I'll Add Points To All Things
67 Life Evolution Failed?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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67 Life Evolution Failed?

After a quick thought, Su Yang decided to go with the point-adding first.

'I'll have to see what I get from the point-adding. If it's something good, I'll show a little mercy to that bolster. If it's something bad…Hmm, the villa seems a little dirty.'

He tossed Little Hus to Gru and told Gru to bind him down. He even specifically told Gru to shut Little Hus' doggy mouth so that he could concentrate on adding the point to the ginseng.

[Wild Ginseng]

[Remark: A wild ginseng from Changbai Mountain that has been in the mountains for 15 years.]

It was rare for the system to provide a remark for an item before the point was added, thus it raised Su Yang's anticipation for the ginseng.

He softly tapped on the [+] sign on the upper right.

The ginseng suddenly shone brightly, and amidst the dazzling shine, Su Yang heard an odd sound. It was the sound of a growing heartbeat!

Su Yang had never experienced this before. Was it a sign of something great?

Just as the thought appeared in his mind, a heavy grunt came from the dazzling light. "Ouch." The light then got sucked into the ginseng rapidly.

Su Yang then sized up the ginseng in his hand. It had not changed much in terms of looks. It was just a little hairy at the top.

However, he was certain that he heard someone grunt, so he shook the ginseng, hoping for a response. The ginseng did not move at all, so he shook it again but still got nothing. He even pinched it but there was still nothing.

'Am I hearing things?'

Since he could not get a response from the ginseng, he waited for the system to show the result.

About 30 seconds later, a new window finally popped up above the wild ginseng.

[Wild Ginseng +1: Live Evolution failed. Acquired Simple Intellect. Acquired Simple Special Ability.]

[Special Ability Remark: The wild ginseng has great recovery effects on the human body from a simple bruise, a burn, a cut, or the regeneration of a broken limb and even extension of life itself. You can ask the ginseng about the details.]

'Ask the ginseng for the details?'

Su Yang poked the ginseng and asked, "I'm having a cold. What should I eat?"

The wild ginseng finally opened its eyes and spoke, "1cm of the roots at my top."

'Wow, it can really speak!'

Su Yang continued, "I cut my hand, and the bleeding can't stop."

The wild ginseng said, "2 cm of my top."


"I broke my leg."

The wild ginseng slowly turned around for a glance at Su Yang. "My left arm."

Su Yang sized up the wild ginseng's arm. Its arm was rather robust and was as thick as a thumb.

He then cleared his throat and continued, "What if someone cut both my legs?"

The wild ginseng went quiet for a moment before it scrunched its face up at him. "Come on. Just eat me!"

'Look at you and your little temper.'

After that, the wild ginseng turned its head away and acted like it was a normal piece of ginseng.

Su Yang poked it again and asked, "Will your roots or arm grow back if I cut them?"

"1 cm every two days, one arm every two months, and twice the current size every two years," the wild ginseng replied.

Su Yang pictured it for a moment and asked, "Will you eventually become the Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva?"

The wild ginseng did not reply, so Su Yang poked it again. "Will you?"

It turned its head around and looked askance at Su Yang, then it turned back away.

'What the hell?! You are all wrinkled and crumpled and the Life Evolution even failed on you. How dare you show me that face of disgust?!'

Su Yang flicked the wild ginseng's head with his fingers, causing it to shudder, but the ginseng played dead by keeping its eyes closed.

'Oh well, at least I got something.' 

Su Yang did not know whether to categorize the wild ginseng as a little monster like Gru or a special item like the faucet. Nevertheless, it was better than failing entirely.

However, the wild ginseng was a cool one and was not as caring as Gru. Since these two little monsters were plant-based, Su Yang put the ginseng under Gru's care.

Gru was quite happy. It exchanged Little Hus with Su Yang, and when it got the ginseng, it 'Gru-ed' non-stop.

The ginseng glanced at Gru and said "sure" before it closed its eyes.

Gru then brought its flower pot over, dug a hole, and planted the ginseng inside.

Su Yang sharply realized something when he saw that. "Can you understand Gru?"

The ginseng glanced at him. "Yes."

"Can you translate for me?" Su Yang had always wanted to talk to Gru without the language barrier.

However, the ginseng shut its eyes and did not answer. 

Su Yang was speechless. 'Did he just say no? He said no, didn't he? DIDN'T HE?!'

It was then that the bolster in Su Yang's hand responded. It stuck its doggy tongue out and said, "Su Yang! Su Yang! I can also understand the twig!"

Su Yang was skeptical when he looked at Little Hus. "Are you being serious right now?" 

The husky on the bolster nodded repeatedly and said, "Yes, I am! I am! We are all products of Life Evolution, so of course, we can understand each other!"

"Deeny!" Su Yang called loudly.

Deeny flew down from the second floor with the rabbit with wings. "Yes, Master?"

"Can you understand Gru?" 

Deeny shook her head in a cute manner.

Su Yang looked back to Little Hus and grinned. "Hehe."

Little Hus struggled and argued "I can! I can understand the twig! I swear!"

"I'd be an idiot if I believe you!"

After beating Little Hus up, Su Yang tossed the bolster into a pail of water and made it clean the villa again. He was not allowed to sleep before every corner of the villa was spotless.

Since Little Hus was living under Su Yang's roof and even considered himself grounded, he accepted his fate and cleaned the villa.

Su Yang then named the ginseng Sanque, which meant three imperfections or three missing parts in Chinese.

Why Sanque? Because of the failed Life Evolution, the simple intellect, and the lack of mindfulness.

He picked this name because it would sound a lot better than 'Erque', which meant two imperfections and sounded very similar to a vulgarity.

On top of that, the Chinese character of 'ginseng' had three strokes in it that resembled the character 'three'. Su Yang named it based on the resemblance of the character.

Sanque moved into Gru's little flower pot and the only use of the ginseng that Su Yang could come up with at the moment was saving his own life if he chugged 500 ml of '82 Chateau Laffite.

Thankfully, he did not have the red wine yet, so he was not in a hurry.

After the point-adding session, he washed up and went to bed.

On the morning of the second day, the system notification woke him up.

[Beep! Silver Mission stage statistics.]

Su Yang opened his blurry eyes and went blank for a full minute, but he still did not know what had happened. In the end, the system had to notify him for a second time to completely wake him up.

'Silver Mission stage statistics?'

Confused, Su Yang tapped on the button.

[March's Silver Mission stage statistics.]

[Mission Duration: 15 days.]

[Personal Profit: 2,478.]

[Company Profit: 7,510.]

[Company Value: 0]

[Mission Completion: 1%]

[Remark: Young man, have you sleeping for the past two weeks?]

Su Yang blinked helplessly at the remark. 'Is the system insulting me? I'm saving up a little by little and sharpening my skills to build my business empire! If I don't have a steady base, how can my empire stand strong!?'

However, time had really flown by in the blink of an eye. Su Yang pondered about the duration and realized that it had been half a month since he accepted his Silver Mission.

Time was a surreal concept and a magical thing that could slip by without one noticing.

A twelfth of his mission duration was gone and he had only achieved 1% completion of the mission.

'I guess I'll have to work harder.'


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