I'll Add Points To All Things
46 Where Did The Signal Come From?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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46 Where Did The Signal Come From?

Su Yang pinched his cheek. It hurt. He could even feel pain in this digital space! This whole place felt exactly like the real world.

While Su Yang was analyzing the space, a dash of blue mosaic flitted past his sight and a girl slowly walked out of it.

She was around 160 cm tall. She was wearing a Japanese high school uniform which gave her the quality for the girl next door and her presence was easygoing. She floated in the air quietly with her feet 5 to 6 cm off the ground as if she was pure and free from the filth and dirt of society.

"Master," Deeny meekly called Su Yang, stopping him from sizing her up.

Su Yang regained his senses. "I came in…"

Deeny flew around Su Yang and said, "Yes, how do you feel inside here, Master?"

"It's cool." Su Yang nodded.

Deeny then brought him on a tour around the villa. Every room and decoration in the villa was exactly like how he saw it through his phone.

Su Yang was like Granny Liu visiting the Grand View Garden. He was overwhelmed by the place.

This villa was almost twice as big as Tang Jing's villa in real life, but on second thought, Su Yang found it reasonable. How big must the villa be to house an interior swimming pool anyway?

After the tour around the villa, the first thought that came into Su Yang's mind was how much would he earn if he sold the villa? He might never have to worry about money for the rest of his life anymore!

Deeny propped her chin on her hand as she thought for a while. Then, she said, "Master, I just went on the internet and did some research. This villa would cost around 10 million to 35 million yuan."

"How much?!" Su Yang was shocked by the astronomical figure.

'Holy sh*t…"

He smirked as he looked around the villa. 

'I've somehow become a millionaire. The world is really strange…'

"Master, wake up! Master!" Deeny shook Su Yang's arm strongly, trying to wake him up from his daydream.

Su Yang quickly regained his senses. He had to clear his throat to cover his embarrassment.

He was actually just fantasizing about the better side of things. He could not sell this place or tell anyone about it anyway. The most he could do with the villa was stay in it and fantasize. After all, it was not wrong and did not cost a cent.

Besides, he could carry the villa wherever he went. Other than a snail, what else could carry their own house around? Therefore, the value of this villa was immeasurable.

If he placed this villa in New York's Times Square or somewhere in Beijing, he could easily fetch a few hundred million yuan.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Su Yang picked up the remote control. As he switched the channels, he asked Deeny who sat down beside him, "Deeny, I remember you saying that I can take anything out of this space, right? Can I take the TV?"

"Y-Yes master, you can actually take it out," Deeny said in an awkward tone.

Su Yang saw the dumbstruck expression on her face. He smiled and patted her shoulder, "Don't worry, I'm just joking. I'm not a robber. I don't take everything I see."

Deeny averted her gaze and dared not answer verbally, but in her heart, she criticized him, 'Taking away the stuff in this villa the moment you step in? You are scarier than a robber!'

After she reprimanded him in her heart, Deeny explained some of the rules regarding this pocket space, "Master, if you have anything that you want to put in here, just scan it like how you scan a QR code. If you want to take something out, take the item from your phone screen and it will pop out.

"The same goes for people. If you want to bring someone in, scan them, and tap on them if you want to expel them. On top of that, other than the default items in this space, the other items will not regenerate, so you must bring them in from the real world, which means that you must bring food and drinks in by yourself."

Su Yang nodded. "What about clean water?"

"The villa has storage for power and water. When you charge your phone, you will be charging the power storage for the villa. The villa shares the same power as the phone."

"As for the storage water, at default, it can store 10 gallons of water and provide up to a month to a month and a half of usage for two pax. If you want to refill the water, just put the phone into some water or scan the water.

"Besides that, the villa has a perfect multi-filter system that guarantees most of the water sources are safe to use and drink."

Su Yang gave a big thumbs-up. "Cool."

After the approval, he added a question, "What about you? If I tap on you, will you be able to go out?"

Deeny thought for a while before she shook her head. "I can't. At least, not for now."

Su Yang continued watching the TV after he got a general idea of how the villa worked. Ever since he moved to Shanghai, he had never watched TV before and it had been half a year. He laid back on the sofa and enjoyed the show, immediately feeling at home. This villa was much more comfortable than his own basement.

Deeny sat beside him to accompany him. Her eyes were glued to the TV, but her chin was propped on her hand while her gaze seemed a little out of focus. Su Yang knew she was not watching the TV and was actually surfing the net.

A quick glance at her reminded Su Yang about something. "Oh right, Deeny, how does the villa get the TV signal?"

Deeny came out from her absent-minded state and looked at him. "It's not a cable television signal. It's actually the 4G signal."

A bad feeling rose in Su Yang's heart. "Where did the 4G come from?"

Deeny looked at him with a confused look. "It's from your SIM card, Master. It has 4G signal."

Su Yang's face turned pale. "You aren't using my phone signal to surf the net, learn things, and search for information, are you?"

She nodded. "I'm your phone. Of course, I am surfing the net with your SIM card."

Su Yang gulped nervously. "Show me my phone interface."

Deeny raised her hand and a floating interface of Su Yang's phone popped up. He spotted the red '5' on his message notification which meant that he had four unread messages.

His hand was trembling when he tapped on it.

The four messages were actually from his telco company, 10086 Mobile.

'Dear user, there is only 100MB remaining in your package data...'

'Dear user, your package data has exceeded 1000MB..'

'Dear user, your credit balance is 7.82 yuan. Please top up in time..'

'Dear user, you have been enjoying an extra 50 yuan credit limit in advance because you are a three-star customer...'

Su Yang's heart was bleeding. 'Sh*t! I've overused my quota! I should have at least a hundred yuan left in my phone credit! Does your home have a gold mind, Su Yang?! Look at how much data you've used! You didn't just watch TV. You even let Deeny surf for all kinds of information online! Don't you know that mobile data is the most expensive thing ever?! If I didn't stop this in time, you might have to sell your newly acquired villa to cover the cost!' he scolded himself in his mind.


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