I'll Add Points To All Things
53 Han Yi“s Pas
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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53 Han Yi“s Pas

Chu Xia was a little confused. "Don't you want to see her up close? Isn't Han Yi popular among the guys?"

Su Yang spread his hands open. "Maybe I'm not that kind of guy, or maybe those who like her didn't send me an invitation."

Right before Chu Xia could continue, a thought popped into Su Yang's mind. "Oh right, speaking of Han Yi, do you want to get to see her up close?"

Chu Xia squealed softly, "Do you know her?"

Su Yang shook his head. "I don't, but I have a way to get close. What do you say? Interested?"

Chu Xia was in deep thoughts before she hesitated, "Sounds too good to be true."

"It's both true and good, but the slots are full. If you really want to go, I'll get a spot for you," said Su Yang.

Chu Xia put her fair hand out. "Deal. I'll owe you lunch."

Su Yang smiled and shook her hand. "Why not lunch and dinner?"

She softly kicked him with her slender long legs. "You greedy little b*stard!"

Su Yang chuckled as he dodged. "Being greedy means that I've grown up."

While the two of them were fooling around, Li Runze came in from next door. He looked at the two of them with a blank expression. The duo instantly felt like they had been caught red-handed while having an affair.

Chu Xia whispered to Su Yang, "Remember my spot!"

She then quickly fled the scene.

After Chu Xia left, Li Runze walked up to him. He stared at her with a cold gaze as she left and said to Su Yang, "Women will only affect our judgment and thoughts. They will disturb our studies and experiments. If it isn't necessary, I suggest you stay away from them."

'How can it not be necessary?! Humans need to reproduce, so male and female contact is inevitable. How unnecessary can it be?!'

Of course, Su Yang did not express his thoughts verbally. After talking to Li Runze for half a class, he believed that Li Runze would certainly find countless reasons to prove that women were not necessary for human reproduction.

Su Yang was rather lazy, so he did not want to discuss the topic, and besides that, he was afraid that he would get caught because of the indecent speech.

The two of them headed to the canteen for lunch. During lunch, Li Runze no longer talked about Mathematics with Su Yang anymore. Instead, he started to talk about Han Yi.

He buried himself in his bowl of rice and said without any emotions in his voice, "Are you also Han Yi's fan?"

Su Yang shook his head but nodded right away "I guess I am."

"If you are, you are. If you're not, you're not. What do you mean by that?" Li Runze asked.

"I recently heard of her and her name sparked my interest, but I'm not very familiar with her," said Su Yang.

Li Runze glanced at him as though he wanted to say something, but he rubbed his chin instead. His eyes behind his glasses showed that he was in deep thought. He started to mumble gibberish by himself.

"As expected. Everyone's understanding of society is just superficial and is easily affected by the people around them. From there, one might wrongly assume that the majority of the people in the world are the same as oneself. But most of the people that one knows shares a similar class, educational background, and job. That might be why one's knowledge of the world is limited to surface level."

Su Yang stared at Li Runze who stopped eating. His mouth was mumbling ceaselessly, so Su Yang waved in front of his face. "What are you doing?"

Li Runze regained his senses and shook his head with his blank expression. "Nothing."

He ate a few mouthfuls of rice blankly as if the one who had mumbled gibberish was not himself.

Su Yang started to label Li Runze as a 'social killer' in his heart.

After a few more mouths of rice, Li Runze put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth. "I'll briefly tell you about Han Yi."

Su Yang was chewing as he looked at Li Runze. He was curious about what Li Runze would say.

"Before Han Yi entered the entertainment industry, she was an amazing athlete. She had been swimming ever since she was young and won a lot of competitions. When she was 12, she joined Beijing's swimming team, and then the national swimming team at 13.

"However, as she grew older, puberty struck. You should know that a swimmer wears a tight swimming suit to reduce the resistance in the water, but Han Yi grew up too well. The tight swimming suit only made her body stand out and people started to say that she did it for the publicity. Her photos taken during the competition were even pixelated by her haters. So, she quit the swimming team at 16 and started practicing ballet.

"From there, she joined the entertainment industry and was cast in her first television drama, 'Carat Love'. She was only the supporting actress, but because of her, it became the most popular drama that year."

Li Runze drank some water before he took his phone out and showed Su Yang the pictures of Han Yi during the filming. "The supporting actress's character was lively, humorous, and likable whereas the main actress's character was like a pretentious b*tch. That's why her popularity surpassed the main actress's.

"After that, she joined the music industry and her new song reached the top spot in the Q Music Ranking easily. You can say that she's the best example of succeeding in everything you do."

Su Yang quietly listened to Han Yi's introduction. After Li Runze finished, for whatever reason, there was only a single thought in Su Yang's mind. 'Mr. Smart Guy even knows the term pretentious b*tch…He's really a social… I mean well-informed!'

Besides that, Su Yang might have found out why Li Runze liked Han Yi. It was probably because of Han Yi's multiple identities and her success in everything that she did.

'As expected, the girl that Mr. Smart Guy likes is no ordinary girl.'

After lunch, Su Yang received a call from the company registration agent. The registration had been approved and Su Yang was told to retrieve his company documents, company stamp, and other miscellaneous stuff.

He told Li Runze that he had to leave, but the latter obviously had a lot more to talk about. When he noticed Su Yang standing up and wanting to leave, he became moody and quiet. A moment later, he squeezed a suggestion from his mouth, "I'll go with you."

"Don't you have to study today?" asked Su Yang.

Li Runze shook his head. "I have to, but I'll bring my books and read along the way. I'm actually training myself to read wherever I am. I want to learn how to ignore the disturbance around me and concentrate on my studies. There was once a great man who trained himself…"

"Stop! You don't have to quote some meaningful stories whenever you speak," said Su Yang.

Li Runze shut his mouth dully.

Since Li Runze wanted to tag along, Su Yang could only agree. Thankfully, Li Runze was knowledgeable, so Su Yang could talk to him about his company and ask for his opinion as reference.

Moreover, Li Runze was a student from the Faculty of Information. Not only did he know how to code, but he was also researching on A.I. If Su Yang could recruit this godly person into his company, he might be able to push the company to an advantageous position.


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