I'll Add Points To All Things
76 Qu Xuan The Flamboyant Flatterer
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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76 Qu Xuan The Flamboyant Flatterer

Su Yang first moved all the fan club members who wanted a part-time job to a new group and started distributing jobs to them using his prestigious position as president.

Since his company removed a lot of unnecessary procedures, compared to the part-time jobs from the university, the pay was higher. Without a second thought, the students looking for part-time jobs embraced Su Yang's company without a second thought.

Su Yang also officially recruited the 10 team leaders as contracted employees of his company. Each of them was assigned a task as a team leader and they were responsible for bringing the other students to their part-time job venue and whatnot.

The timetable of different courses and faculties varied, so after the students registered themselves with Su Yang, he would let Wang Dong pick the part-time jobs for them after confirmation.

After the jobs were assigned, Su Yang would distribute details, including the list and arrangements, to the students, and then it would be up to the team leader.

A week flew by in the blink of an eye. After a whole week of trial, Su Yang's team of part-timers finally took shape. Other than the 10 team leaders, he had 140 students who signed on as long-term part-timers.

The students did two and a half days of work per week on average. Some of them worked for two to three days while some only worked one day and some rested on alternate days.

With each completed job, each student was able to create 30 yuan of profit for Su Yang, and after five days, the combined profit reached 10,500 yuan. Excluding Wang Dong's 10% commission, the net profit was 9,450 yuan.

If this would continue, even if Su Yang did not expand his group of part-timers, he would be able to earn around 40,000 yuan in net profit per month.

This was what a company was made for: a group of people creating value for a single person.

If Su Yang did not accept the Silver Mission and was not ambitious, he just had to spend time and effort to make sure everything could operate smoothly and he could sit back and enjoy 40,000 every month.

Of course, he had to at least make 180,000 per month because of the Silver Mission and he was still far from his goal.

During the weekend, Su Yang operated his company remotely while teaching Tang Xiaomi Mathematics. He easily got another two Random Points and also triggered [Random Mission: Tutor Tang Xiaomi once (4)].

Tang Xiaomi had become his first mini Boss from whom he could farm Random Points.

At the end of the week, with four Random Points at hand and the beautiful admiration of his future, Su Yang visited the dreamland.

On the morning of the second day, a new week started.

When he reached the campus, Su Yang realized it was a lot livelier. He simply grabbed a wandering member of the fan club and asked what was happening. 

It seemed like after a whole month of preparation, the campus singing competition was finally going to start. Maybe because of Han Yi and Lin Jiali's participation in this campus singing competition as judges, the three universities looked upon it highly.

In this modern age in which attention conquered everything, an artist who could secure online traffic and a third-tier actress were enough to attract a ton of attention from three universities.

Shanghai University's reputation skyrocketed in Baidu's search trend. The university then poured in more effort into advertising by calling its students to participate in the competition. Unfortunately, since there were no incentives, it could not attract as much attention. Most of the students just came for the show as spectators.

When Su Yang reached the lecture hall, he habitually walked to the last row but realized another young man there.

The young man wore a simple colored T-shirt that did not hide his fit physique. If the sun shone through the roof and bathed him in it, he would look like the male lead of a film about youth.

Su Yang even noticed several other girls in the class turn around to peek at him and discuss in whispers.

When the young man saw Su Yang, he took the initiative and greeted him, "Hi, Mr. President."

Su Yang was caught off-guard. "You are…"

The young man said, "I'm Qu Xuan, a member of Han Yi's fan club."

'Oh, so he's another member of the fan club?' Su Yang nodded and sat beside Qu Xuan.

While he took his textbook out, he asked, "Is there anything that I can help you with?"

"Nothing in particular. I'm just here to check you out," said Qu Xuan.

Su Yang's hand froze in his bag and he started to lose his mind. 'Why do I keep running into gayish men recently? Can't they just tell me what they want?'

He quickly changed the topic. "Are you a student here?"

Qu Xuan was sizing Su Yang up from top to bottom. He then locked eyes with him. "Yeah. Which faculty do you think I am from?"

Su Yang sized him up and said, "From the engineering faculty? Civil engineering? Or mechanical engineering?"

Qu Xuan clapped his hands and said, "You are really awesome! I'm from the Faculty of Sports."

'Why would I be awesome if I didn't get it right?'

Qu Xuan then asked, "Then, do you know what I am studying?"

Su Yang opened his book and tried to brush him away. "I don't know. Soccer? Basketball?"

Qu Xuan clapped again. "Awesome! I'm studying soccer."

Su Yang glanced at him with a strange expression. 'He's calling me awesome whether I get it right or not…I bet he's missing a chord in his mind. He should just call himself Missing Qu Xuan instead of Mr. Qu Xuan.'

"You look brave enough," said Su Yang.

Qu Xuan smiled and said, "Yeah, I feel brave too, but I hope that I can join the national team and lead them back to the World Cup!" He then added, "Oh right, Brother Su, do you follow the news about the World Cup?"

Su Yang nodded nonchalantly as he continued reading his book. "I do, but I only follow and watch my favorite team."

Qu Xuan curiously asked, "Which team do you like?"

"The national team (China)," said Su Yang.

Qu Xuan was speechless. He awkwardly smiled and said, "Then, I don't think you have watched many matches."

Su Yang flipped several pages in his book and nodded. "Yeah. The national team never lets me down. They never occupy my study time."

Qu Xuan had to give it to Su Yang for being a conversation terminator. No matter how much the sunny sports student flattered him, Su Yang did not even have the urge to continue the conversation.

While Qu Xuan was hesitating whether or not to continue talking, Qu Xiaomeng came into the lecture hall.

The moment he saw his sister, he lowered his head. He was there to spy on Su Yang without her knowledge, so he could not afford to be discovered.

While Qu Xiaomeng was settling down at the podium, Qu Xuan quietly bent over and slipped out through the back door.

Su Yang saw him sneak out of the lecture hall and he shook his head. "Handsome but stupid. Too bad." He would never admit that he was jealous of Qu Xuan's physique and sunny presence.

Right after he sighed, Qu Xiaomeng called his name from the podium, "Su Yang."

Su Yang looked up. "Present. What's the matter, Ms. Qu?"

"The midterms are tomorrow. How's your revision going?"

'Can we not talk about my weakness?'

Su Yang had been studying for the English midterms whenever he was free in the past week, but he realized he was not getting any better.

It was not about working hard. It was about talent and if he let this go on, he would 100% fail the subject.

It was then that he suddenly thought of the four Random Points he had. Maybe it was time for him to put them to good use. 


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