I'll Add Points To All Things
43 A Phone Can Destroy The World?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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43 A Phone Can Destroy The World?

The third Random Point was added.

[Beep. Point addition failed. Success rate increased for the next addition.]

'Calm down, calm down. Success will come…but when?'

The fourth Random Point was added.

[Beep. Point addition failed. Success rate increased for the next addition.]

Su Yang had given up all hope. 'Failure is the mother of success. In order to succeed, one must have enough mothers…I mean failures.'

The fifth Random Point was added.

[Beep. Point addition succeeded.]

'Right, I failed again. It's fine, it's fine. I still have one more point. I will make it…' 

Su Yang's soul practically left his body, but after two seconds of being in an absent-minded trance, he regained his senses.

'Huh?! I did it?!'

Su Yang looked at his phone in astonishment. He then realized that his phone had completely changed into a different model.

'How should I put this…'

It had a 100% body to screen ratio whereby the screen was a black glass embedded in the body. The cameras were not visible anywhere. When he held it in his hand, it felt lighter and thinner than before.

Su Yang had visited the mall to choose his phone in the past and he had a certain level of understanding about all the phone models on the market, but he had never seen or heard of such a thin and light model.

Its thickness and weight were probably half of the lightest phone out there, but the screen was a lot wider. It was a full 6-inch display to be exact. Combined with its cool black carbon body, he had two words to appropriately describe it: minimalistic and impressive. 

It felt and looked like a super-advanced phone!

Su Yang played around with the phone and a little window popped up.

[Smartphone +1: Life Evolution occurred. Acquired Intermediate Intellect: materials changed. Acquired special ability. Remark: Be careful. Your phone might be able to destroy the world.]

After reading the description, Su Yang's 5 Random Points did not actually go to waste, but what did the remark mean?

'If I switch it on, will the world explode? There's no way that it's this scary, is it?'

With that in mind, Su Yang pressed the power button for a long while.

The screen lit up immediately, not even taking a second to start up. A notification popped up on the screen.

[Switching on the phone for the first time. Please register your iris pattern and fingerprint.] 

Su Yang tapped the "Confirm" button and another notification popped up.

[Registration complete.]

'What?! I haven't even registered anything. I didn't even do anything!'

Just as Su Yang thought that the dumb phone was broken, a meek voice entered his ears. "M-master…"

The light on the screen started to shrink into a circle. A little, tiny in fact, girl was squatting inside.

She looked cute with her fair face and long hair. Her face was petite and her legs were long as if she was some anime character. Her long eyelashes were quivering as she shut her eyes tightly. Her lips slightly moved as she called out submissively, "M-master…"

Su Yang did not know whether the girl was calling him or not, but he answered nonetheless, "Yes?"

After his answer, the girl slowly opened her eyes. A pair of beautiful eyes that seemed as if they could speak was looking at Su Yang.

She stared at him for a moment before she suddenly smiled. "Master, please give Deeny orders."

Su Yang was astonished again. He cleared his throat awkwardly and said, "Y-you…are my phone?"

Deeny nodded cutely. "That's right!"

"Then, how should I make calls from now on?"

Deeny reached her fair hands to the left and pulled something. His old phone interface came back and Deeny jumped onto an app icon and pointed. "Master, tap this and you can make phone calls again."

Su Yang tapped on it and realized that it was really his phone as the call history had not changed at all.

'So, did I just get myself a…mobile pet?'

He played around with his phone more to try to understand the changes, but other than the interface and the new little pet in his phone, it had not really changed. He asked, "Deeny, what can you do?"

Deeny propped her chin on her hand and thought for a while. "If you are talking about functions, there is a lot I can do!'

She spread her hands wide and a memo board appeared on the phone screen. She pointed at the memo and read them to Su Yang one by one.

"Master, you can summon me to help you in your daily life. I can directly operate everything on the phone.

"Master, you can also let me study more things on the internet and I will become smarter."

"Besides that, I have basic coding abilities and can connect to the internet like this…Tada!"

Deeny waved her hands and the interface changed. The background image changed into a landscape portrait and the app icons were unified into a single design. They were all square now and less messy than before.

Su Yang rubbed his chin as he pondered about Deeny. 

'A pet in my phone that's practically Siri? It's still a little useless…'

While Su Yang was complaining in his heart, Little Hus hopped over. It saw Deeny in the phone screen and its husky eyes grew round and big while it looked all perverted. "Hey, beautiful. Hello, cutie! I'm Little Hus."

Deeny took a glance at Little Hus. "Hello, bolster."

"I'm a dog…"

Deeny propped her chin on her hand again. Two seconds later, she said, "I've searched the internet and you looked like every other bolster that I can see."

Little Hus was rendered speechless.

Su Yang could already imagine Little Hus being all dejected in the corner, drawing circles on the ground with one of its bolster edges and cursing Deeny.

Who would have expected that Little Hus cared about its species so much? It really believed that it was a dog.

Little Hus continued with its perverted expression. "Sure, sure, I'm whatever you say I am, cutie. I'm a bolster from now on."

'Hey! Where are your principles?!' Su Yang did not expect Little Hus to compromise this quickly.

He kicked Little Hus away and continued checking his phone. After he tried it out and checked it carefully, he realized that the phone had changed in a significant way.

According to Deeny, the phone no longer needed to be charged using common chargers. All he needed to do was put it under the sun for 30 minutes and he could get a full charge which was equal to a week of usage. It was practically black technology that surpassed the current technological level.

Three minutes of sunshine would allow him to get on a call for two hours. How great was that?!

On top of that, Deeny did not have to linger on the home page all the while. She had her own personal space.

Su Yang tapped on her space for a look and realized that it was a tiny duplex villa. Deeny [1]had her own room, her own bathroom, her own separate toilet, her own closet, her own living room, a dining area, and even a gym and interior swimming pool.

Su Yang felt like the crying face emoji at the moment.

'Damn, I'm jealous of my own phone pet!'

[1] Deeny is not an A.I. She is something similar to Gru and Little Hus, and is a life given by the point system. She is more like a phone spirit that cannot leave the phone. Please do not treat her like Skynet or whatever super AI like in the movies that can take over the world with enough studies.


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