jaws: then disappearing behind it.

I swallowed hard.




"Not bad for fresh meat." Isa said, her expression unchanging and stern as always. "But I like my meat spicy, go bring my hot sauce in the cabinet."

"Oh, ok." I said, as i quickly ran to the back and found a bottle of tabasco sauce.

"Here you go sir." I said as I placed the hot sauce before her.

I watch in silence across from her, as Isa ate and drank. All was quiet except for the buzzing reporter voice from the TV across:

"Mysterious monster continues to terrorize city. Claiming the lives of 8 people, and government has now raised the bounty on the monster to 1 million dollars. Government is also..."

"Clean the dishes and at the open in 3 minutes." Isa said, as the plate and bottle before her were magically empty.

"Yes sir!" I saluted as I watch her leave out the back door.

"Huh..." I muttered to myself.

I feel like I am being used as a slave...

Q: Do you like shrimp?


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