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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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57 A lazy Sunday...

Here I was, alone and standing; taking my usual 20 minute shower.

Actually, its past 20 now, but you get the point.

When I take showers I like to think, about pretty much anything. Anything ranging from Chunnibyo dreams to tomorrow's daily plan.

In case you are all wondering where I got my money. I got it from the arena, to put it simple, everytime you win you get some money. Everytime you lose however, you lose some money. As for my salary for working in Stardelight, there is no salary. The salary of my work is getting to live in her mansion for free, which I say is a pretty good deal. Cause if she charged me for my stay, there is no way I could pay up with my minimum ass salary. Plus living in the mansion is pretty sweet, its about 5 minute walk away from the Cafe, and another 10 to the nearest subway station.

That reminds though, I haven't see Iu for a while, without her in the house, it feels...

While Iu was gone, I still continued my daily routine, but most of the house chores was done by Iris. Hazuki well...

She's just working on her book I guess...

Upon that thought, I closed the tap and stepped outside shower.

Over the past 2 months, the fruit of my training is beginning to ripe. The outline of my abs has vaguely began to pop up. I say in 4 more months I will be able to get those abs now. I then quickly dried myself with a towel and threw on some clothes.

Then I left the bathroom and began to heading into the hallway. And there from one of the windows I caught a glimpse of a figure sitting under a shade in the middle of the court yard, with no doubt it was Hazuki.

"Please move aside." Came a soft monotone voice. I turned around and saw a pair of stunning pink eyes staring right to the bottom of my soul.

"Oh sorry Iris." I quickly shuffled aside.

"Thank you for your cooperation." Iris said with emotionless voice, then resumed vacuuming again.

My eyes lingered on Iris a little longer, then turned to the front again as I descended down the stairs.

Her stature reminds me of Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty...

I reached the bottom of the stairs and went for the kitchen.

I want to make some strawberry smoothie...

I grabbed a few ingredients as my thoughts ran on.

I will make two...

That means...

12 ounce of concentrated strawberry smoothie...

8 ounce of water...

And 2 large glass full of ice...

I poured all the ingredients into the blender, put on the cap presses the button, and let the machine do all the work from there on. Once the sound of the ferocious buzzing was over, I opened up the cap poured the now slushy content within, into the two cups.


I took the two glasses and began walking to the courtyard, and there Hazuki sat beneath the shade, with her head still buried in her notebook.

"Hey." I said with a light smile, and placed one of the drinks right next to her.

"Hey." Hazuki replied with a soft voice, as she wore a cute expression that resembled something like this:


"I see you writing new book. You don't mind if I sit down with you?"

"Of course not." Hazuki closed her eyes with lips breaking into a small smile.

Instead of the usual outfit. Hazuki this time wore a simple white sun dress, and the usual right eye that was covered by a eyepatch now laid bare in plain sight. Her other eye turned out to be amber just like the other one.

I pulled up a chair across from her and sat down.

"So," I paused for a brief moment, started at her where her eye patch used be: "where did your eye patch go?"

Q: Have you ever watched the anime: "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions"?


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