I'll Add Points To All Things
77 Little Hus Is Going Ou
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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77 Little Hus Is Going Ou

However, the Random Points would only result in random results. No one could guarantee the usefulness which troubled Su Yang.

Qu Xiaomeng giggled when she saw Su Yang's troubled expression. "Okay then, Mr. Su, do your best."

After she finished teasing Su Yang, Qu Xiaomeng curled her lips into a delightful smile and started the lecture. Unlike her, Su Yang was not happy. He had less than 24 hours to the midterms, and no matter how hard he revised, he could not absorb anything at all.

With no options left, Su Yang went to Chu Xia for help after class.

Chu Xia was drawing on her English workbook quite skillfully. She was sketching a young man with sharp brows and solid features. It even looked a little like Su Yang!

However, Su Yang believed he was overthinking. Boys were all narcissists. A tiny move from a girl and the boy would suspect that the girl liked him.

'What am I thinking? Chu Xia drew a face with eyes, a nose, a mouth, and I think it's me? The drawing is a little handsome, but I'm not the only handsome guy around!'

Therefore, without being too concerned, Su Yang tapped her shoulder. "Chu Xia, what's up?"

Chu Xia looked at him with a sweet smile. Her fair cheeks looked as pleasant as a painting. "I'm drawing. What do you think? Does it look like you?"

'Oh my, is it really me? But shouldn't a common girl be frightened when the guy she likes noticed her drawing of him? Hmm, Chu Xia is really not a common girl…'

Chu Xia noticed that he was spacing out, so she closed her book and asked with a smile, "What's the matter, Mr. President?"

Su Yang signaled her to continue being seated and then he sat down beside her. He said softly, "I'm actually hoping for some news about the midterms tomorrow. I'm wondering if you have anything useful."

"Oh, are you trying to cheat?" 

"No, I'm not! I'm not that kind of person! I'm just trying to ask for tips or some highlights. You know, I barely listen to English lectures," Su Yang said after a little pause.

Chu Xia put her book into Su Yang's hands. "Here. This is what you need."

"The whole book?" He was shocked.

Chu Xia moved closer to him and whispered, "Our Ms. Qu didn't mention anything about the midterms, so no one knows what she will put in the papers. I suppose you already know how strange our faculty lecturers are, so…you know what I mean.'"

She tapped his shoulder and curved her eyes into two crescent moons. "Good luck."

Su Yang looked defeated. He wanted to leave, but Chu Xia held him back and said, "I have something for you. Do you want to hear it?"

His eyes shone brightly. "YES! TELL ME!"

"I heard most of the questions will be multiple choice this time, and if you are really having trouble with your studies, I'd suggest getting a protection charm. I've heard of an efficacious temple in Shanghai. Do you want me to bring you there?"

"Thank you very much." Su Yang chuckled helplessly and walked away.

She pouted and tapped her foot repeatedly. 'You idiot!'

At the end of the day, Su Yang was still so bothered by the midterms that he did not even have the mood to settle his company matters. He felt like he was possessed by English.

It was just a small midterm exam and the mission was just a Random Mission without any penalty. Even if he failed the midterms and the mission, what could happen?

Nevertheless, Su Yang did not want to be lazy or compromise the results because he believed he would be running away from the problem.

Maybe it was just a Random Mission, so nothing would happen even if he failed it, but what about the Bronze Mission regarding his English semester test? Would he just fail it too?

If he allowed this to happen, it might be fine even if he did not finish the Bronze Mission because there were no penalties.

What if the system assigned him a Silver Mission with a penalty and the mission was about passing the English test? What would he do then?

This would be the entrance to the abyss, and if he jumped in, he would never climb back up. He could not just simply let the mission fail because it was not important.

Once a man became lazy, problems would pop up one after another.

With that in mind, Su Yang made up his mind to not escape from the problem. He would fight to the last moment and do his best, but how?

Su Yang uncontrollably landed his gaze on the brick on his table back in his room at the villa. If the lucky brick's effect could be used, he might not feel this bothered.

Since Chu Xia said the midterms were mostly multiple-choice questions, he might be able to finish the test in half an hour. Unfortunately, the lucky brick was still on cooldown, so he must wait for another two weeks to use it, hence it was not viable.

After considering all his options, Su Yang decided to take his best shot in the point-adding.

'I'll add points to change my life!'

With that in mind, Su Yang called Deeny, "Where's Little Hus?"

Deeny's obedient voice came through, "Master, Little Hus is swimming in the pool.

'That dogs**t, he really knows how to enjoy himself! I've moved into the villa for some time now and I haven't even touched the swimming pool! How dare he swim before I do!?'

Su Yang headed to the swimming pool and saw Little Hus swimming, or to be more precise, floating.

The big white bolster with the picture of a husky drifted on the swimming pool. All four of his edges would waddle to change directions. The eyes of the husky on the bolster were shut and he was enjoying the moment.

Gru and Sanque were also around. 

Gru was bigger than its usual self and it soaked its lower body in the water. Some of its branches curled up around the pool, and even though it did not have a face, it looked like it was enjoying itself.

Sanque was in the pot beside Gru with his cool, arrogant appearance, but he was still as ugly as a wrinkled carrot.

Su Yang really wanted to take a video of the situation and caption it: 'What your pets do when you are not around.'

He believed the little monsters in his house would surely be popular overnight, but first, he would certainly be captured by some secret government department and get cut into pieces for research purposes.

'Wait, if all three of them are here, where's Deeny?'

Su Yang called her again, "Deeny, where are you? Why aren't you joining them in the swimming pool?"

A moment later, Deeny's voice echoed in the villa, "Master, I'm having a milk bath."

Su Yang dared not picture the scene as he was afraid that he might have a nosebleed. He then walked to the pool and splashed some water at Little Hus. "Hus, Hus, wake up."

The husky head on the bolster shuddered and his eyes opened. The husky then shook the water off his body and looked at Su Yang with a pleasant gaze. "Oh, Su Yang, it's you. What's up?"

Su Yang took his shoes off and soaked his feet in the water. The water was cool and it was quite comfortable during early summer. "I want to ask if you can sniff a particular chance or opportunity out."

The four edges of the bolster nimbly waddled around so that Little Hus could look at Su Yang properly. "What do you mean? I don't get it."

Su Yang further simplified his thoughts. "I want to pass my midterms and semester. Can you sniff any chances or opportunities related to this aspect?"

Little Hus looked like he was in heavy thought. "I think…it's possible."

Su Yang could not trust the husky bolster based on his expression and answer, so he said, "Then, help me sniff around and tell me what else in the villa can help me pass the tests."

Little Hus continued floating on the water and said lazily, "I sniffed everything in the villa that day and the faucet and the carrot are all I could get."

"Then, what should I do now?"

Little Hus then widened his eyes at Su Yang. The husky's mouth widened into a malicious grin. "Why don't we go out and search?"


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