I'll Add Points To All Things
68 To Tang Jing“s House
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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68 To Tang Jing“s House

Su Yang carefully went through the stage statistics and realized that in the 'Individual Profit' row, there should be the 480 yuan compensation from Junqing Intermediary and Lin Jiali's three 666 yuan red packets.

Under the 'Company Profit', the system only calculated the net profit which was sales minus cost.

After looking at the numbers, Su Yang believed that the system must have deducted this month's pay and commission for Wang Dong.

The only good news was that no matter how much work Wang Dong did for the upcoming two weeks or how much profit he could generate, the system would only deduct 10% of the sum.

After some thoughts, Su Yang realized that it was actually not great news either. This should be the way the system was supposed to calculate. All small to medium enterprises had a 300,000 tax exemption quota every season, so he would not even need to pay tax for now. 

The system could not just forcefully tax him for this.

Regardless of that, after hustling for half a month, he only managed to earn 10,000 yuan. He still had five and a half months to reach a million, so it really was time for him to work harder.

With that in mind, Su Yang did not have the mood to sleep anymore. 'Wakey wakey, it's time to work for a living!'

After he washed up and came out from the bathroom, Deeny already had breakfast prepared for him. As a smartphone pet, Deeny did not need to sleep, so she surfed the internet 24 hours a day to learn all kinds of knowledge.

She recently found interest in cooking and Su Yang became her guinea pig.

Su Yang simply filled his stomach and prepared to leave the virtual space. It was then that his phone ringtone echoed in the villa and not just once. Several notifications flooded his phone and the ringtone somehow played like an endless symphony in the villa.

Su Yang was used to the spamming of notifications, "Deeny, my phone panel, please."

A holographic panel appeared before Su Yang. He tapped on the notifications and realized that he had been invited into a new WeChat group. He was the second member of the group, and the one who had invited him was also the first member: Chu Xia.

Chu Xia was adding friends into the group, and in the blink of an eye, the number of group members increased from two to 10, 20, 30, and so on.

Su Yang glanced at the group chat name: Han Yi Shanghai Fan Group.

'Is Chu Xia too bored or does she have too much time on her hands? Or did Han Yi's handshake and present buy her heart yesterday? Why would she even have the heart to create a fan group?'

Su Yang quietly muted the notifications from the group and then turned off WeChat. 

'I have nothing to do with this anyway. I became Han Yi's fan to make money, and if Lin Jiali can pay, I'll become her fan as well.'

He did not care about Chu Xia's silly efforts and headed to Tang Jing's place via the subway.

When he sent Tang Jing home last night, they came to an agreement about Su Yang becoming Tang Xiaomi's home tutor starting from today. He would tutor the little girl for two to three weeks but only on the weekends.

The subway system in Shanghai was well-developed and one could travel everywhere conveniently. Soon enough, Su Yang reached the entrance of Tang Jing's neighborhood.

Standing at the entrance of the neighborhood filled with millionaires, Su Yang gave Tang Jing a call. Since Tang Jing was already up, she called the security guard to let him through.

With the pointers from the security guard, Su Yang shuttled through the bushy path and reached her unit.

It was his first time in a high-class neighborhood and he realized that even in an urban jungle like Shanghai, a neighborhood could still be lush and vibrant. He felt like he was walking in a garden. They even used two sliding glass as the gate of the unit, similar to the entrance at a mall.

In Su Yang's neighborhood, all the gates were made out of iron and the access control was installed on the gate itself.

However, here in Tang Jing's neighborhood, the access control was installed on the pillar beside the glass door.

Su Yang pressed the number 601 and a camera above the glass door lit up. A moment later, a clear beep sounded and the glass door slid open. He walked in and took the elevator to the 6th floor. The door to unit 601 was open, and a little girl's head popped out, peeking at him. It was Tang Xiaomi.

Her eyes curled up into thin lines and her cute dimples were deep as her smile widened. "Su Yang! Su Yang! You are here!" She ran out of the house and hugged Su Yang's leg.

Su Yang caressed her tiny head and held her hand into the house.

Tang Jing was waiting at the entrance. She was wearing a plain floral apron and had probably just finished cooking. Coupled with her soft eyeliner and the tender curves of her lips, she looked matured and emanated the presence of a loving mother and caring wife.

She was glad that her daughter was close to Su Yang, hence the smile on her face.

Tang Jing prepared a pair of slippers for Su Yang and said, "Thank you for coming by this early. Have you eaten breakfast? Do you want to join us?" 

The curves on Tang Jing's back were absolutely stunning, almost perfect, in fact. They were on full display when she squatted down to prepare the slippers. With her mellow and round hips, her slender waist, and her fair legs that she exposed, every part of her was charming and could easily capture the hearts of men.

Su Yang looked away and rejected politely, "I've had my breakfast since I woke up early. You guys go on ahead."

Tang Jing stood up and smiled. "Okay. Have a seat first, Xiami and I will join you after we have our breakfast.

"Sure." Su Yang changed into the slippers and headed to the sofa.

Tang Jing took Tang Xiaomi to the bathroom to wash her hands before she sat down at the dining table for breakfast.

The little girl was peeking at Su Yang constantly during breakfast. She giggled softly as if she was delighted by something.

Su Yang felt like a child's world was simple. She might feel sad because of some trivial matters but could also be happy over something of the same scale.

Tang Jing was a loving mother who would remind the little girl about her table manners and keep putting food in her bowl so that the little girl would not be picky with her food.

Breakfast was over after 20 minutes. 

Tang Xiaomi ran to Su Yang with a glass of milk and started to giggle in a silly manner.

Su Yang caressed her head and asked, "What are you giggling about?" 

Tang Xiaomi lifted the glass and had some milk as she peeked at Su Yang through the tiny gap of her cup and said in a muffled voice, "Mommy said you are here to teach me, so I'm really happy."

'What a silly girl!'

After Tang Jing cleaned the table and washed the dishes, she went to the sofa and carried her daughter on her lap. She then said to Su Yang, "I'll be heading out later to settle some matters. I'll leave Xiaomi in your care."

Su Yang nodded. "No problem. What is Xiaomi currently focusing on?"

Tang Jing took her daughter's textbook out. "Mainly Mathematics. She's already on the fifth-grade level, but she's having problems with some calculations."

Su Yang was speechless. 'Fifth-grade level? A four-year-old child?'

He looked at the little girl who was drinking milk in her mother's arms. 

'No wonder this little imp is so smart. She's a genius! But isn't it a little too early for her?' 

Although Su Yang voiced his concerns, Tang Jing was not overly concerned. She explained, "I'm not forcing Xiaomi to learn or occupy her time. She just has a great memory and can master what she learns in a short while. She's free to play when she finishes learning, but she's having problems with Mathematics…"


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