I'll Add Points To All Things
59 You Guys Acted Really Well!
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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59 You Guys Acted Really Well!

Su Yang sat up straight and switched his attention to the stage.

Following the emcee's introduction, a familiar figure walked out from backstage.

With the same wavy hair from the other day, Lin Jiali came out in a similar red sports jersey. Judging from the color, she must be on the same team as Han Yi. 

When she came on stage, Lin Jiali proactively shook all the hands of the guests and even hugged Han Yi.

The two of them smiled joyfully during the hug, seeming really close.

The emcee took the initiative and said, "Lil Yi and Jiajia were partners back in 'Carat Love', am I right? I bet it has been a while since you saw each other."

Han Yi said with a smile, "Yeah, it's been a while. We've been busy in the past year."

Lin Jiali also nodded and she even held Han Yi's hand. "Yeah, I haven't seen Lil Yi for a long time. We're finally able to get together again at Ace Variety today!"

'Are the two of them close? Hmm…'

Su Yang suspected that he might have overreacted a few days ago.

The show finally started, and Su Yang also focused his attention on the stage since there were two rather interesting ladies on stage.

Chu Xia also noticed the difference in Su Yang's reaction. She looked asquint at him and said, "Are you interested in Lin Jia?"

Su Yang gave her a strange look. "Why say so?"

"Right after she came on stage, you seem a lot more interested," she said.

Su Yang awkwardly cleared his throat and did not answer. Of course, he would never tell Chu Xia that he was just looking forward to a catfight.

Chu Xia glanced over at his face and took his silence for agreement.

As the variety show progressed on, Han Yi and Lin Jiali performed quite well. They even occasionally showed off their bond that appeared as tight as sisters during the games.

For example, when Lin Jiali got the answer wrong and was punished by a splash of water, Han Yi would step up quickly and take it for her.

Another time, when Han Yi failed the mission and a pot was falling down toward her head, Lin Jiali also subtly blocked it for her.

Su Yang's fan group performed outstandingly throughout the show as well. With Chu Xia as the leader, whenever Han Yi participated in any activities on stage, the group of fans would applaud loudly or chant her name together.

The mini neon signages and banners were raised up the whole time. 

In short, the fans' overall performance easily suppressed the fans of the other actresses.

Maybe because of conformity, when a single person was cheering for their idol on stage, he or she looked weak. In contrast, when a group of people did the same thing together, especially cheering for their favorite idol on stage, everyone seemed extra lively and energetic.

Su Yang believed that the fans enjoyed the show as well.

Soon enough, the show recording ended and the actresses went backstage. 

The fans were joyfully discussing their experience with the show, and a lot of them said that they would show off in their Friend Circle. After all, they had just participated in a live recording of a popular variety show and had seen their favorite idol on stage. Furthermore, they probably had the best seats in the house.

Some smarter fans even came up to Su Yang and asked him to call them for the next event or anything similar. Some even confessed that they would attend the next time even if it was not for Han Yi.

In short, everyone wanted Su Yang to call them for the next similar event.

Su Yang nodded to all of them since nodding was free and he might be able to get another chance in the future. Who knew?.

While everyone was chatting happily and were ready to leave the studio, Han Yi's manager ran over in a hurry. He was sweating profusely when he got to Su Yang and dragged him aside. "President Su, something's come up."

Su Yang's heart skipped a beat. 'Is my plan flawed?!'

He asked, "What's wrong?"

William Li said, "Han Yi wants to see you guys."

Su Yang heaved a breath of relief in his heart. "See us?"

William Li wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "Yes, she wants to meet you guys. Can you grab four to five representatives and follow me to her room? You must come as well."

Before Su Yang could respond, William Li added, "I know this is an extra job, so I'll pay each of the five representatives an extra 100 yuan!"

Su Yang put his hand out. "Deal!"

'Only an idiot wouldn't want to earn extra money!'

"But you'd better make sure to stay undercover. Things will go south if Han Yi notices!" William Li whispered to Su Yang.

Su Yang patted his chest and asserted, "Take it easy. I'm here. Even if the cops come, they won't know that these fans are fakes. They are all professionals."

'Of course, no one would know they are fakes since they are all real fans of Han Yi's!'

Su Yang recalled the names of several fans whom he had spotted were rather enthusiastic while chanting and applauding earlier. He then called them out by their names, "Chu An, Liu Yiyi, Wang Pei, Zhang Yujiao…"

A little pause later, he added another name, "And, Chu Xia, can you please come over for a while?"

Su Yang then told the rest of the fans, "All the group leaders, bring your group back to the bus first. We will be back soon."

The group leaders answered one after another.

After the five girls were called out, Su Yang quickly briefed them about what would happen.

When they heard that Han Yi wanted to see them, everyone was over the moon, especially Chu Xia. The girl was exalted. She was so excited that she hopped like a rabbit on drugs while tugging Su Yang's arm.

The six of them followed William Li to a waiting room backstage.

As soon as William Li knocked, a clear voice came from behind the door, "Come in."

He opened the door and said, "Lil Yi, I've brought the fan representatives over."

Su Yang and the girls walked into the waiting room. The room was not big by any means, and Han Yi was sitting in front of the mirror while eating something.

When she heard that the fans were here, she quickly turned around with her mouth stuffed with food. Maybe because she was embarrassed or maybe she was nervous, her face turned red as she said with a muffled voice, "P-please hold on for a moment. I'm so sorry."

She grabbed a bottle of water and gulped it down. She patted her chest to help the rice go down before grabbing a wet tissue nervously to wipe her mouth. She then went over and said with the sweetest smile, "Hi, everyone, I'm Han Yi."

The moment Su Yang brought the girls into the waiting room, some of them were already barely holding on. Their bodies were trembling excitedly, and when they heard Han Yi greet them sweetly, they were probably even over Mars.

"Han Yi! It's really her!"

"Oh my gosh! Am I dreaming?! Pinch me! Quick!"

Even Chu Xia was very excited and her hands were shaking ceaselessly.

Han Yi smiled and shook everyone's hands. "Thank you for your support. I truly appreciate it. It's because of your support that I am where I am today and can continue further."

When it was Su Yang's turn to shake hands, William Li added a little introduction, "This is the fan group leader, Su Yang."

Han Yi sized Su Yang up seriously for a few seconds before she shook his hands the longest. "Thank you, thank you very much."

Su Yang quickly feigned a nervous and bashful look.

Next, Han Yi took a photo with each and every one of them and even gave them her autograph. Everyone also got a little present before William Li sent them off. Han Yi said that she still had some discussion with the producers of the show.

The six of them and William Li walked out of the waiting room.

Su Yang sent the five of them ahead while he added William Li on WeChat. Immediately, William Li transferred the payment for this extra job.

During the transfer, William Li patted Su Yang's shoulder strongly and whispered, "President Su, your company's part-timers are really awesome! Their acting is great! If I didn't know they were fakes, I might have believed that they are real fans!"

Su Yang chuckled without a reply. 'Yeah, yeah, I know right?'

After he parted ways with William Li, Su Yang got on the bus and felt like he could finally heave a breath of relief. The job with the biggest profit margin was over and he could finally take the load off his mind. He should head back and add his points later.

Right when the thought popped in his mind, his phone vibrated. He took it out for a look and saw a WeChat message from Lin Jiali.


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