I'll Add Points To All Things
57 The Start Of Han Yi“s Fan Even
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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57 The Start Of Han Yi“s Fan Even

After he got home, Su Yang put Deeny on the desk. It was then that Deeny suddenly said, "Master, you have a new friend request on WeChat."

'Hoho? Did she really add me? I thought Lin Jia was trying to avoid adding my WeChat.'

He picked up his phone and tapped the WeChat app. A new friend was displayed in his friend list on WeChat. The display picture was a cat while the person's name was 'Carrie', and the remark below it was 'I am Jia Li.'

'Err…Carrie? Jia Li? Now I see…Lin Jia didn't tell me a fake name. It's the Chinese pronunciation of her English name…So can I call her Lin Jiali next time?'

With that in mind, Su Yang accepted the friend request. He then added a remark on the name: 'Lin Jiali'

It was much friendlier to Su Yang compared to 'Carrie'.

'You have added Carrie and can start chatting now.'

After he accepted the friend request, he put his phone aside and wanted to take a bath. He had been busy for a whole day and his body was sticky and dirty from all the sweat.

After a comfortable bath, Su Yang came out of the bathroom and Deeny reminded him again, "Master, Lin Jiali has sent you a ton of messages.'

Su Yang picked his phone up. Transfer notifications spammed the chat window with Lin Jiali.

[Transferred to you ¥666]

[Transferred to you ¥666]

[Transferred to you ¥666]

Three 666 yuan transfers made Su Yang's eyes a little moist.

'My, my, it's too kind of you. It's really nothing! Helping you is really just out of convenience!'

He then accepted the transfers one by one. 

After he received the money, Su Yang cleared his throat and feigned a solemn look, he typed his reply: 'Thanks.'

Lin Jiali replied with a cute cat emoji: 'It is I who should thank you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to get my phone back.'

Su Yang tried to act cool, but he was the only person in his basement. 'It's nothing.'

Lin Jiali did not reply after that and Su Yang did not continue the conversation either. Since she had already paid him, she was not obliged to continue the conversation.

However, Su Yang basically understood why Lin Jiali did not add his WeChat on the spot or tell him her real name. She was an actress, after all, so she could not afford to expose her true identity. This account with the cat picture was probably her sub-account.

Su Yang tapped on Lin Jiali's Friend Circle. All the pictures she posted were about cats and sentimental quotes. There was not even a picture of herself or any kind of information that would give her identity away.

It seemed like the sub-account was just a channel for her to vent her emotions and was barely used.

Most of the statuses she posted on the account were criticisms about some television drama or movies. The most common ones would be 'XXX can't act. I can do better' and 'Photoshopped?! Can you be more professional!'.

Those who did not know her real identity would probably treat this account as a girl who liked to watch drama series and movies.

Only Su Yang knew that she was actually an actress and all the statuses she posted were probably her true thoughts.

While investigating Lin Jiali's Friend Circle, a new notification popped up on his WeChat. Su Yang did not leave the Friend Circle. Instead, he asked, "Deeny, who is it from?"

'It's a message from Lin Jiali," Deeny answered.

'Huh? She's messaging me again?'

Su Yang tapped on the message. 

'I saw your post on your Friend Circle that you're going to meet Han Yi. Are you her fan?'

Su Yang was silenced by the message from Lin Jiali.

'Tsk, I forgot my first status was about Han Yi…'

Su Yang believed that he had gotten himself into a life and death situation. How should he reply?

At that moment, a pop-up window appeared. It was Deeny. 

'Master, do you need me to start the Fondness Assisting System?'

Su Yang was surprised. 'When did you have such a system?'

She answered: 'I read a lot of comics online and most of them have similar systems.'

'What kind of comics are you reading?! Delete them! Wait, before you delete them, send me a copy, and you aren't allowed to read this kind of comics anymore!'

Deeny replied with a pouting emoji: 'Okay…'

Su Yang decided to stop Deeny from simply surfing the internet from now on. She was still in her learning phase, so he should not let the unhealthy stuff on the internet affect her growth. 

'I must filter all the websites, comics, and novels that she reads next time!'

Ten seconds later, Su Yang saw the link to the complete series of 'President Fondness System' in his mailbox. He was completely speechless after he checked it out.

'What kind of comic is this? Where are the H-rated comics? Whatever! This President comic isn't something good either. I'll just stop her from reading it…'

However, after Deeny's quips and jokes, Su Yang got an idea. He typed in his reply and sent it.

'Not really. There's an event with her that I'm attending, so I asked about who she is in my Friend Circle. I didn't know who she was before this. I just learned that she's an artist after searching her name online.'

This message obviously made Lin Jiali happy. She replied with a cute cat emoji and said, 'I don't like her either.'

'Yup. An actual catfight is going to happen soon!' Su Yang smirked in delight as he thought to himself.

He still had to act cool in front of Lin Jiali though, so he responded, 'Why? I notice that a lot of my friends like her.'

Lin Jiali did not reply to the last message. Maybe she became busy or she did not want to talk about Han Yi. Su Yang did not care either since he had already gotten the Random Point and the extra prize money.

Yes, he was a philistine!

In the next few days, Su Yang returned to studying hard while preparing for Han Yi's event. He also emptied out some time to install the broadband router in his basement.

As for Han Yi's event, he finally finalized the 100 candidates for the job after a few rounds of filtering. Chu Xia was going but not Li Runze.

According to Mr. Smart Guy, he liked Han Yi purely out of admiration. He was not a fan and did not want to meet her. If he had the time, he would rather spend it on coding. He even said that a new programming language had just been introduced in other countries and those codes looked as beautiful as an art piece.

Su Yang did not understand a word he said, but he got a rough idea. Mr. Smart Guy here was destined to be alone forever. His partner would be programming codes instead of a girl. He would probably eat with the codes, sleep with the codes, and make the codes give birth to many smaller codes. Su Yang even named the little codes on behalf of him, Li Br, Li Div, Li table, and so on.

Although Li Runze was not going, Su Yang had to attend the event. This was a big job, and if anything went wrong, Su Yang would cry himself to death.

On the other hand, Junqing Intermediary also informed Su Yang about the job details. Han Yi was in Shanghai for the recording of a television show called the "Ace Variety Show". The producers of the show had reserved 100 seats for Han Yi's fans, and for the sake of the show and Han Yi's safety, fake fans were needed.

The fake fans were required to applaud when Han Yi spoke and if she participated in the activities on the show, the fake fans must chant her name at least eight times and there should no less than five placard signs of Han Yi's name.

Su Yang informed the fans that he gathered about the requirements, supporting it with the reason that it was a sign of a fan supporting their idol. All the fans agreed to chant and applaud and those who did not were immediately disqualified.

Saturday arrived in the blink of an eye. Su Yang rented three big buses to carry himself, Chu Xia, and 98 fans to march towards Shanghai TV Station.


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