I'll Add Points To All Things
60 Income Summary
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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60 Income Summary

Su Yang was also smart enough not to message her, only to ask for a snub. When he saw her on stage that day, he was already quite surprised as he did not expect the coincidence at all.

He never thought that after the show recording was over, Lin Jiali would message him first. 

'Did she spot me in the audience?'

Su Yang pondered about it and he realized that it was highly unlikely. The stage was actually at the bottom of the audience, so looking up at the audience from the stage would be rather tiring. On top of that, in order to coordinate with the fans during the applause and chants, he and Chu Xia had sat in the middle of the crowd.

Spotting a familiar face in a crowd of a few hundred people required exceptional eyesight, let alone Su Yang whom she had met only once.

With that in mind, Su Yang tapped on the message. Lin Jiali had sent him a sticker of a toy bear knocking its head on the wall repeatedly, and under the sticker was her message: 'I think I'm autistic.'

Su Yang replied with a simple question mark.

'Autistic? How so? Weren't you all jolly and lively on stage just now?'

Lin Jiali replied: 'I got to work today and saw a…friend that I haven't seen for a long time.'

Su Yang replied: 'And then?'

Lin Jiali replied: 'How should I put this? I guess we were colleagues once? We worked on a project together.'

After that, Lin Jiali took a long while before sending the following message: 'I was supposed to be the person-in-charge of that project, but when the project was announced, everyone credited her instead of me. It wasn't exactly a good feeling for me.'

Then, Lin Jiali sent in another sticker of a soaked kitten with a few words at the bottom: 'Can't breathe from all the grievance.'

Su Yang was already on the way back and was sitting in the last row of the bus when he read the message. He replied: 'How's your colleague like?'

Lin Jiali sent a dumb-looking sticker together with her message: 'She's okay. She's nice and straightforward.'

Su Yang replied: 'Then, how about you?' 

Lin Jiali replied: 'I'm fine.'

After a while, she replied: 'It's just that seeing her again makes me feel sour. Maybe this is jealousy.'

Su Yang believed that Lin Jiali was quite a down-to-earth girl since she was able to admit that she was jealous.

In show biz, nothing was right or wrong. No one knew who would gain popularity overnight, and maybe the popularity would spread throughout the country the following day.

It was a vicissitude of life.

Was it not why the entertainment industry was so captivating?

Tremendous fame equaled tremendous income, and it might take one a few short months to achieve it.

Therefore, after a long, hard thought about it, Su Yang replied: 'It's just the way it is. If it were me, I wouldn't feel good either, but I believe you can do it.'

Lin Jiali did not reply after that. Maybe she was busy or was done venting her emotions.

Su Yang did not care either since he was not a chatterbox. Compared to talking to people, he enjoyed his personal quiet time more. Maybe this was the reason why he clicked with Mr. Smart Guy, Li Runze.

After the buses reached the campus, Su Yang did a headcount and everyone was accounted for. He then paid the drivers the rest of the payment for the bus rental before heading home himself.

When he reached home, Su Yang headed straight to the virtual space on his phone. After a little more than half a week, he had moved his personal stuff into the space. Now, whenever he came back, the first thing he did was put his phone into the drawer and then jump into the virtual space.

The villa in the virtual space was bigger, grander, and much safer.

No matter what, no one would ever find out about the strange things he got from adding points or whatever he wanted to add points to.

The rabbit with wings that he had gotten from adding points was set free in the villa. It flapped its wings and flew around the villa happily, and Deeny had adopted it as a pet. 

Deeny really loved the flying rabbit because only she and the rabbit could fly around in the villa.

As for the table the size of a thumb, it was given to Gru. Su Yang even bought a tiny set of tableware for it. It came with a bowl, chopsticks, a glass, and a spoon.

Gru had been quite free lately. It sat at a corner of the room and murmured its name repeatedly as it extended its sprout and played around with the tableware.

Meanwhile, Little Hus was really naughty at times. It soaked itself in water and then shook its body beside Gru, making Gru and its tableware all wet and dirty.

Whenever Little Hus bullied Gru, the war between 'tree' and 'dog' would break out.

The book "The Modern History Essentials of Huaxia" that was blown up had been stolen by Little Hus. It would put the huge book on itself every night before it slept as it claimed that the pressure from the book would make it…slimmer.

However, Su Yang did notice Little Hus getting slimmer lately.

When he went into the virtual space, Su Yang picked up the pen and paper on the tea table beside the sofa and started to do some accounting.

Han Yi's event required a hundred people to be present, 90 of whom were actually real fans, so they were not paid to be there. The remaining ten were his long-time part-timers, so everyone was paid 150 yuan for the event, which added up to 15,000 yuan.

The bus rental fee was 700 yuan for 5 hours and the driver cost 300 yuan, so all three buses and drivers added up to 3,000 yuan.

That was his total cost.

Junqing Intermediary offered 175 yuan per head, which added up to 17,500 yuan for a hundred of them. After deducting 1,500 yuan for wages and 3,000 yuan for transport, his net profit was 13,000 yuan.

This was how much Su Yang made after hustling for almost a day. In the last semester, he had worked hard, yet he only saved up 5,000 yuan a month. This event alone had earned him 13,000 yuan and it was not even a full day's work. Su Yang was quite proud of his achievement.

If the company could maintain its job flow and develop properly, it would soon be on track. Although a profitable job like Han Yi's event was not common, the other kind of jobs would be the main source of a steady income, and as his business developed and expanded, his income would also surge.

However, Su Yang did not have the mood to care about his company at the moment. He just wanted to add points!

When he added points to his phone and got Deeny, he had one Random Point left and got another by helping Lin Jiali.

He was quite busy after saving Lin Jiali, so he barely had time to rest, let alone to add points. Now with the job struck off his list, he could finally catch a breath and return to adding his points!

Su Yang had been adding points blindly and mindlessly before this, but now with Little Hus around, he could choose to make his points count.

He grabbed the lively Little Hus in his hand and said with a grin, "Little Hus, help me out. Use your nose and tell me which item has the best scent."

Little Hus sniffed around and gave Su Yang a death stare. "Did you eat KFC in the afternoon?!"

Su Yang blushed slightly and knocked Little Hus on its husky head. "It's none of your business!"

Little Hus endured the pain and bared its teeth at him. "Su Yang, you've changed! You were a thrifty person before this, but now, you are corrupted by capitalism!"

Su Yang was rendered speechless. "I made a lot of money! What's wrong with rewarding myself a little?!"

Little Hus pouted."I want rewards too! I want dog food!"

"Go away! You don't even have a mouth," Su Yang said.

"I don't care! I want dog food," argued Little Hus.

Su Yang took a step back. "Even if I bought you dog food, you can't eat it!"

"I don't care! I want it nevertheless! If you don't buy me dog food, I won't sniff anything out for you!"

In surrender, Su Yang squeezed the words out of his tightly clenched teeth, "Grr, fine! I'll buy it!"


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