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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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56 Asian bargaining time

"So anything you two are looking for particularly today?" Arcturus rubbed his hands in a pleasing gesture.

"We are looking for a weapon for this guy." Lili pointed a thumb back at me without turning around. "He's a demon so yeah."

"Demon, human, elf, hobbit is not the question. The question is what is best suited for your fighting style. SO if you could tell me about your preferred fighting style that will be very helpful."

"I have brought tea..." Came a soft quiet voice form behind the door; a figure stepped into view.

"Ah Sora, just in time." Arcturus made a gesture for her to come forth.

She appeared to be in her early twenties, stormy grey eyes, pale cheeks, medium length lake blue hair, with one side tied in a ponytail. She wore a plain grey with blue lined dress, and black stockings and dress shoes.

"Thank you for the tea." There was 3 on the tray in total. Out of courtesy I took one, even though I personally only drink cold drinks.

I took a sip of it and already burned the tip of my tongue.

"Never mind." I said, and placed the cup back on the tray again.

"It's alright..." Sora replied in a quiet voice, as she took in every one of our barely sipped tea.

"Alright, come this way." Arcturus made a gesture for us to follow him through the door, and once through, we found ourselves in a room armed to the teeth with all manners of weapon lined up against its walls. From sword to guns, and I swore I saw the memory pen from MIB somewhere on there...

"So tell me," Arcturus turned around to me and asked: "what is your preferred fighting style?"

"Something to chop down the enemies with, like a giant blade." I replied.

"Ah, then claymore or two handed broad sword it is." He pointed to a certain section on the wall. Then with a snap of his finger in the direction, the weapon began to float away from its originally placed area and all the way into his hands. And seeing this from a 3rd person perspective, it looked as if he was using the 'force'.

"How did you do that?" I asked bluntly.

"Ah, magnetic attractor built into my glove. Anything that contains metal I can pull towards me with ease."

"Nice." I said.

"Thank you." he returned the compliment with a small smile.

"This sword particular here is a mechanically attached blade. So even if it breaks on the battle field, it can reattach it's self magnetically no matter how far away, with just a simple click on a button here on the handle. And it requires no mana to use at all."

"That sounds pretty cool." I said, as he handed the blade over to me, and I took it and began to examine it. "How much does it cost?"

"Hmm...It's hand crafted by me so it's one of a kind. The price of the sword shall be...90000 dollars."

"Oh shit! Nvm." I handed the blade back to him.

As an average gold rank arena fighter, my annual earnings combined isn't even that much...

"I know it's a little expensive, that's why I haven't able to find a buyer for it yet. So what is the price range you are looking for?"

"Hmm..." I rubbed my chin and checked my account balance.



"Do you have a normal claymore that is just very durable?"

"Of course!" Arcturus said with passion, as he used his finger as a guider to place the mechanical sword back into it's place. Then he snapped his fingers and picked off a different sword.

"I named it the 'Destroyer', also hand crafted. The entire body of the sword is a combination of 5160 Carbon steel which is considered the most top quality metal of earthly material for swords, and dark stone which is technically also a metal and is known for its amazing shock absorption effect. Thus making the sword, durable and hard at the same time. The total sword length is 150 cm if you include the hilt, the blade it's self 4ft. It's total weight is 20kg which is heavier than any sword in human history, but if should be no problem for you to wield while you are in demon form."

"Yeah." I said, taking the sword for him, and almost dropping it from the sheer weight. "So how much does this cost?"

"3800." He said in a casual voice.

But of course, since I am Asian and this ain't no super market, it would be a disrespect to him if I don't bargain my way now...

"3000." I said.

"I am sorry, I don't think I can do that..."

"I saw another store with a similar sword to that and they only sell it for 3300."

"3500." Arcturus said.

"I know you also trying to make a living. So how about 3200?"

Arcturus just stared at me but there was no reply.

"Alright, Lili's let's go." I said, returning the sword back to him and ready to leave.

"3200." Arcturus said with a well mannered steely tone.

It looks like he won't go any lower...

The corner of my lips curved upwards.

"Deal." I said, and offered to shake hands.

"Deal." He shook back.

Q: Can you name an instance where you try to be cheap?


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