I been teloported to a world determined by power level
65 Back to the arena...Again...
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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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65 Back to the arena...Again...

The moon climbed to its rightful place, showering all its subjects beneath in a silver light.

Here at the lobby of the arena, there was a fair sized crowd occupying spread throughout the whole place.

And there I spotted Lili at the side with ear phones in place, and she was...dancing?

"Lili!" I called out.

She was still in her own world, but a brief moment later after she saw me, she waved back to me:

"Oh hey cunt!"

I narrowed my asian eyes.


"I am just joking. Hahaha!" She laughed.

"Anyways." I said calmly. "What's the que time?"

"About 30 minutes. But we can try 2v2."

"Since when did they have that?"

"Just about last week. Its still in beta test."

"Is that why there is so many people?"

"Probably." Lili shrugged.

"I guess we'll wait then..." I muttered to myself, and began to look around for a place to sit, but there was none. But a certain figure did catch my attention:

The figure stood at 7ft tall and bared a striking resemblance to pedo bear himself. Beside him stood a guy dressed in full black cloak, with a gas mask covering his face. The Pedo bear guy appeared to be looking from something, and I have a pretty good idea what he is looking for exactly...

"How did your gf go?" The cloak guy said with a sleepy voice.

"NAAAAAAA you mean ex." The pedo bear guy replied. "Why should I date a girl like her when I'm sure I can attract better, besides beast on my girl magnet meter. I'm extremely attractive." He said with a proud voice.

"Loren, you dress like a gothic youtuber biker playboy crack head retarded kidnapper." The cloak guy responded.

"STFU or I will break your bones again! And tell me if you see a Loli." The pedo bear guy threatened.

I turned and looked away from them.

This is why you don't do drug kids.

Q: Do you consider yourself a girl/guy magnet?


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