I'll Add Points To All Things
61 Special Item: Master Sommelier Fauce
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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61 Special Item: Master Sommelier Fauce

Little Hus''ears', or rather the two edges of the bolster, perked up. "I want two packs!" 

Su Yang clenched his teeth and said, "Don't push it…" 

Little Hus was not afraid of anything at the moment. "Two packs! Two packs!"

Su Yang squeezed his answer out of his gnashing teeth, "FINE!"

Little Hus was exalted and reacted like a silly husky. He jumped around the villa and started to sniff around. After he was done with the living room, he hopped to the other rooms and continued sniffing. Ten minutes later, he came back to Su Yang and said, "Su Yang, I've picked up two spots. Which one do you want to add first?"

Su Yang giggled. "Only kids make a choice. I'll take both."

Little Hus waved the edge of the bolster and said, "Follow me."

Su Yang followed the hopping bolster into the bedroom. Little Hus jumped onto the bed and used its little edge to slip inside the drawer of the bedside cabinet. 

The whole bolster then pushed itself into the tiny seam as if it was liquid, and when Little Hus pushed his head against the drawer, it opened up.

Su Yang was rendered speechless. He finally knew why the snacks he had hidden in his drawer had gone missing. The snacks disappeared a little by the day, and when he questioned Deeny and Gru, who had hands, they said they did not take any.

Su Yang never found out who the culprit was but now he had.

Little Hus did not realize that he had exposed his own crimes. After he pushed the drawer open, he jumped out and pointed into the drawer with its bolster edge. "This...this thing that looks like a carrot...it smells really good."

Confused, Su Yang walked to the drawer because he did not remember keeping a carrot inside.

He looked inside and found the ginseng that Old Zhou had given him. His lecturer thought his body was weak, hence the ginseng.

Su Yang was always healthy and taking ginseng would make his nose bleed easily. Therefore, after he got the present from Old Zhou, he never ate it and simply kept it in his basement room. 

It was when he moved into the villa that he took it out and put it into his bedside cabinet. He did not expect that the ginseng would stand a chance.

He took the ginseng with him and followed the hopping bolster into the toilet in Deeny's room.

Su Yang was wondering what Little Hus had found in Deeny's toilet that was worth adding points to.

The toilet bowl? Could he flush the toilet and travel back to the past? Or would turning the shower on hasten a plant's growth? Was it the plunger? Would adding points to it turn it into the strongest divine artifact?

Su Yang's imagination was going wild. Tthe more he thought about it, the wilder it got.

Then, Little Hus brought Su Yang to a faucet and pointed at it with its edge. "This smells good too."

Su Yang did not know how to respond. 

'Are you sh*tting me? A faucet?' 

In the next 30 minutes, Su Yang transformed himself into a plumber and removed the faucet from Deeny's toilet.

Whether Little Hus was right or not, he would still have to take it out and have a look for himself.

'What should I do with this basin? Hmm, whatever. If the faucet doesn't work, I'll just buy a new one to replace it. There're a lot of toilets in the villas, so I guess it won't be a problem.' 

Su Yang was delighted with the ginseng and the faucet in his hands. He had gotten two items with possibilities at the same time. Which one should he add points to first? 

One of the best choices in life was to choose between gold and money.

A little hesitation later, Su Yang decided to go with the faucet first. It was not that he did not like the ginseng, but it was because the ginseng was expensive and the faucet was cheaper. Su Yang decided to give it a test first, so even if it failed, he would not lose a lot.

He headed to the master bedroom toilet to wash his hands with his lucky soap before he heading to the living room. He picked up the faucet and activated the Point System.

A translucent plus sign appeared on top of the faucet.

He tapped on it without a second thought, and after a gleam, the point was added.

'It worked!' Su Yang knew it worked at the very first moment because the faucet changed drastically like the first special item he got, the [Fruit-Loving Pen].

The faucet changed its shape with the shimmer, and after it faded, a bright silver faucet appeared in his hand.

Unlike a normal faucet, the other end of the faucet had turned into a round rubber pad. Su Yang touched it and it felt sticky. It seemed to be able to stick onto any surface.

The lever had also turned into a round disk and there were ten slots on it. The slots divided the disk into ten smaller areas, and there was a tiny arrow located at the tip of the lever. It resembled a dial lock of a safe and he could spin the lever to point the tiny arrow at a specific slot.

While Su Yang was sizing it up, the introduction of the new faucet popped up.

[Master Sommelier Faucet]

[Ability: You are able to store the beverage you've drunk in a single slot. Choose the slot, turn the lever, and the specific beverage would flow out of the faucet endlessly.]

[Restriction 1: You must drink at least 500 ml of the beverage in a single drinking session to be able to store it in a single slot.]

[Restriction 2: You can store up to 10 slots. The beverage won't be automatically stored once the limit is exceeded. The user can swap a new beverage with an existing one within a day after drinking.]

[Restriction 3: Only 1,320 gallons of a single type of beverage can be produced a single day.]

[Remark: It is considered an honor to have a sip of '82 Château Lafite, but you can swim in it.]

Su Yang touched his chin when he went through the description of this special item. A smirk slowly appeared on his face.

'Swimming in '82 Château Lafite? The thought of it alone is awesome enough, but will I get drunk? Ahem…'

He really wanted to tell the world that he had a faucet that could produce 1,320 gallons of Château Lafite in a single day so that they would come and buy it from him! 

Even if he did not have Château Lafite, a bottle of Original Wuliangye would also work!

He would really be wasting the faucet if he did not use it to sell fake alcohol. 

Can I drink gasoline? Will this faucet produce 1,320 gallons of gasoline a day? 

Su Yang quickly discarded this dangerous thought out of his mind. He must have spent too much time with Little Hus, so much to the point that he started to think dangerously.

He would never drink gasoline and he did not have any Château Lafite or Wuliangye either, so it would be better for him to take baby steps. 

He had been worried about how the villa would get its water supply before this, but now, with the faucet, the problem was solved. 

Su Yang went out of his neighborhood and headed to the nearby supermarket to buy a bottle of 550ml slightly sweet mineral water. He finished the whole bottle in a single guzzle. 

He never thought that a single bottle of water would be too much since he drank it occasionally, but drinking a whole bottle in a single go was difficult. The water rumbled in his stomach and made him want to throw up.

After he finished the bottle of mineral water, a line of words appeared on the disk slot of the [Master Sommelier Faucet]. 

Su Yang had a closer look and saw a line that read [Slightly sweet mineral water].

'It worked!'

Excitedly, he stuck the faucet on the wall. The sticky pad at the bottom slowly merged with the wall and even dyed itself the same color as the wall as if a faucet had grown from the wall.

Su Yang then dialed the lever to the mineral water slowly and pressed it. Clear mineral water then flowed out from the silver faucet!


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