I'll Add Points To All Things
74 Miraculous Ginseng Water
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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74 Miraculous Ginseng Water

Su Yang looked at his phone and saw Deeny preparing the cup of water on the table. He then stood up and left the lecture hall. He walked into another empty classroom and headed to the corner. With his phone out, he tapped on it and a window popped up.

[Take the item out? Yes/No]

Su Yang tapped on 'Yes'.

A green light came out from his phone camera and shone over the floor. A moment later, a steamy cup of water appeared.

Su Yang picked the cup up for a closer look. The water inside was a little yellowish, but he could not smell anything from it.

'Whatever. Qu Xiaomeng's dumb side won't notice it either.'

After he brought the cup of yellow water back to the lecture hall, Su Yang headed to the podium.

Qu Xiaomeng's hands were still grasping her chest and she looked uncomfortable. However, when she noticed Su Yang closing in, she put her hands away and looked at him. "What's the problem, Mr. Su?"

Su Yang gave her the cup. "Drink this."

Qu Xiaomeng instinctively accepted the cup. It was a little hot when she touched it. She peered inside and noticed that the water was slightly yellow, hence she asked out of curiosity, "What is this?"


Qu Xiaomeng looked at the cup of water again. Indeed, the water was a little yellowish. 

'A cup of yellow water?' 

She looked at Su Yang suspiciously. "Why is the water yellow?"

"My cup is yellow," he said without even blinking.

Qu Xiaomeng was still dubious because a normal person would not simply accept a strange drink from someone else.

Su Yang noticed her suspicion and helplessly said, "Do you think I'll poison you?"

Qu Xiaomeng nodded seriously this time. "I want you to score high marks in the midterms, so I really suspect you are trying to poison me."

'What the…Is she delusional?' Su Yang was speechless. 'Whatever. I don't even know how to explain myself…'

Not wanting to waste time with this silly woman, he said, "It's up to you whether to drink it or not. All I want to say is that your stomach will feel better after drinking it."

Su Yang then headed back to his seat and buried himself in the English textbook. The midterms were next Tuesday, and for the sake of his mission, he had to burn the midnight oil.

With the cup in her hand, Qu Xiaomeng watched Su Yang go back to his seat. She was in a dilemma whether or not to drink the water.

The lessons about safety that she learned since young told her that a girl should not simply accept a drink from someone else, especially from a man, and even more so when the water might have been tampered with.

The cup of water Su Yang had given her looked strange, especially the color. She might be a little dumb, but she was not blind. The water was yellow, not the cup.

However, they were still in the lecture hall and the second lecture was about to start. No matter how bold Su Yang was, he would not have poisoned her in public…or would he?

She saw Su Yang bury himself in the book and not even care about her. She glanced at the water in the cup again and her stomach started to sting her again.

'Argh! Whatever, I'll just drink it! Su Yang might look like a bad guy…No, he might do things like a bad guy, but at least, he's never harmed me before.'

With that in mind, Qu Xiaomeng drained the cup of ginseng water to its last drop.

With the water flowing down into her stomach, Qu Xiaomeng felt a stream of warmth flowing into her stomach and easing the cramps. She felt a lot better.

However, unlike normal warm water, while the warmth from the water faded swiftly, the warm energy lingered in her stomach. It felt really cozy and soothing. She felt so comfortable that she laid down on the table and shut her eyes. Her stomach had not felt this comfortable for days.

After some time, the bell for the next lecture rang, but Qu Xiaomeng was lying on the table and had somehow fallen asleep.

The students, who came back for the lecture after the break, failed to find their lecturer at first glance, so they looked around and noticed Qu Xiaomeng sleeping on the table.

Several other students switched their gaze to Chu Xia who was smart enough to be aware of the situation. 

She walked over to Qu Xiaomeg, bent over, and tapped her shoulder. "Ms. Qu, Ms Qu, it's time for class."

Qu Xiaomeng was woken up by the whisper in her ears, but her mind was still muddled. "Huh?! What? Class is over?"

Chu Xia blinked awkwardly. "No, Ms. Qu, it's time for class."

Qu Xiaomeng took a moment for her mind to restart and only then did she realize the situation. Her round face blushed as if she had put makeup on her cheeks. "I'm sorry. I was too sleepy." She also thanked Chu Xia for waking her up.

Chu Xia smiled brightly and her eyes curved up like crescent moons. "It's okay, Ms. Qu." She then moved her slender legs around and headed back to her seat.

Qu Xiaomeng rubbed her eyes and stood up before apologizing to the class for falling asleep before she started the new session.

During the second half of the lecture, she got a little carried away by the comfort in her stomach. She could not put the comfort she felt in words, but it was as if her stomach had been reborn.

In recent years, while she might not have been on a constant diet, she would go on a diet once in a while. Needless to say, all her diets ended up in failure.

At first, she would ask her little brother, Qu Xuan, to supervise her meals and he was given the right to penalize her for 20 yuan whenever she ate snacks or drank soft drinks. It worked at first, but as the diet went on, Qu Xiaomeng was almost broke and even owed her brother 600 yuan because of this.

Therefore, she soon gave up on the tormenting plan and started a new round of dieting plans.

The key to slim down was either dieting or exercising. Qu Xiaomeng rotated between exercising and dieting, and after torturing herself for a few years, she managed to lose quite some weight, but it took a toll on her stomach. Her stomach would cramp more often and it was not a pleasant experience.

Nevertheless, she only lost weight on paper, not in terms of looks. Her face was still round because of the baby fat, and no matter how hard she tried, she looked puffy and cute. No one would relate her image to the word 'slim'.

Every time before showering, she would look into the mirror and realize that other than a certain upper body part that remained big, her body had already slimmed down but at the cost of her own well-being, especially her poor stomach.

Qu Xiaomeng's silly mind could not even tell whether it was worth it or not.

However, after drinking the cup of yellow water from Su Yang, her stomach felt a lot better. The dull pain no longer troubled her and she felt like she could devour two whole cows!

If it was not for the class, she might have run out and devoured a cow alive!

'I'm so hungry, I want to eat…a lot…'

At the same time, Su Yang heard a beep in his head. 

[Random Mission Completed: Random Point +1]

Su Yang glanced at Qu Xiaomeng who was starting to mess up her lecture again, and giggled. He lowered his head and continued his study. "Nothing can escape the great law of 'tastiness[1]'."

After the second lecture, Su Yang packed his things and wanted to head to the next class, but before he could step out of the lecture hall, Qu Xiaomeng held him back.

"Mr. Su."

Su Yang halted his steps and looked at her. "What?"

Qu Xiaomeng blushed and said, "Thank you."

"'Kay." Su Yang nodded before he left.

After he left the lecture hall, a faint smile curled upon his face. 'It does feel good to act cool sometimes.'

A busy day flew by in the blink of an eye and Su Yang dragged his exhausted body back home in the evening. Right after he stepped into his rented basement, he jumped into the virtual space as usual, but when he reached the villa, he received a notification on his WeChat.

[1] From 2014 TV show X-Change Season 8, on which Wang Jingze said, "I, Wang Jingze, would rather starve, die outside, or jump out of this building than eat the food you give me!" However, after only 2 hours, he said, "真香 (zhēn xiāng, "really fragrant")" when he was given supper.

"Tastiness" in this situation is used to describe someone doing something that he or she had previously sworn never to do and ends up enjoying it in the end. 

For example, when you tried sushi for the first time. You hate it because it is raw but when you ate it, you loved it so much. XD


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