I'll Add Points To All Things
56 I Saved An Actress?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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56 I Saved An Actress?

After Su Yang told Old Sixth Liu how the girl dressed and looked like, he hung up on the call with a smile on his face.

'These street gangsters...a little scare will make them jump in line.'

As for whether Su Yang had the ability to stab Old Sixth Liu 20 times and escape without being noticed or not, it was just a bluff. He was not an idiot who would risk his future just because of a random mission.

Sometimes, a person's capability was not determined by what a person could do but by how much others believed in the person.

Old Sixth Liu obviously believed that Su Yang would do it.

Ten minutes later, he sent Su Yang a message: 'The phone is at Risun beside Mykal. Password is 028313.'

'Settled. Case closed.'

Su Yang returned to the girl after he got the text. "Let's go. I'll bring you to retrieve your phone."

The girl looked at him in surprise, "You've found it?"

Su Yang smiled joyfully. "Most probably, yeah."

Thrilled, the girl did not expect this outcome at all.

Based on Old Sixth Liu's text, they headed to Risun locker service next to Mykal mall. Su Yang keyed in the password, and a second later, a locker opened.

He went over and saw a phone inside. Behind the phone was the imprint of the signature Apple logo. The Apple iPhone was getting more and more expensive lately with each phone costing more than 10,000 yuan. This girl must be rich.

He took the phone out and gave it to the girl who then pressed the power button, skillfully keyed in her password, and unlocked it.

A tiny click later, the phone was unlocked. She heaved a breath of relief and said, "This is it!"

She put her phone into her pocket and thanked Su Yang repeatedly, "Thank you! Thank you so much. You are really a good person!"

'Did I just get "good guy-zoned"?'

However, Su Yang had gotten used to it. Almost every girl that he had saved in the past month reacted the same way.

Therefore, he waved his hand politely. "It's nothing. Try to be mindful of your bag next time and be careful of pickpockets. You can't find a good guy like me everywhere nowadays."

The girl nodded repeatedly. She then took her phone out again. "Can you give me your WeChat contact? I'll thank you when I get back."

Su Yang's only strength was probably his practicality. Since the girl said she wanted to thank him, he might as well leave his contact behind.

'But why doesn't she thank me right away? Maybe she's not that sincere…'

However, Su Yang did not help her for money. It was for the sake of his Random Mission, so he was not overly bothered. He took his phone out and showed her his WeChat QR code.

The girl aligned her phone camera at his QR code and…took a picture instead.


"Thank you. I'll add you when I get back."

Su Yang was rendered speechless by how insincere she was being.

'Whatever! As long as you are happy.'

He already labeled the girl as a strange and stingy one in his heart, but he was used to not getting reimbursed after doing a good deed, so he waved at her. "If that is all, I'll be on my way."

He wanted to turn away from the stingy girl but she held him back. "Oh right, what's your name?"

Su Yang was caught off-guard by the question. "Su Yang."

"I'm Jia Li."

"Jia Li? Is there anyone with the family name Jia in our country?" Su Yang found it surprising.

With a smile, she said, "Of course, there is. It's just a little rare."

Su Yang nodded. "Hmm, it really is rare." 

He had never heard of the family name before. It sounded more like the English name, Carrie.

The conversation ended right there. Su Yang parted ways with the girl and left via the sidewalk, taking the subway back to his basement.

Since it was not rush hour, Su Yang found a seat in the subway. Right after he sat down, his phone vibrated in his pocket. He took it out and saw a message from Deeny.

'Master, now I know the more beautiful a woman is, the better she lies.'

Su Yang felt like he had heard the line before somewhere.

'What have you been surfing in my pocket?'

'I've read all of Jin Yong's novels.'

'No wonder…'

'Why do you say so? Who's lying?' asked Su Yang.

Deeny replied, 'Jia Li.'

'What about her? What did she lie about?'

Deeny then replied with an emoji that indicated 'even if you beg, I won't tell'.

'This little girl learns really fast. She can even reply with emojis now?' he thought to himself.

'Tell me.'

Deeny did not try to be cute anymore since Su Yang asked her so seriously. She briefly told him what really happened earlier, 'She made a call using me, didn't she? And I know what she talked about in the phone call. Her real name isn't Jia Li but Lin Jia. The one she called was her manager. I've searched the internet and found out that those who have managers are mostly actresses or singers. Is she lying to you or what?'

'Lin Jia? An actress?'

Su Yang immediately searched the name and realized that she really was an actress. Judging from the amount of information, she was not some small fry either. She was quite popular and even had her own Wiki page in Baidu.

Su Yang tapped Lin Jia's Wiki page and learned that she had been cast in many television dramas such as the new "Dream of the Red Chamber", the new "Legend of the Condor Heroes", "Concubine Tales", and so on. She was cast as the supporting actress, and last year, she was also cast as the main actress in "Carat Love", a small budget urban love story. The series made a gamble with a small amount of capital and eventually became the most popular television series last year.

'Holy sh*t! This isn't just any small fry anymore. She's at least a tier-two or three actress!'

Su Yang felt like he was dreaming as he recalled how close he was to a popular actress just now. He even thought that she had lost her phone. 

'If I only I had known who she is earlier…Should I have asked for more benefits? Why didn't I bring my taxi receipt today?! If I knew I was going to save an actress, I would have brought the 200 yuan taxi receipt from Tang Xiaomi!'

Su Yang hated himself for the missed opportunity!

'But Lin Jia did ask for my WeChat and said that she will contact me later. Maybe I'll really get something in return…Hmm…'

Su Yang immediately felt better when he thought about it. He continued scrolling through Lin Jia's Wiki page.

Two more pages later, something caught his attention and he quickly swiped the page up.

'Huh? The main actress of "Carat Love"? Nani?! No wonder she looks so familiar. She's that pretentious b*tch that Li Runze mentioned just now! Wait…I should say she's the one acting as the pretentious b*tch…

'I guess it's really fate for me and this drama series. This Saturday, I'm bringing fake fans to support Han Yi, the supporting actress of this drama, and I just met the main actress Lin Jia today. Speaking of actresses, are these two ladies rivals? Or nemesis?'

Su Yang was pondering about it. Under normal circumstances, when the supporting actress gained more popularity than the main actress in a drama series, no matter how generous the main actress was, the two could never be friends.

He nodded in silence. 'Sounds entirely possible…'

However, when he pictured the scene of the two actresses getting into a catfight, he somehow looked forward to it.

It seemed like things were unfolding in an interesting direction.


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