I'll Add Points To All Things
63 Does She Really Have Depression?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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63 Does She Really Have Depression?

Su Yang did not get cheated by the long mission description. He only cared about the number '10'.

'She's going to speak her mind 10 times?' 

Su Yang felt like he was going mad. All the Bronze Missions were never easy!

Could he somehow reject it? Could he? 

He could not.

Bronze Missions were rare and were not something he could ask for. On top of that, completing one Bronze Mission would reward him with a special ability, so he could not just give up on it.

Therefore, he took back what he said and accepted the mission.

After he accepted the Bronze Mission, he moved on to the new Random Mission.

When he read through the Random Mission, he grunted in confusion because it was not related to Li Runze.

'And here I thought that the system is so smart that it can hear what I say and give me missions based on what I'm thinking. No wonder…' 

[New Random Mission: Tutor Tang Xiaomi once.]

The title was simple and did not come with a description or remark. 

'This sounds more like a Random Mission…'

Su Yang did not know why the system would give him a mission related to Tang Xiaomi, but he suspected something must have happened between the mother and daughter again.

He did not accept the mission right away because he needed to find out more. His current priority would be replying to Lin Jiali's messages.

He tapped on the WeChat icon and searched for Lin Jiali. Her name reminded him that he just prematurely ended his point-adding session, so he grumbled softly, "What a troublesome woman!"

After that, he forced a smile on his face and replied in a caring manner, 'It's fine. Your work is more important. What's wrong? Are you feeling better now?'

Su Yang found his message off-putting after he tapped 'send'. It did not match his personality at all and he should really learn how to reply from Li Runze. Maybe he should just send a "Mm-hmm".

A while later, Lin Jiali replied. She sent a sticker of two ducks spinning around madly which probably meant that she was going out of control.

What followed was a line of words. 'I feel better. I've gotten over it anyway. I can't reverse time, but if I can, I never would've agreed to partner with her!'

In the end, she even added a roaring sticker.

Su Yang was stunned by the replies. 

'Hey, system, let's have a talk. Are you sure this woman has symptoms of depression? I know you emphasized the 'slight' in your description, but this is way too light! Are you kidding me?!

'And she really likes to send stickers! Where did she download all the stickers?!' 

Su Yang quietly saved all the stickers in his own WeChat for future use.

He really had to admit Lin Jiali was a chatterbox when she was free. After her switch was turned on, she was ceaseless with the messages. Su Yang's WeChat was being spammed by her messages one after another.

'How is she depressed? She's just a talkative woman with a ton of stickers to send!'

He felt like Lin Jiali did not have depression, but after these ten sessions of messaging, he would probably be depressed himself. 

He swore he would delete her contact, no, he would blacklist her, after the 10 sessions. The woman was really a pain in his a**.

The two of them chatted for almost an hour, and finally, Lin Jiali said she had something to do and left. She left a goodbye sticker for Su Yang and stopped replying.

Su Yang heaved a breath of relief. He checked the mission tab in the system.

[Bronze Mission: Hear Lin Jiali out and patiently reply to her messages (1/10)].

He then turned off the system interface.

'You win this round, system, you win.'

Due to Lin Jiali's sudden interruption, it ruined Su Yang's mood to continue the point-adding.

He had already gotten a special item anyway and it was more than enough for the day. If he forcefully continued and caused more problems, he would be done for.

Besides, he still had to find out what happened to Tang Xiaomi and what the tutoring was about. Why would he get a tutoring mission all of a sudden?

With that in mind, Su Yang brought up the holographic panel of his phone homepage and sent a message to Tang Jing via WeChat. 'How are you, Sister Tang? Is Xiaomi being a good girl?'

In less than a few seconds, Tang Jing replied, 'Don't even get me started. Xiaomi just sent another home tutor packing.'

'Now, I see, the system really has a reason behind the missions.'

However, Su Yang was skeptical about tutoring a child of 4 to 5 years old. 

'Does Xiaomi need a home tutor at her age? What is the tutoring for?' 

'Of course, she needs a tutor. My friends get a home tutor for their kids at a very young age. The tutor teaches their kids simple language, Mathematics, English, etc. while playing with them. They say it will make the kids win from the starting line.'

Su Yang pondered about the matter seriously. 'Are all parents in Shanghai this strict about their children? Teaching them stuff at such a young age? But…this may be a chance…'

Since Su Yang started his company, his thoughts revolved around his company's benefits. 

Junqing Intermediary had some stable part-times but not for long or even mid-term.

Could he connect the dots here and secure some long or mid-term part-timers like a home tutor or whatnot? If it was workable, he could locate suitable clients and find a suitable candidate among the interested university students. All he had to do was connect both parties and he could earn the intermediary fee.

The lightbulb lit up above his head and connected to more dots. Through this home tutoring job, Su Yang thought of even more part-time possibilities.

The home tutors and part-timers were all hard-working students as they used their time to earn extra money. If that was the case, was it possible for him to locate a company with limited funding but could match the university student's majors? He could very well be the bridge between the two parties.

The students could utilize what they learned in class and the company could earn cheap labor while accumulating potential talent. On top of that, his company could earn intermediary fees from both sides.

This three-way win-win situation packed a lot of potential.

Besides, these two part-time jobs would never damage his company's reputation or status in any way. In fact, it would even hasten his company's status.

With that in mind, Su Yang paid more attention to this Random Mission.

He replied, 'Sister Tang. If it's urgent, I can help out for a day or two. I'm attending Shanghai University, so I think my results speak for itself. Other than English, I've got As in all my subjects, but I think teaching a preschooler English should be fine. Besides, Xiaomi and I get along well.'

Su Yang did not receive a reply after that. Tang Jing might have something on her mind, but he was not in a hurry. 

Good things came to those who waited.

After an hour or so, night arrived. Only then did Su Yang receive a call from Tang Jing.

He picked it up, and the first thing Tang Jing said was, "Su Yang, where are you? I want to have a talk."

She sounded so formal that it made Su Yang feel it was not just about Tang Xiaomi. He said, "I'm at home now. Give me a place and I'll meet you there, Sister Tang."

However, Tang Jing did not ask Su Yang to meet her outside. "Why not I come to you? I'm driving, so it's easier for me. Give me some time. I'll be there in half an hour."


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