I'll Add Points To All Things
69 The Genius Tang Xiaomi
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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69 The Genius Tang Xiaomi

As a matter of fact, the curriculums in kindergarten and elementary school barely required any logical thinking except for Mathematics. They tested the child's memory more than anything.

If Xiaomi had a great memory, it would be easy for her to master the subjects quickly.

Mathematics required logical thinking, and girls were naturally weaker in this aspect. As a four-year-old girl, Xiaomi was considered amazing to have reached a fifth grader's level.

After Tang Jing left for her business, Su Yang caressed Xiaomi's head and decided to find out just how good she was.

"Xiaomi, where are you now in Mathematics?"

Xiaomi looked at Su Yang with her big googly eyes as if she had stars in them. "I'm at prime numbers and composite numbers."

'She's this fast?' A little thought later, Su Yang decided to find out more about Xiaomi's level, so he asked, "Here's a little test. Is 1 a prime number?" 

Xiaomi shook her head. "No, 1 is not a prime number. It's also not a composite number."

'Hmm, not bad.'

Su Yang asked, "Is 2 a prime number?"

Xiaomi blinked and said in a cute tone, "2 is the only even prime number."

Su Yang nodded. 'She can really memorize.'

He continued, "Is 6 a prime number or a composite number?"

Xiaomi said without a second thought, "6 is a composite number because 6 is an even number.'


"What about 5?"

Xiaomi answered in delight, "5 is also a composite number because 2 multiply by 3 equals 5."

Surprised, Su Yang reacted like the confused Nick Young meme. 'What?'

He asked, "If 2 plus 3 equals five, what is 6 divided by 2?"

Xiaomi was caught off-guard this time. She put her fingers up and started counting.

Su Yang was speechless. 'Something isn't right. Multiplications under 10 should be within the curriculum of 2nd or 3rd grade, so why is she counting like that?'

He pinched Xiaomi's cheeks and said, "Tell me. How did you solve the Mathematics question before this? Why does your mother think you are at a fifth grader's level?"

Xiaomi rolled her eyes and she averted Su Yang's gaze, refusing to answer.

Then, Su Yang pinched her cheeks with both his hands and it made her blush slightly.

She then smacked his hands away and said, "Ouch! Stop pinching me. I'll talk!"

When he released her, Xiaomi said with grievance while rubbing her cheeks, "I memorize all the answers. The tutor and mommy ask me questions from the workbook, so all I have to do is memorize the answer."

He was shocked by what he heard. 

'My goodness, this little imp is having trouble with logical thinking, so she made it up with her memory?'

Su Yang grabbed a book on the table. He flipped to a random page and gave it to Xiaomi. "Here, you have five minutes to memorize this."

Xiaomi peeked at Su Yang and said meekly, "There are so few words here. I can do it within a minute."

Again, Su Yang was speechless.

A minute later, she recited the contents flawlessly and he finally believed her. Even though she pronounced some words wrongly and skipped some words that she did not know, he believed that she could really memorize everything.

'Is this little imp a scanner? Is she something that I added points to?' Su Yang sized up Xiaomi with a suspicious gaze.

The people that he met recently were not normal. Their talents were off the charts!

Xiaomi's photographic memory might turn her into the main character of some novel or drama series.

Su Yang rubbed his chin while looking at Xiaomi. 'Should I flatter her while she's still young?'

However, Xiaomi was a girl and usually, in a female-led novel, there would always be a dominant CEO or whatnot. Even if he flattered her for 10 years, he might not become the male lead in her life, so he discarded the thought.

Maybe because he realized he would never become the male lead in Xiaomi's life, the 'grudge' in his mind made him serious. He started to teach Xiaomi Mathematics, starting from the simplest functions of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

He finally understood why the system had assigned him the Random Mission with the title: Tutor Tang Xiaomi once.

The point of the mission was to tutor her because she was having trouble learning Mathematics.

Even on weekends, Tang Jing came back late, so Su Yang and Xiaomi ordered takeaway for lunch. 

Su Yang had actually prepared tomatoes with fried egg, but it turned into an abomination and tasted like poison.

Under Xiaomi's despicable gaze, Su Yang finally realized why Deeny's cooking was so terrible.

Therefore, the two of them ordered takeaway.

Xiaomi generously ordered two portions of yellow stewed chicken. Maybe because the yellow stewed chicken she had at Su Yang's place left a good impression on her, she kept feeding Su Yang the chicken and said, "There's enough for both of us here."

Su Yang seized the moment and bullied her by saying, "This isn't on you by the way. You still have to buy me a meal, a big one." 

Xiaomi pouted and nodded.

When Tang Jing got home, Su Yang updated her on Xiaomi's studies.

He was not stabbing Xiaomi in the back, but hiding a child's progress from a parent was not a good idea. Only by being honest about Xiaomi's talent and what she was lacking was he being responsible for her future.

Tang Jing was also shocked when she heard that her daughter memorized the answers beforehand, but after she verified it herself, she had to admit that her daughter was a little genius except in Mathematics.

It seemed like every genius had their own downside just like how Su Yang's weakness was English.

In the end, Su Yang talked to Tang Jing about the tutoring. Since he had to attend classes on weekdays, he could only tutor Xiaomi on the weekends which added up to five days in two weeks.

The tutoring started at 9 a.m. and ended at 7 p.m., so that was a total of 10 hours. Based on the tutoring rate in Shanghai, which was 200 yuan per hour, it was 2,000 yuan per day and 10,000 in total.

Su Yang felt he was earning a lot. He never thought being a home tutor could make this much. Besides, he was playing with Xiaomi half of the time.

Since Tang Jing agreed to the rates, he was grateful for her generosity.

After dinner, Su Yang left Tang Jing's house. After a whole day of silence, Deeny finally spoke up, "Master, you'd better check your WeChat. The notifications have stacked up to more than 99 of them."

'Huh? From which group?'

Su Yang tapped on WeChat and realized that it was the Han Yi Shanghai Fan Group that Chu Xia had added him to in the morning. He checked the chat history and learned that the fan group had been successfully established after a whole day with the number of fans having risen to more than 300. 

Su Yang checked their introduction and Friend Circles and realized that they were mostly from Shanghai University. The strangest thing was that he was the president of the fan group while Chu Xia was the vice president.

'They chose me as president? Without even asking me?'

Su Yang scrolled down and noticed that the group was having a heated discussion about Han Yi attending the campus singing competition.

According to the chat group, Han Yi was not the only invited guest. Lin Jia, Han Yi's good friend, would also attend it. The two ladies might be BFF in the public eye, but the fans viewed them as competing rivals.

"Lin Jia was the lead actress before this and she beat Han Yi in terms of presence. So, this time around, we must show our support for Han Yi at the campus singing competition!"

"Yeah! We must at least beat Lin Jia in terms of support! We must let her know that Han Yi is no longer her supporting actress!"

"How should we do it?"

"Should we ask our president to organize something?"

"Sounds like a good idea."

Su Yang was once again speechless by what the group said.

'Is it too late to resign from the position…'


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