I'll Add Points To All Things
55 Does Your Phone Mass-Produce?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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55 Does Your Phone Mass-Produce?

Little chicke[1]"Where's my phone? Where did it go?" muttered the girl as she searched her bag.

Su Yang walked up to her after he spotted his target. "Hi, did something happen?"

To his surprise, she did not answer him. She glanced at Su Yang cautiously instead before she took a step back, turned around, and continued searching her bag.

Su Yang was a veteran in dealing with situations like this. Many times in the past, the targets were cautious of him, so he already had his own way of dealing with it.

Usually, during troubled situations like this, a girl would not simply accept help from strangers as she would be afraid of running into some bad people or people with ulterior motives.

Therefore, Su Yang's plan was to state his 'ulterior motives' clearly.

"I was around the corner and I saw that you seem to be troubled. If I can help you in any way, buy me a cup of bubble tea or we can exchange contacts. What do you say?"

The girl then turned around to Su Yang. She hesitated for a moment and said, "Can you lend me your phone?"

Su Yang took Deeny out and gave it to her. "Here."

Given how smart Deeny was, she would not expose herself.

The girl quickly dialed a number after she took Deeny. The call got through and the girl pointed at the side, indicating to Su Yang that she wanted to talk privately for a moment.

Su Yang signed 'OK' with his hand and the girls stepped aside. Some distance later, she started talking with her hand over her mouth and blabbered into the phone.

Judging from her body language, she was agitated and offended. She looked like a totally different person from before.

The call went on for a full five minutes. The girl then heaved a long breath before she returned to Su Yang.

The sweet expression on her face came back, and this time, she was much friendlier towards him. "Thank you very much."

"It's nothing."

The girl handed Deeny back to Su Yang, and in the process, she got a good look at the phone and was surprised. "Huh? Your phone looks really beautiful. It's thin and light, and it's even got a full screen."

Su Yang took Deeny back. He put her into his pocket and smiled. "It's a product of my friend's company."

The girl showed a little interest. "Is it mass-produced? How much is it?"

Su Yang shrugged. "Not at the moment, so this is the only one."

The girl sighed. "The local phones are really getting good. I've lost my phone. Maybe I should ditch Apple once and for all."

After Su Yang heard what she said, he seized the moment and asked, "Has your phone been stolen?"

Maybe because Su Yang had helped her earlier, she was less cautious than before. She sighed and said, "I think so. I don't mind losing the phone, but I have a lot of private information inside. I'm afraid something might go wrong. I'm not a local. I came to Shanghai for some business and am leaving tomorrow. So, I just called my friend to ask her to lock my phone in the meantime."

Su Yang thought about it for a moment. The system had yet to notify him about completing the mission, so the mission must be far from over.

'I knew it. Lending her my phone was a little too simple. It seems like I need to help her get her phone back.'

With that in mind, he told the girl, "Hold on for a moment. I'll make a call and see what I can do."

The girl lowered her sunglasses. A pair of lively eyes stared at Su Yang. "Can you get it back?"

Her pair of eyes felt really familiar as if Su Yang had unintentionally seen them somewhere else before. "I can't' be sure. I'll have to ask first."

After that, Su Yang copied the girl's action and stepped aside. He made a call to Old Sixth Liu.

Old Sixth Liu was playing mahjong at the mahjong center. There were two other familiar guys with him at the table who were the gangsters that Su Yang had beaten up the other day.

The shorter one was opposite Old Sixth Liu. He drew a tile and peeked at it before putting it out. "Little chicken!"

After that, he said, "Brother Six, why is your left eye black again?"

Old Sixth Liu drew a tile, peeked at it, and sighed. "Let's not talk about it. Two days ago, I lost my wife's Siwan. I searched for that little thing for a whole night and I found him, but I still got beaten up by my wife."

The fat gangster beside Old Sixth Liu giggled. "Brother Six, your wife is so beautiful. Does she really beat you up? I don't really believe it."

Old Sixth Liu chuckled helplessly. "You haven't seen her mad. She can punch a marble table into half easily."

The fat gangster shuddered. "Brother Six, it sounds like you are exaggerating."

Old Sixth Liu pouted. "Exaggerating? What am I exaggerating about? I once saw her beat five men up by herself in the martial arts club. In less than one minute, all five of them were knocked out. If I weren't afraid of her killing me when I mention a divorce, I would have long divorced her."

Four men sat around the mahjong table, chatting about how fierce Old Sixth Liu's wife was. It was then that Old Sixth Liu's phone rang.

Old Sixth Liu picked it up and saw Su Yang's number. His face turned black immediately.

'This kid is my bane! I've finally recovered from getting beaten up for a week, but when he came up to me to top up his phone, I lost the dog and got beaten up by my wife again!'

Old Sixth Liu was agitated and wanted to reject the call.

Then, the fat gangster beside him stole a glance at the caller ID. He cleared his throat and reminded Old Sixth Liu, "Brother Six, this kid is ominous. If you don't answer his call, what if he comes to you instead?"

"Right…how could I forget about that? This kid…'

With that in mind, Old Sixth Liu grumpily answered the phone.

"Hello, Brother Six, are you free for a chat?" Su Yang's voice came from the other side of the phone.

Old Sixth Liu grunted as a reply.

"Have you eaten?"


"Great. I have something to ask you. Do you know the leader of the pickpockets around Starlight Avenue?"

Old Sixth Liu's eye started to twitch. "Why do you want to know?"

"Oh it's nothing, my friend's phone got pickpocketed, so I was planning to have a talk with the leader," Su Yang said nonchalantly.

Old Sixth Liu went silent for a moment before he said, "I don't know any."

"Brother Six, how can you be like this? You aren't being generous enough. I just want to meet some new friends. Come on, introduce me. If you don't, I'll come and talk to you instead."

Veins started to pop out on Old Sixth Liu's forehead. 'This kid is f*cking threatening me! This is a blatant threat!'

Old Sixth Liu squeezed the answer out through his gnashing teeth, "Su Yang! I'm warning you! This is a society governed by law! Don't you think you can go above the law just because you can fight!"

Su Yang chuckled. "Brother Six, look at you. What are you talking about? I'm a triple-virtue student: I speak good, do good, and think good. Why would I be fighting? Fighting is against the law but so is stealing."

Old Sixth Liu grunted coldly, "If it's against the law, go and make a police report! Let's see if the police can help you find your stuff!"

"Brother Six, do you believe I can stab you 20 times and the police won't even know it's me?"

Old Sixth Liu clenched his teeth tightly. He did not believe it, but he was still scared. 

'This little b*stard is really a gangster. He might really stab me…'

Old Sixth Liu heaved a long and heavy breath. "Tell me what your friend is wearing today."

"Thank you, Brother Six!"

[1] Little chicken here is a slang for the tile a single bamboo.


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