I'll Add Points To All Things
71 Is Qu Xiaomeng Sick?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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71 Is Qu Xiaomeng Sick?

Chu Xia felt strange when she received the phone call, but when she heard Su Yang's rather unfriendly tone, she dashed out of the lecture building and met him in the garden.

She came in a girly outfit today that screamed of youth. She wore a rainbow-striped T-shirt and the cutting at her shoulders revealed her shoulder and arms, making her look refreshing. Her fitting jeans complimented her slender legs and together with her 3-inch heels, it made her look almost 180 cm tall.

Su Yang actually wondered how big her closet was. If he remembered correctly, he never saw her in the same outfit before and she always appeared in brand new clothes. 

'Are all girls like that? Or is she one-of-a-kind?'

Su Yang spent his entire summer with two T-shirts and a pair of shorts plus a cropped pants for special occasions. 

On top of that, the two T-shirts were two years old and they still felt comfortable when he wore it. Even though his mother wanted to buy him new clothes, he always refused. It was not because of his family's financial status, but he really did not want the clothes.

'It's just a piece of cloth to cover your body, so anything will do.'

Chu Xia greeted Su Yang with a sweet smile, "Good morning, Mr. Fan Club President!"

'This girl really grinds my gears and hits me in my weak spot. She really should learn how to read the situation.'

"Don't call me that. I didn't agree to it," he said.

His tone grew heavy as he continued, "Besides, did you even talk to me about the fan club? You didn't even get my permission and simply made me president! I didn't even know you were creating a fan group and I was blindly invited into it!"

Chu Xia looked at Su Yang with a surprised gaze. "I talked to you about it before, but you never replied to me, so I took your silence as a yes. That's why I invited you to the group. You've been training us and led us to support Han Yi and even met her in person, which means you also like her as well. I really thought you'd be happy about the fan group."

'Did I? Did I say yes?' 

Su Yang searched his memory but did not remember anything. He must have simply let it escape his mind when he tried to brush Chu Xia off.

As for Chu Xia asking for his permission, he took his phone out and checked his chat history with her and realized that there had indeed been such a conversation. She had asked him about the fan group and spammed him a couple of times.

Unfortunately, Su Yang's WeChat was always flooded with messages and he was busy checking the Silver Mission stage statistics yesterday morning, hence he missed out on her message.

The atmosphere suddenly turned awkward.

Chu Xia noticed the awkwardness on Su Yang's face, so she smiled and patted his shoulder. "Okay, Mr. President, I'll apologize for doing this without your agreement. Don't be mad at me."

The girl had an irresistible kindness, and when she took the initiative to apologize, the atmosphere eased.

Su Yang cleared his throat and his embarrassment. "Then, can I say no to being the president of the fan club? I think you suit the position more."

Chu Xia spread her hands out helplessly. "It's not my decision to make. The members actually suggested your name and more than half of them voted for you. I didn't even get 10 votes myself."

She looked sad when she said that, but he did not spot any grievance on her face after that.

He rolled his eyes at the girl and said seriously, "I have a lot of things to do and I don't come from a decent family background. If I have the time to worship an idol, I might as well spend the time studying or working. I really don't have time for your fan club."

Chu Xia said, "Then, why did you bring us to Ace Variety Show to support Han Yi? You even provided transport for all the students."

Su Yang went silent. He could not simply say he did it for the money because it would only expose his deal with the intermediary company!

By then, the students would probably view him as an evil merchant who exploited them for his own benefit. All his plans would be seriously affected.

Chu Xia giggled when Su Yang kept quiet. She said, "I know what's going on in your mind. You actually like her, don't you? Just admit it. Han Yi is so cute. She's lovable, and everyone likes her. Even I as a girl am infatuated with her."

Su Yang wanted to argue, but she stopped him and said, "Besides, the fans and I didn't forbid you from working part-time, if you want to, that is. We aren't fanatic either. We still have our classes to attend and work to do as well.

"Based on what I know, there are almost 50 fans who are hardworking students that work part-time in our group. A lot of them are from different institutes as well and many of them are talking about their part-time jobs and tasks from different institutes in the group."

Su Yang's eyes gleamed. 'Right, why didn't I think of this? The fan club can still have this kind of function. Interesting…"

He pondered the possibilities of the fan club. As a matter of fact, Junqing Intermediary had given his company a lot of tasks, but he did not have the manpower to complete them. If he could have another 50 plus students and each of them worked two days every week, he would be able to earn an extra 30 yuan per day, which would be 3,000 yuan a week and 12,000 a month!

Chu Xia mentioned that there were students from other institutes doing part-time jobs as well, meaning that there was a steady flow of part-timers in a single spot. 

If he could use them to make his entry into other institutes, his plan of 'invading' the universities of the entire city could progress smoothly!

With that in mind, Su Yang smiled brightly. "Well, I guess I should contribute a bit as well! For the fans of Han Yi in Shanghai, I'll shoulder the responsibility as the fan club president and provide them with a place they can call home!"

Chu Xia was rather shocked. She had no idea what caused the change in Su Yang's attitude. He looked like he would die if he became president a moment ago, but now, he was ready to give his life to the fan club.

Regardless, with Su Yang's fame and reputation, he would be the perfect ambassador and the fan club could attract more fans from other faculties. After all, if the president was a famous person who everyone knew, the fan club would gain their trust easily.

On top of that, Su Yang might be able to bring the fans to meet their idol, Han Yi! That point alone could easily win the hearts of the fans and gather them under one roof.

He did not know what was going on in Chu Xia's mind. He saw her happy expression and said, "But on one condition."

Chu Xia looked at him pointedly.

"During the campus singing competition or whenever I'm busy, I won't be on the front and you aren't allowed to use my picture to print posters."

Chu Xia stuck her tongue out and said, "Okay!"

After they reached an understanding about the fan club, they walked side by side back to the lecture building.

However, before they even reached the lecture hall, they noticed Qu Xiaomeng squatting in a corner of the corridor. Her hand was grasping her chest and her brows were tightly furrowed. Her face that had a little baby fat was smeared with sweat.

Su Yang and Chu Xia exchanged a look before they went up to her. "Ms. Qu, are you okay?"

Qu Xiaomeng noticed their arrival and looked at them with her pale face. Her forehead was covered in sweat. She shook her head and said, "I'm fine. I'm just having a stomachache."

Su Yang said, "Having a stomachache is a serious matter. I had a relative who suffered from constant stomachache, but he didn't take it seriously, so he died of stomach cramps."

Chu Xia and Qu Xiaomeng were rendered speechless.

'Gosh, Su Yang, you are really "great" with your words!'


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