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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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55 Arc. Co

5 whole week days has passed and my whole body was still sore from Isa's 'lessons', aka beating me up with a valid excuse.

And here I was lying on the bed barely recovering, as a text notification popped up on my phone:

Lili: Yo dude what up?

I texted back:

"I am sore AF from the beat down this whole week"

Lili: Feels bad man

Me: ye

Lili: Dude u wanna hang out today?

Me: Where?

Lili: There is something I always wanted to show u

Me: What is it?

Lili: Its a weapon shop man, the same shop where I my Katana 'Yuki' was forged

Me: Huh

I didn't know your Katana had a name

And ig sure

So what time do we meet and where?

Lili: The place is called Arc. Co, I will see you there at 5pm

Its like 2 subway station away from you

Me: Alright, its 4:20 now, I will get up now

Cya there

Lili: Cya there man


On the outside, Arc. Co looked like one of those typical steam punk style workshop. With a large metal gear hanging out above the front of the door with golden words emboldened on it:

"Arc. Co"

"Yo man." Lili voice came from beside me.

I turned to her and paused for a moment.

"I see you got a hair cut."

"Yeah, my hair was long, so I got a hair cut."

"Nice." I said plainly, then looked back to the store front again.

"Alright, let's see what's in here..."

A wave of warm steam hugged my face, and I couldn't see anything but white for a moment. A brief moment later, the steam around me cleared, revealing a forest of gears and machinery. The floor was a collage of various type of metal plates, but it still somehow miraculously obtained a crystal clear reflection as well as perfectly even surface.

"Welcome to my humble work shop, Arc. Co." Came a soft male voice from a thin tall silhouette from the fog at the end of the room. A second later, the figure emerged from the fog, and he was indeed tall, about half a head taller then me, but was even thinner then me, so that pretty much made him a walking stick.

He has a childish face, white hair, he wore a leather vest with a white shirt beneath, along with leather pants, belt and boots. Also he had a metal plate covering the right side of his chest. Then with a friendly small smile, he walked up to us and stopped about 10ft away and folded one hand in front of his chest and bowed slightly:

"I am Arcturus von Galvane, proud owner and founder of this shop. How may I be of service to you today?"

Q: What do you look forward in shopping?


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