I'll Add Points To All Things
44 Little Hus“ True Ability
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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44 Little Hus“ True Ability

Su Yang looked around his small basement. Other than a bed and a desk, he could not fit anything else. He could not even afford a refrigerator, let alone gym equipment.

All the fruits and takeaways that he ordered must be eaten on that day. Otherwise, they would go bad after a day or two in unrefrigerated conditions.

The toilet was small and poorly equipped. The only good thing about it was that there was a bathing area in the corner, but to save space, the bathroom was not separated from the toilet. There was not even a glass door. Only a shabby curtain was used.

He usually tucked the curtain away to make the bathroom look bigger and would only use the curtain when he bathed so that he could keep the water from splashing out.

In short, the place was as pathetic as it could get.

In a second glance at his phone pet's room, he felt defeated once again. The bathroom was separated from the toilet. The shower area and the bathtub were fully equipped. The bathtub looked even bigger than Su Yang's entire bathroom, so how could he not be jealous?

As for the other rooms of Deeny's duplex villa, the living room and dining area were also separated and were undoubtedly luxurious designs. Su Yang's kitchen and living room were practically the same place, and quoting the words of the landlord, "This is the most fashionable open-concept kitchen design in Shanghai."

Now, this open-concept kitchen was filled with all kinds of strange stuff that Su Yang had gotten from adding points.

Comparison was really a mood killer.

Su Yang tapped on the "Back" button and exited Deeny's villa. If it was out of sight, it would be out of his mind, but he was still jealous.

Deeny was running around Su Yang's app icons while humming a melody, She checked each icon curiously before she ran to the next one.

Curious, Su Yang asked, "What are you checking?"

Deeny answered in a cute and meek voice, "Master, these apps look strange. They require a lot of permissions and they run in the background. They even start other apps on their own."

Su Yang was surprised. "Is that so?"

'No wonder my phone is lagging…"

"Yes, they are. Besides, your system has a lot of scattered files that will affect the phone's fluency," said Deeny with a nod.

"Help me to clear them up," Su Yang ordered.

"Okay!" Deeny nodded.

Su Yang put his phone aside to let Deeny do her job. He then summoned the system.

The interface showed his remaining points and what he had gotten until now.

[Random Points: 1. Bronze Abilities: 2. Special Items: 2. Life Evolutions: 3]

These were everything Su Yang had:

Two Bronze Abilities: [Elementary Close Combat] and [Elementary Guitar-playing Ability].

Two Special Items: the [Fruit-loving Pen] and the [Lucky Disfiguring Brick]

Three Life Evolution little monsters: the withered twig Gru, the bolster Little Hus, and the phone Deeny.

Lastly, he had one more Random Point left.

After completing the Advanced Random Mission, Su Yang had been rewarded with 6 Random Points. He got Deeny with 5 Random Points, so he had one left.

The fear of failing the point-addition frightened him, thus he decided to keep the Random Point for now. His hands were not as lucky as usual today, so he ought to save the last Random Point for another time.

After he calculated everything he got, he realized that he really had earned a lot in the past month.

Apart from that, he even formed his own company to complete the Silver Mission, and it was starting to take shape. As long as he could succeed in the first step, he could expand his company even quicker.

Earning a million alone might be tough, but earning a million through a company might be a lot easier.

On top of that, a company could grow continuously, and even after he completed his Silver Mission, he could continue running the company and treat it as his own career.

However, Su Yang had done everything he could at the moment. He must now wait for his company to take shape, so being nervous now would not do him any good. His priority at the moment should be squeezing the truth out of Little Hus.

'That dog sh*t lied to me!'

Su Yang did not only feel angry about being lied to, but he also felt ashamed because a dog…or rather, a bolster, had lied to him!

He went to the corner and picked Little Hus up to toss it into the pail of water in the bathroom. Little Hus struggled and screamed, "Su Yang! What is wrong with you again!? Are you insane?!"

"Do you have something you want to tell me?" Su Yang did not show any emotions.

Little Hus was stunned for a moment before it said, "What? I don't have anything to tell you!"

Su Yang stormed to his desk and grabbed a pair of scissors. He waved the pair of scissors in front of Little Hus and said, "I'll count to three. If you can't think of anything to tell me, I'll cut your cotton out."

Little Hus was terrified. "Do you think a dog will be afraid of a pair of lame scissors?!"


Little Hus continued to struggle. "I'm not afraid of your scissors!"


Little Hus turned pale. "Su Yang! Su Yang, my friend! Please don't do this. Aren't we best friends?!"

Su Yang knew it was trying to pull the 'a dog is man's best friend' excuse again, so he did not even care. "One."

The moment his voice subsided, the pair of scissors dove down toward the bolster mercilessly.

Right before the sharp edge pierced its soft skin, Little Hus opened its mouth wide and screamed for its life as its husky face finally looked terrified. "Okay! Okay! I'll talk! I'll talk! I tried to tear your house down the other day because I got bored! I tried to blame it on that dumb twig and made it angry, so it transformed! It's me! It's me!"

The scissors stopped right in front of Little Hus. Su Yang listened to its dreadful screaming and he grunted coldly, "I guessed as much. Tell me something I don't know!"

Little Hus continued shrieking, "Nothing! Nothing! No more!"

"What's your true ability?"

Little Hus quickly recovered its composure and said carefully, "I can sniff out the potential of an item. I can know whether it will receive Life Evolution or not."

Su Yang put three fingers up in front of Little Hus. "You have changed the description of your ability three times now. I'll give you one last chance."

He waved the scissors in front of Little Hus.

Little Hus did not see any expression on Su Yang's face. It also remembered how merciless he had been when he tried to cut its cotton out. It gulped nervously and said, "O-okay, I'll talk."

Su Yang responded with a grin as if he knew that Little Hus would eventually give in.

Little Hus gulped again and said, "I actually don't have the ability to know which item has the potential to go through Life Evolution. I can actually sniff out…opportunities."


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