I'll Add Points To All Things
62 Two New Missions
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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62 Two New Missions

Su Yang put his cup under the faucet and filled it with the water. He took a sip and it tasted exactly like what he drank earlier! Even the sweetness was there!

'This faucet is great!' 

Su Yang looked at Gru. The living twig liked to drink and bathe in milk, but Su Yang had been too poor before this, so he could only afford a carton of milk once in a while.

With the faucet, all he needed to do was drink 500 ml of milk in one go and he could enjoy an endless supply of milk!

Not only would Gru benefit from this, but even Deeny and himself could also drink and he might even spare Little Hus a bowl or two.

Su Yang thought of his father who actually liked to have some alcohol after work, but his family was too poor to afford it on a daily basis. Therefore, alcohol would only be served in a limited amount during festivals and it would be the cheapest kind.

He thought of bringing some canned beers back during his semester break so that his father could have a can or two during his break.

With the faucet, Su Yang did not have to worry about beer anymore! His father could have as much as he wanted!

Su Yang originally did not plan on buying expensive alcohol, but since he would just have to buy it once then he could enjoy it endlessly, he felt like he should invest more for once. He actually thought of buying a bottle of Wuliangye with 52% alcohol to store in the faucet. 

'But…will I die if I drink 500 ml of white wine in one go? Hmm…' 

Su Yang hesitated. He realized he should think it over and not ruin his body over a present for his father.

He then called Deeny over and gave her the faucet after he removed it from the wall. After teaching her how to use the faucet, he told her to fill up the villa's water supply with the mineral water. 

Everyone in the villa would be able to live a better life with the endless mineral water supply!

Deeny sized up the faucet for a while and even checked it carefully. She then meekly said, "Master, if you drink milk, does it mean that I can have a milk bath in the future?"

Su Yang sized up her fair skin. However, he did not want to imagine the scene of Deeny soaking herself in a milk bath. 

Deeny's fair and silky smooth skin might just blend in with the milk bath and he might not be able to differentiate her from it.

Su Yang quickly discarded his messy thoughts and nodded. "Of course, I'll have some milk when I'm free."

Little Hus overheard the conversation from the side. After hearing what Su Yang said, he hopped to him excitedly and asked, "Su Yang, Su Yang, does it mean I can have an endless supply of dog food?"

Su Yang rolled his eyes at the husky bolster. "No, the faucet only produces liquid, not dog food."

Little Hus looked askance at him. "Then, why don't you blend the dog food and mix it with water, you still can drink it."

Su Yang could not help but retch when he pictured himself drinking 500 ml of blended dog food. He kicked the bolster away, "Go away!"

After Little Hus left, Gru extended its sprout and circled the table. The sprouts then tightened up and uprooted its remaining body from the pot. It then wiggled towards Su Yang. It looked up at Su Yang and meekly 'Gru-ed'.

Su Yang tapped on its head and said, "Don't worry. You will also get your milk."

"Gru, Gru!" Gru danced around happily by swinging its sprouts around.

'Since these two little cuties want milk, I guess I have to move 'buying milk' up my schedule.'

Su Yang quickly came up with a plan. He planned to buy several cartons of milk later together with a bottle of Coke, Sprite, and apple-flavored Mirinda. 

They were all soft drinks that he had drank before and liked but did not want to spend money on them.

Even though they were all carbonated drinks and were not very healthy if consumed in excess, the faucet still had many slots, so Su Yang thought of filling them up first. At least, he could have something to drink when he wanted to.

'Right, I should buy a box of coconut juice too. That's tasty as well' 

He planned to fill up the faucet slots within a week so that he would have access to different kinds of drinks whenever he wanted. How great would that be!?

After Su Yang came up with the plan, he reminded himself to buy another measuring cup. It could prevent himself from overdrinking since not all beverages came in 500 ml sizes like that 550 ml of mineral water. Having a measuring cup would be a lot easier.

With the plan set, Su Yang decided to move on to the second item: the ginseng!

However, after he washed his hands, the notification ringtone of his phone echoed throughout the villa. 'You have a message in WeChat'.

Su Yang had actually told Deeny to set up the special notification ringtone.

The villa existed in the virtual space of the phone, so both phone calls and messages could be answered and replied through a holographic panel at every corner of the villa, even when he was taking a bath.

Su Yang wiped his hands dry and said, "Deeny." 

The WeChat interface popped up in front of him and the newly received message was displayed. It was from Lin Jiali.

Su Yang tapped on it and saw it was a reply to a message he had sent three hours ago.

'I'm sorry. I was dealing with something urgent.

'Yeah, I believe I can do it as well. I believe in myself.'

After reading the message, Su Yang suddenly felt like the lady somehow treated him as a special someone who she could talk to.

If he was right, he was just a stranger whom she had met once, and she did not even know who he was. However, since Su Yang helped her recover her lost phone, a layer of trust and intimacy was formed between them.

The unusual relationship gave Lin Jiali the confidence to voice her mind out without pressure and she did not have to worry about Su Yang exposing her deepest thoughts. It was similar to how people liked to talk to friends they met online rather than to a family member or a real-life friend.

To Lin Jiali, other than her identity as an artist, she was also a beautiful lady. Su Yang took the initiative and talked to her that day, so it must have made her think of him as a talkative person.

However, the truth was entirely different. Su Yang found her messages troubling and irritating. He never signed up to be a listener in the first place. He found the messages about her feelings extremely lame.

Now, the lady was interrupting his point-adding session. Adding points was important to Su Yang because he could change his life if he did it well, but if he screwed up, everything would be ruined.

If Lin Jiali made him fail the point-adding or somehow ruined the ginseng, Su Yang would cry a river.

Therefore, he decided to ignore her.

The moment he turned off the holographic panel and wiped his hands, a beep sounded in his head.

[New Bronze Mission].

'What the…? You've really done it this time!'

Su Yang did not even need to open the system to know what kind of mission the system had given him. The system was somewhat shameless. If the system gave him a Random Mission, he might really man up and ignore it for once, but it was a Bronze Mission!

'I'm starting to suspect that the system isn't a magical point-adding system. It must be some love simulation or love-assisting program! The missions are all about women! Why don't you give Li Runze some mission!?'


[New Random Mission]

'What the hell?! Is the system this smart now that it can read my mind?'

Su Yang grumbled, "I bet you won't give me a mission that I can complete by sleeping…' 

The system did not respond this time.

"Or maybe a mission about eating?"

The system still did not respond.

As Su Yang accepted his defeat, he tapped on the two missions and checked them.

[Bronze Mission: Hear Lin Jiali out and patiently reply to her messages (0/10)]

[Lin Jiali is an artist in showbiz. She is currently suffering from slight depression and due to various reasons, she treats you as someone who she could express her thoughts to and not have to worry about being exposed. Please hear her trouble out 10 times and show your concern like a real friend through your replies.]


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