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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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54 Back to training...

The moon cracked open a creepy scythe like smile. And crows sat all around on top of the junk pile, gawking at me in a rowdy manner.

"Can you shift into demon form yet?" Isa hustled.

"I think so sir. Let me try." I closed my eyes for a moment, as I gathered up my strength for a moment.

The moment I felt a sharp pain coming out from my back, followed with single a dark cape like wing appearing behind my back.

"Alright, I want you to punch me as hard as you can fresh meat." Isa said with a gravitated voice.

"You sure sir?..."

I am pretty sure she is still human, if I use my full demonic strength...

"Do you want to become smoked meat that bad?"

"No sir!"

"Then do it."

I took in a large gulp of air, then steadily let it out. And before I could give myself a 2nd chance to think, I lashed out with full force and speed. The wind howled by as my fist travelled through the air, with every particle in my arm was buzzing with energy. And there was her face just inches away, but before it could ever reach her, a hand came out of nowhere and grabbed me by the wrist and pulled my entire person towards her.


I made a sound as something with the force of a truck rammed me in my stomach, crushing my insides into oblivion. I fell to the ground the next moment, and I swore I was seeing little angels or demons spinning around my head.

"You fight like dumb meat." came a mumbled Isa's voice from somewhere, I looked up and saw one of those demons looking more and more alike Isa.

"Ugrhhh..." was all I managed for a reply.

"Are you dead meat already?" Isa said with a sharp voice.

"Psh-" I spat to the side; it was a puddle of dark liquid under the moonlight. "No sir." I slowly straightened up myself again.

"Hmph." Isa sneered for a brief moment. "Good. Cause I will be the one striking this time."

Ok maybe not so good idea to try to act tough in front of her now...

Q: Do you know any self defence techniques?


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