I'll Add Points To All Things
58 Chu Xia“s Dream
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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58 Chu Xia“s Dream

After going through a little traffic on the way, Su Yang and the rest arrived at Shanghai TV Station half an hour earlier.

With Chu Xia, who was experienced in organizing a big scale event, Su Yang and the rest of the fans lined up neatly in front of the entrance of the TV station, waiting for someone from Han Yi's side to bring them in.

Su Yang also gave Wang Dong a call to inform him about their safe arrival. Since it was Saturday, Su Yang did not force Wang Dong to join this event. Instead, he told Wang Dong to provide support behind the scenes. Wang Dong had worked a full day last Saturday after all.

Less than five minutes after Su Yang hung up the phone, a fair, chubby man walked out from the TV station and came up to him and the fans. The man looked around before he locked his gaze on Su Yang.

Su Yang believed the man was the one he should talk to, so he walked up.

The fat man put his hand out to shake. "President Su, am I right?"

Su Yang nodded and shook the man's hand. "Yes, I'm Su Yang. You are…"

The man's smile made him look jolly. "I'm Li Weilian, but you can just call me William. I'm Han Yi's manager."

Su Yang was surprised. 'So, he's Han Yi's manager? But…why is a common-looking guy naming himself William? It feels off. What's wrong with Chinese? Why must you name yourself an English name like William?'

William Li then brought Su Yang and the fans into the TV station. After he led them through security, he brought them to the broadcast studio.

Along the way, William Li saw how obedient Su Yang's team was. They practically listened to every order without fail, hence the man smiled so joyfully to the point that his eyes almost curled up into two crescents. "I knew I should have relied on a professional team. They are reliable and they really save me a lot of worries."

When Su Yang heard what the man said, he felt that something was not right, so he asked by instinct, "Have you guys run into problems before this?"

William Li shook his head and sighed. "Last month, Han Yi was invited to some show recording and the show producer gave us some tickets. I contacted the president of the fan club in that province and told him to distribute the tickets to the fans, but, in the end, two fanatic fans jumped on stage in the middle of recording and caused a lot of problems. They almost ruined the show.

"After that, the recording took a half an hour break and security took the two crazy fans away. Han Yi was so shocked then. From that day onwards, I swore to never invite real fans to a recording. Other than the fan clubs of some provinces that I trust, I really daren't risk it again. What if something bad happens?"

Su Yang nodded with realization beside William Li. 'No wonder a second-tier actress needs fake fans at an event.'

Then, William Li thought of something. He looked around sleazily and whispered to Su Yang, "You have to keep this a secret from her. Han Yi doesn't know about this. She hates it when things are fake. She said she was fine after the previous incident, so I did this without her knowing."

William Li then added, "Of course, you must also keep it a secret from the public."

Su Yang nodded. "Don't sweat it. We've signed a confidentiality agreement."

The truth was, they did not sign sh*t.

Su Yang actually found real fans of Han Yi, not fake ones.

When they arrived at the broadcast studio, Su Yang realized that the stage for the variety show was huge and the studio could house at least 700 to 800 people without a problem.

William Li brought them to the center of the audience seats. It seemed like Han Yi was one of the most popular, if not the most popular, guests on this episode of the variety show.

After the fans were seated, Su Yang went according to plan and told them to bring out the banners and mini neon signs with Han Yi's name on it.

He had actually coordinated with the fans beforehand. The fans would pass the banners and signages around every half an hour so that it would not be too tiresome for the few of them and they could also enjoy the show and admire Han Yi.

The fan group was very pleased with this arrangement. A few of the girls who were sitting closer to Su Yang started to talk among themselves excitedly.

"I didn't know we were coming to the Ace Variety Show! This show is very popular!"

"I know! Plus, the seats are great! We can see the stage and even have got a clear look at where Han Yi will be sitting."

"Su Yang is amazing!"

"I agree! How did he get this gig? I thought we were going to the airport to welcome her."

"I didn't think that much about it. I thought we were just cheering for Han Yi."

"Su Yang is awesome!"

Su Yang heard whatever the girls were saying. He believed this job was already in the bag. All he needed to do was pay attention to the fans and stop them if they overreacted to the show or Han Yi.

Beside Su Yang, Chu Xia also heard the girls. She nudged Su Yang slightly with her elbow and teased, "Look at you now, Mr. Big Star, having your first batch of admirers."

Su Yang rolled his eyes at her. "Give me a break. What kind of star am I? The actual stars are on stage today."

Chu Xia wore an oversized red T-shirt that covered her tiny petite butt and extended all the way to her knees, making her fair and long legs stand out even more. Of course, it also made her look like she did not wear any skirt or pants inside.

Su Yang sized her up from her legs to her face. Other than a slightly flat chest, Chu Xia's delicate facial features and her slender body were comparable to that of an actress's.

Especially when Su Yang compared her to when he had run into Lin Jia a few days ago, Chu Xia's age might be younger, hence her unique presence had yet to show, but her physical qualities were a lot better than Lin Jia's.

The thought flashed in his mind before he added, "You're the one who looks like a star."

Chu Xia made a silly face at him. "I'm not interested. Everyone tells me to be an actress or a singer. Do you people want to gossip about me so badly?"

Su Yang chuckled. She always saved an awkward conversation with her quips and rounded it off perfectly.

Looking at the stage, Chu Xia said, "My dream is to be a writer. One day, I will be on that stage not as an actress but as a writer."

"Yeah, yeah, Ms. Beautiful Writer." Su Yang nodded.

Chu Xia smacked him gently and said, "Beauty isn't necessary! I will just be a writer! Without any suffixes or prefixes!"

Su Yang shrugged. Having a dream to work towards was a good thing since dreams were not meant to come true.

While the two of them were chatting, more and more people came into the studio, and soon, the seats were filled.

Su Yang scanned around. The audience consisted of many different people. Some were fans, some were random passersby while some were staff of the show. 

How did he know? The staff was wearing a working pass around their necks.

After a while, the recording started. An emcee stepped onto the stage, but Su Yang did not recognize him. Judging from the crowd's reaction and the heavy discussion from behind him, Su Yang believed this emcee might be popular.

After the emcee greeted the camera and the crowd and warmed up the atmosphere, he started to introduce the guests.

The first one he invited was Han Yi.

When he saw Han Yi with his own eyes, Su Yang finally understood why everyone gushed about her beauty. Her tall nose resembled a Westerner's while her deep eye sockets made her big, round eyes appear full of energy. With that delicate and petite face, she emanated an exotic presence and was as beautiful as a deity from the heavens.

She was wearing a red sports jersey sponsored by the show. She looked extra lively and energetic that made her look strong, but with that delicate face of hers, she looked real and straightforward. Her authentic presence easily attracted fondness from everyone.

After all, men were visual animals.

Then, two more guests were invited though Su Yang knew none of them. However, some members of the audience would applaud and cheer loudly. They were probably the fans of those two guests, and as for whether they were real fans or fake ones, it was up to one's guess.

While Su Yang was slightly carried away, the emcee announced, "Next, can we have the main actress who plays Su Su in 'Carat Love', Lin Jia, on stage?!"

Su Yang shuddered. 'What. The. F? Lin Jia is here as well?!'


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