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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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62 The next morning...

The rays of the sun made its through the crack of the curtain like little fingers of light.

After Hazuki fainted last night, I carried her into her bed for rest.

Now that several hours has passed...

I took a seat next to her bed, and touched her forehead.

Cold, almost as if she's been dead...

Hazuki's eyes twitched, causing my hand to retreat at once.

"Masta..." Hazuki said weakly.

"Masta? Who? You mean me?"

"I..." Hazuki paused to regain her breath. "I heard it all..."

All was quiet except for the couple of birds outside.

"Do you think she is in hell or heaven masta?" Hazuki asked again. "She maybe mean on the outside, but she is a kind person."

"En...I don't know." I gently shook my head. "Wait don't call me masta, it feels kind of odd. You can call me Senpai instead."

"Really?" Hazuki's eyes gleamed.

"Yes Kohai." I managed a small smile as I got up. "I am going to get Iris to look after you, then head over to the shop. Afterall the shop is not going to work its self."

"Alright, see you Senapi!" Her face formed a bunny smile:


"Rest well Kohai." I said, then exited the room.

Time to get working now...


"Hey Petunia." I greeted as she steps through the door.

"Hello Gid." She smiled as she walked towards the front counter.

"There is something I need to tell you." I said.

"What is it?"

I briefly explained to her Iu's passing last night, along with the inheritance.

"I am sorry to hear that. May her soul find peace."

"Indeed." I nodded gently.

"So is Hazuki alright right now?" She asked.

"She's resting, Iris will take care of her."

"Good, good." Petunia nooded to herself.

"Wait, isn't this time suppose to be Corny's shift."

"Yeah...But I haven't seen her since last week. I think she gone missing again..."


"Yeah, she would pull of disappearance acts in the past, but usually only for a day, but its been a week now, I am a little worried..."

"Shall we call the police?"

"No, no, no. Corny doesn't like the police. We can put some missing person poster around town though."

"Sounds legit." I replied. "Anyways, starting work now..."

My voice was over shadowed by a series of engine roar with an ear bleeding familiar song playing in the background...

Gucci gang...No, not quite...

I started at the windows disturbingly as a white van drove to the side walk then parked there. A brief moment later, two figures stepped off the van, walked towards the front door, and opened it.

That's when the music came into full blast.

Q: Who is your senpai?


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