I'll Add Points To All Things
45 Deeny Has Superpowers Too?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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45 Deeny Has Superpowers Too?

"Sniff out opportunities?" Su Yang did not show any expression on his face, but his interest was piqued.

Little Hus nodded carefully. It glanced over at Su Yang and then at the scissors. It shrunk its neck cowardly and said, "My nose is really sharp. I can sniff wherever there's a chance or an opportunity."

"Don't repeat yourself and skip to the point," Su Yang demanded.

Little Hus shortened its neck tighter. "That's the point."

"What do you mean?"

"I only know I have this ability. I don't know anything else…"

Su Yang was speechless.

'No wonder this b*stard keeps the details vague and keeps changing his excuse, he didn't even know what this is about.'

"So you picked up the scent of an opportunity on my phone," asked Su Yang.

Little Hus shook its head, "No."

"NO?!" Su Yang was dumbfounded.

Little Hus' neck almost shrunk into its body, "I am actually using your phone as a mirror and I realized I am really handsome, so I giggled. But you mocked me, so I got mad and… kinda tricked you."

'This piece of doggy b*stard really does it this time! I almost wasted 5 Random Points because of it!'

Su Yang glared at the husky bolster and asked fiercely, "What if I failed adding the points, are you not afraid that I get mad and skin you alive to make you into a burger?!"

Little Hus said meekly, "I'm a bolster, I don't have any meat in me."


Little Hus said meekly again, "YES! I'm afraid! I've been living in constant fear in the past few days!"

"What gives you the balls to lie to me," asked Su Yang.

"I actually didn't pick up a scent at first, but after you added the first point, I picked up the scent of an opportunity. That's why I was bold enough to ask you to continue."

Su Yang rubbed his chin."After I added the first point?"

Little Hus nodded vigorously. "Yes! It didn't have a scent at first, but after the first scent, it smelled great. And as you added more points, its scent grew stronger. I'm sure the phone has a big opportunity, but I don't know what you will get from adding points," its voice growing softer as it explained. It obviously knew it had done something wrong this time.

Su Yang did not show any reaction on his face. He thought about it for a while before he warned Little Hus fiercely, "This is the first and the last time. If you dare to lie to me again, I'll rip your cotton out. Do you hear me?!"

"I hear you, I hear you," answered Little Hus as its neck continued to shorten.

Even though Su Yang accepted Little Hus' explanation, he did not forgive the little b*stard. He ordered the husky bolster to clean the basement floor ten times…with its body!

Little Hus dared not argue anymore since its life was spared. It obediently jumped into the pail, soaking itself wet before it started to clean the floor clumsily with its body.

The punishment was never about the goal; it was about the process.

Su Yang realized that he was too friendly to these [Life Evolution] items, so they almost climbed up to his head! He ought to set some rules and let them know who was boss in the house.

And by setting rules, he meant setting the rules just for Little Hus. Gru and Deeny were still obedient for the time being.

Su Yang pondered about Little Hus' ability as he walked out of the bathroom.

Since the system had hinted about Little Hus' special ability to him back then, Su Yang did not suspect the husky bolster having a true ability. However, because the system had not made it clear and Little Hus did not know anything about it, Su Yang had to analyze the ability himself.

He named Little Hus' ability [Opportunity Sniffing]. The ability could sniff out opportunities in a certain range. These opportunities could be anything such as the opportunity to get rich, the opportunity to fall in love, or something as simple as an opportunity that would benefit himself. It was totally random and he had no idea how to identify the opportunities.

How great of an opportunity it was would depend on the density of the scent.

In short, it was something that was based on luck. It could only identify opportunities that would benefit him though he did not know where and what.

'At least, it's better than nothing.'

Su Yang did not have high hopes for these abilities from the [Life Evolution] anyway. They were born into this world from nothing and that fact alone was magical enough.

After he got a hold of Little Hus' true ability, he suddenly thought of his new phone from the points addition process, Deeny.

The system did state that Deeny had special abilities, so what abilities would she have then?

Su Yang picked up his new phone and unlocked it. Deeny was not on the home page, so she must have returned to her private space. 

He tapped on the screen. "Deeny."

A little head popped up from the left immediately after his voice subsided. Her big eyes blinked at Su Yang innocently while her cuteness was overflowing.

Su Yang skipped to the point right away. "You should have some special abilities, don't you? Do you know what they are?"

"Special abilities?" Deeny propped her chin on her hand again and thought with furrowed brows. He realized that she liked to prop her chin on her hand.

After a little over 10 seconds, an exclamation mark popped up above Deeny's head and she flashed a heartwarming smile. "Ah, I know!"

While Su Yang was looking at her, she blinked and said with a smile, "Master, my ability is my private space."

"Private space?" Su Yang knew that the private space that Deeny mentioned was her duplex villa that she had shown him early. 

'That place is her special ability?'

Deeny nodded strongly. "Yes! That's my special ability. My private space exists in a space between reality and the virtual world. Things from the outside world can be converted into electronic signals and enter the phone whereas everything in here can be materialized into the real world as well. Of course, Master, you can also transform into electronic signals and come in here."

Su Yang was utterly shocked. "Are you saying that I can come into your little villa?"

Deeny nodded again. "Yup! This place is real after all."

Su Yang could not control the widening grin on his face. "Try to bring me in!"

"Okay, Master." Deeny nodded. A notification popped up on his phone.

[Enter the private space? Yes/No]

Only an idiot would choose "No". Su Yang tapped on "Yes" without a second thought.

Right away, a blue light shone from the phone and enveloped Su Yang whole. His sight turned black all of a sudden, and when he regained his sight, he was already inside a room that was more than 40 square meters wide.

The whole room was decorated minimally. It was mainly in gray, garnished with white. The dark gray floor and the shallow gray walls plus the modern paintings on the walls made the place look modern. There was a layer of carpet on the floor that looked simple yet hospitable.

Further away was a sofa set and opposite it was a 70-inch flat-screen television.

Since Su Yang did have a look at Deeny's villa, he knew that he was in the living room on the first floor.

'I came in…'

Despite being inside the space, he could not believe what he saw and what he felt.

'Does this mean that this room and this villa belong to me now?'


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