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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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61 Good bye Iu

My knees dropped like lead to the ground as those blowing rubies of eyes started daggers into my soul.

"I am sorry masta!" I kneeled and kept my head down.

"It seems that the dog still knows his manners. Very well, rise." She said with a highly voice.

I rose and faced her again:

"So where were you this the whole time?" I asked, as a million other questions flooded my mind.

Iu narrowed her eyes at me for a moment then closed it and sighed.

"There is not much time for me, so I will just say it here."

"What do you mean?"

"Are you going to keep on barking or let me finish my sentence?"


"That's master for you." She went on: "Forget the titles. There is no time for it."


"Nevertheless, be all ears to what I am about to say." Iu cleared her throat and continued: "This body originally didn't belong to me. It belonged to this girl Hazuki."

"So you possessed her?" I commented.

Iu shot me a 'i will crush you like a cockroach' glare.

I shut up at once.

"Not quite. When I first woke up in this world, I found myself trapped in a different body then my own. And I could clearly see and feel the memory and presence of another soul."

"At first I was confused, then as time passes, I came to learn the name of this condition in this world: 'twin souls'."

"Twin souls?"

"Its an uncommon condition that occurs to a being when they are teleported into this world, in their own body or someone else's body with another soul dwelling in their with them. However only 1 soul can be in control each time, fighting for control would only result in Chaos and total break down of body. Though it is a good thing me and the girl agreed to share the body in peace. But it seems that won't be necessary for long."

"What do you mean?" I narrowed my eyes.

"My time is nigh. Everytime I use my powers, it drains a little of my soul. And only my soul have access to my power. This will be the last time I speak to you face to face servant."

"Last time?" I couldn't believe my ears that moment.

"You shall inherit the ownership of all property in both the mansion and the cafe. Iris will now belong to you as your personal servant. And I command you to take good care of Hazuki once I am gone. If I find out you have been mistreating her..."

She started right to the bottom of my soul.

"I will make sure you suffer a fate worse then all 9 hells combined..."

The demon closed her eyes and collapsed to the ground.

Q: Do you miss Iu?


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