I'll Add Points To All Things
64 Going To The Bar With Tang Jing
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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64 Going To The Bar With Tang Jing

"Okay," Su Yang agreed. Since Tang Jing was driving, it was indeed a lot more convenient.

Half an hour later, Su Yang met Tang Jing at the entrance of his neighborhood.

Tang Jing was dressed in Chanel from top to toe today. She wore a white flare-sleeved shirt coupled with a deep green skirt. 

The flare-sleeved shirt was a button-down top, but the first button was left unbuttoned, revealing her deep cleavage. That deep green skirt had a high waist and it drew out her slender figure perfectly.

She was still dressed in a matured business style, but maybe because the color palette was a little plain, it changed her tender and soft temperament to appear as a haughtier and cooler big sister.

The Porsche's window was wound down when she saw Su Yang. She raised her hand for a wave and called out, "Su Yang." 

Her loose floral sleeves fluttered along with her hand and she looked beautiful.

Su Yang smiled and answered, "Sister Tang." 

"Get in," Tang Jing said with a tender tone.

Su Yang got into the passenger seat and the car drove off. 

While she was steering the wheel, she asked, "What do you want to drink?" 


Tang Jing was slightly stunned before she chuckled. She added, "Do you want to have bubble tea at a bubble tea shop, coffee at a coffee shop, or alcohol at a bar?" 

He thought it over and said, "I'm okay with anything. I just wanna have some water." 

She nodded and said softly, "I guess it's the healthiest choice." 

After that, she stepped on the pedal and turned in the other direction. "Let's go to a bar then. I want to have some alcohol." 

The Porsche sprinted across the Shanghai highway. 

Sitting in the passenger seat, Su Yang gazed at the bright city under the night sky as he asked, "Are you having a bad time?"

Tang Jing continued driving as she said, "Not really. It's just that having a glass or two makes me sleep better."

Su Yang grunted in realization and said, "Do you drink often?"

Tang Jing did not deny it this time as she said, "I guess. I do have a glass or two every two to three days."

"Then, I guess you are a slight alcoholic." 

Tang Jing looked at him in shock. "No way. Aren't alcoholics people who drink every day?"

Su Yang pointed at the road. "Keep your eyes on the road. It's dangerous."

She quickly switched her attention back to the road, and then Su Yang's explanation followed, "An alcoholic refers to someone who relies on alcohol to a certain extent. Normal people drink to socialize or just want to have some when the tension is high.

"If they don't feel like it, they won't take any alcohol. In your case, since you actively seek out alcohol once every two to three days, it means that you have a slight reliance on alcohol."

"Then, what should I do?" asked Tang Jing.

"It's not a big problem actually. Many people share the same situation and drinking is better than smoking, so having a glass or two once every two to three days is fine."

Tang Jing was speechless. She thought the conversation would lead to a serious topic, but after that much explanation, she did not understand what Su Yang was trying to say.

However, Su Yang would never tell her that he just wanted to show off his knowledgeable side.

After they reached the bar, she got down from the car and walked into the place with Su Yang beside her.

The bar was a quiet one. It was not situated in a noisy district and did not have any bright, colorful neon signs. There was no dance floor inside as well. A soothing piano melody echoed inside and chatter could be heard from all corners.

'Gru would probably like this place if this bar sells milk that it…'

Tang Jing brought Su Yang to a two-person sofa seat and they sat down side by side. She called the waiter over and ordered an Angel's Kiss cocktail for herself and a glass of iced water for Su Yang.

Su Yang did not care about her conversation with the waiter. Instead, he sized the bar up. This bar felt more like a bar than the last one he visited to meet Jiang Yan. With the inverted wine glasses, the soft music in the air, and people toasting with each other with clear clinks, it was a pleasant scene to the eyes. 

Jiang Yan's bar felt like it was in a fairytale. It was unrealistic.

After she made the order with the waiter, Tang Jing turned around and saw Su Yang sizing up the bar, she asked, "First time?"

Su Yang shook his head and then nodded. "I guess. I visited one before to meet someone, but that one was unlike this one."

"How's that one like?" Tang Jing asked.

He thought for a while and searched for the appropriate words before he said, "Flowers, there were flowers everywhere. The entire bar was like a garden. Even the drinks had flowers inside."

Tang Jing smiled. Her smile brought out the beauty of a Southern lady. She said, "La Moda? I think that other than La Moda, there's only one more flowery bar named Floral Sea in Shanghai."

The meeting with Jiang Yan had been a week ago, so Su Yang had forgotten the bar name. Therefore, he simply said, "I guess. I didn't pay attention to the name."

The conversation between the two of them suddenly came to a halt.

When the beverages were served, Tang Jing and Su Yang clinked their glasses before she said, "You mentioned in WeChat that you want to become Xiaomi's home tutor, didn't you?"

Su Yang took a sip of iced water and shook his head. "Not a home tutor. I'm just filling the spot before you get a new one since I still have classes to attend and I have my own matters to attend to. I can't just become a full-time home tutor."

Tang Jing swirled her glass. The cocktail she ordered looked really beautiful. There were two layers in her glass whereby the bottom layer was red wine and the upper layer was fresh cream. 

The strange thing was that on top of the glass were some skewered cherries. They were laid down horizontally, and when she picked the skewer up and dipped it into her cocktail, a tiny vortex swirled on the cream and it moved like a woman's lips.

Tang Jing dipped the skewered cherries up and down a few times before she suddenly diverted the topic. "I heard from Xiaomi that you are in need of money."

A little pause later, she added, "A million, am I right?" 

Su Yang was slightly stunned. He did not expect Tang Xiaomi to tell her mother about his situation, but it was not some secret anyway, so he nodded. "Yes."

She looked at him. "Did…something happen to your parents? I'm sorry if I'm being rude." 

With a smile, he took another sip of iced water. "No, they are fine. It's just that I want to earn more money."

He paused and realized his reason was too weak, so he added, "I have higher demands for myself. I was the best among my peers since I was young, but after I came to Shanghai, I realized there were a lot of geniuses and talented people here."

"If I don't even have the confidence to defeat my peers, I'm not worthy of thinking I'm the best. So, I set a target for myself to earn a million in six months. I know it's impossible but I believe in myself." 

Truth be told, even Su Yang believed what he just said as it would be a waste of his talent if he did not end up in sales. 

Ever since he got the system, Su Yang realized that his ability to talk nonsense was getting stronger. Did he accidentally unlock his bullsh*tting ability when he completed the Bronze Mission the other night?

Tang Jing's gaze at Su Yang was clear as water while she was carried away by what he said.

'A confident man who is willing to fight for his goal is the most attractive. I've never been wrong. When Su Yang uttered those words, he really looked like…Dad.'


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