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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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Through the door stepped out tow familiar figures:

Will the Samuel who's more likely to shoot himself then an immobile enemy, and Tyrnatbeast2 (Aka Sam) the oversized pingu who would force you to pay him 20 bucks to give you an elo downgrade.

"OOFER GANG! OOFER GANG! OOFER GANG! OOFER GANG! OOFER GANG! OOFER GANG!" music came blasting out of Will's Y-phone.

"Hand over the green tea Frappuccino and no one gets hurt." Sam said, as he took out two metal fidget spinners out of nowhere and began spinning with one stacked on one another in one hand, or flipper.

Uh oh…

"Yeah, listen to Sam." Will said holding up his pistol, with the gun pointing at himself.

"NO!...Please don't kill yourself…" Petunia said with a panicked voice.

"Nah. Trust me I got this." Will ignored Petunia, and kept the gun pointed at himself.

"Oh well." Petunia sighed.

No wanting to clean up Will's body afterwards, I let out a sigh as well, and decided to give in:

"Alright, I will go make them."

"That's right." Sam said with a 'hehe boi' smile.

I just stared back at him with a 'E' face.

I went to the back counter and began to prepare for the drink.

10 ice cubes…

8 oz of full fat milk…

1 tea spoon of vanilla extract…

3 tablespoons of powdered sugar…

2 spoons of Matcha-green tea powder…

Everything times 2…

The whole process took about 5 minutes, and after that I divided the contents into two venti size plastic cups.

"Do you want whip cream or not?" I asked.

"Nah, I am good." Will said.

"I want whip cream in mine." Sam replied.

After abiding to their demands, I put forth the two cups before them on the counter. They grabbed it, and struck a straw into it.

"Man, you wanna play some mine craft?" Will turned and asked Sam.

"I will wait till Yang gets on." Sam replied.

"But dude, isn't he banned from like 6 servers?"

"Yeah, he got banned for saying 'kys'."

"Man, what a legend."

"Yeah." Sam nodded and sipped his drink. "Alright, it's time to leave this homeless place." Sam waved and left through the door, followed by Will.

The store was restored to its former peace again.

For now at least…

Q: Are you part of the OOFER gang?


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