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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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59 Upcoming even

"Hey cunt." Lili greeted me casually at the door.

"Yes Lili?" I let out a mental sigh.

"Can I call you a cunt?"

I shot her a look.

"Just get in here." I turned and made my way down the hall and back to the courtyard again.

"Wow your house is big." Lili commented.

"It's not my house, it's Iu's house." I replied without turning back. "So what did you come here for today?"

"Dude, guess what!" Lili said with a sudden tone.


"I just received an event letter from the arena. They are holding a battle royal event at the end of this year."

"Huh, that's like another 2 months from now."

"Yeah. I was also gonna ask if you are down for duo again. My team is retarded, at this I am going to drop back to silver." Lili said with a pair of dead fish eyes.

"Lol." I chuckled. "I will see to that soon. Anything you want to drink tho?"

"Yeah man. You got any Snapple juice?"

"I don't think I have that now. But I can make some apple juice."

"Nice." Lili said, as she followed me to the courtyard.

"You can keep Hazuki company for now, while I go make the drink. Just don't corrupt her now."

​The instant Lili saw Hazuki her expression changed from closed Asian eyes to anime sparking wide eyes:


"It's a grill!" Lili threw herself towards Hazuki in a huge bear hug.

Hazuki made a half smiling half embarrassed face. For a brief moment I wanted to go up and help her, but in the end I decide to leave it be.

"Alright. I will go duo que with you now." I said with one hand on the hip.

"Hell yeah man." Lili let go Hazuki at once. "It's time to destroy those kids."

Q: What's the most common Kaomoji you use?


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