I'll Add Points To All Things
54 Another Random Mission?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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54 Another Random Mission?

When Su Yang arrived at the administration bureau of the Baoshan District, the agent was already there waiting for him.

The agent brought Su Yang to his office and gave Su Yang a bag of documents. Inside the bag were the license for operating the business, both the original and the copy, the letter to open a bank account, the company stamp, and a series of miscellaneous documents.

Su Yang took them out for a quick check while the agent explained beside him, "The government has combined three licenses into one, so there will be no organization code certification and tax certifications. Whatever the company does, all you need is a business license.

"On top of that, there are three kinds of stamps here: the enterprise stamp, the legal stamp, and the invoice stamp. These three are the common ones, and if you have the need, you can apply for a finance stamp or a contract stamp."

Su Yang went through the documents and took a glance at Li Runze who nodded.

Then, Su Yang put his hand out and said, "Thank you very much."

The agent also shook Su Yang's hand. He added, "Since you guys are a startup, I don't think you have a specific finance department. Do you need bookkeeping services? It's only 800 yuan a month. I'll even give you a discount of 9,000 yuan a year."

Before Su Yang could say anything, Li Runze gently pulled Su Yang's sleeve, so he immediately understood what it meant. He smiled and said, "Thank you. Can I have your name card? I'll think about it when I get back."

The agent nodded and gave Su Yang his name card. "Please contact me, Manager Lan, if there's anything."

"Thank you."

After they were out of the administration bureau, Su Yang looked at Li Runze.

The two of them might not have known each other for long, but they understood each other tacitly as if it was something smart people like them shared. Li Runze explained dully, "As a startup, if the numbers in your accounting aren't much, you don't need to get a proxy to do bookkeeping. Even though the government requires companies to audit their accounts every season, those agents will only do it once a year for you. So, if you have the money, you might as well keep the accounts neat and tidy. Then, you can get a part-time accountant at the end of the year to settle everything together."

Su Yang looked at Li Runze. "Do you know that from reading books too?"

Li Runze shook his head. "My mother is an accountant."

"No wonder." If Li Runze knew all these details from reading, he would really be godlike.

Li Runze pushed his glasses up slightly and said, "If you trust me, I can help you find a suitable accounting at the end of the year."

Su Yang patted his shoulder. "I'll thank you in advance."

Li Runze nodded blankly before he asked, "What's your startup doing now?"

Su Yang did not keep it a secret since he had to start promoting his company on campus in two weeks. "Part-time jobs for students. I'm offering part-time offers to the students on campus."

Li Runze thought for a while, which was rare for him, before he said, "The threshold for this kind of company is a little low. If you can make it, what are you going to do next? Expand to the entire part-time market?"

Su Yang smiled as he shook his head. "No. I have a very clear goal for my company. I'm only concentrating on the students, and the reason I'm starting with this small project is that I want the students to be my first batch of clients."

Suddenly, a realization hit Li Runze and it was apparent on his face. "I now understand what you are trying to do. You can try."

He then drew an alphabet in the air with his finger.

Su Yang saw what Li Runze draw and he knew that Mr. Smart Guy really knew what he wanted to do.

Truth be told, Su Yang did not really believe this world had geniuses. After all, in other people's eyes, he himself was considered a genius.

However, he knew he was not a genius. He was just a little smarter. No matter which subject he took, he actually had to spend time studying and practicing over and over again.

The reason why others barely saw him studying was that when he really read, he would get addicted. He might be able to finish the textbook before the lecturer even reached half of it.

After he met Li Runze, Su Yang only believed that there were geniuses in this world. All he did was hint about what he wanted to do and Mr. Smart Guy immediately got it.

Su Yang gave Li Runze a big thumbs-up and the latter also gave him a subtle smile.

After Su Yang got the company stamp and the documents, the two of them found a place to sit down and continue talking about the company.

It was at that moment that a beep sounded in Su Yang's head.

[Beep. New Random Mission.]

'Huh? A new Random Mission?'

It had been days since he accepted a Random Mission, so he was slightly surprised when the beep sounded in his head. He opened the mission description in his head.

[Mission description: Help a passerby solve her problem]

It was similar to the mission whereby he had to save Qu Xiaomeng.

The target was a girl wearing sunglasses. She had long wavy hair that extended all the way to her waist and she was rifling through her pockets nervously.

Su Yang glanced over at Li Runze. He took out his phone and pretended that he had received a message from WeChat.

After some meddling with his phone, he looked at Li Runze. "Something has come up. I have to take care of it. Do you…"

Li Runze nodded blankly. "It's fine. I'll go back to the campus." 

He then stood up and left without any hesitation. His action matched his character as he was never indecisive.

Su Yang heaved a breath of relief before he sprinted towards the mission location.

This was just a normal Random Mission. He had completed similar missions many times in the past month, and most of them were just helping people out or saving them from some sticky situation like that time with Qu Xiaomeng.

Of course, most of the targets were women.

Su Yang was clueless about whether the ladies tended to get in danger more often or if the system was trying to become a matchmaker other than making him perform good deeds. Was the matchmaker a hidden function?

Ever since he saved Qu Xiaomeng, this type of Random Mission had never appeared again. He believed that the people around him must be safe or did not run into any trouble.

Now, he finally ran into someone who was in trouble.

After he arrived at the mission location, Su Yang scanned around and quickly locked on to the mission target.

The girl was not tall by any means, but her body proportions were amazing and they made her look tall.

She was wearing a white batwing-sleeved shirt with a high-waisted short skirt. The shirt was tucked into her skirt, exposing her two long legs and slim waist. Her voluptuous body would surely leave an impression on people. 

The strange thing was she was wearing a pair of glasses with a red frame. It looked like she came from a costume party or was going to one.

However, the simple and slightly strange fashion choices matched her perfectly. It made her look unusually fashionable.

Su Yang sized the girl up. He believed that it was related to the girl's temperament.

As if she was a walking sun, emanating liveliness and brightness, she would turn heads wherever she went. This was the other type of temperament Su Yang felt from her. She was a girl with a strong presence.

The girl, however, was nervously searching her pockets and her bag. Her ridiculous glasses slid off her face slightly and revealed her petite and delicate face.

She looked rather familiar.


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