I'll Add Points To All Things
84 Good News & Bad News
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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84 Good News & Bad News

Su Yang thought that Deeny was joking at first.

Developing an app from scratch would take at least months. How could it be done overnight? If it was possible, Su Yang's worldview would crumble. 

He said: [Bring it out and let me have a look.]

Deeny popped a window out that was filled with codes.

Su Yang blinked awkwardly. [I mean the app.]

[Oh, right! Hold on, Master. Give me five minutes, I'll package everything and install it on the phone.]

Su Yang: [Okay.]

While waiting for Deeny to package the codes, Su Yang took the time to message Mr. Smart Guy, Li Runze, and asked him what he was doing.

Li Runze replied succinctly: [Studying.]

'Yeap. He is still the Mr. Smart Guy I know.'

Su Yang then typed: [Are you free later? Wanna have lunch?]

Since Su Yang asked him out for lunch, Li Runze replied quickly: [Sure.]

Li Runze was a student in the Faculty of Information and his major subjects involved a lot of coding., He even started to study artificial intelligence, so he must have a certain level of knowledge in writing an app. 

Su Yang wanted him to have a look at the app Deeny had written.

After the brief chat, he found a new app icon on his phone. The app icon was a picture of a cute girl which must be Deeny's selfie.

Deeny's message followed swiftly: [It's done, Master. Have a look.]

Su Yang tapped on the app and realized that it worked!

The app was exactly what he asked for. There were jobs posted in it, and after he tapped on one, the job title, price, time, and description were displayed. The important 'Accept' button was also there.

Su Yang tapped on it but was led to a login interface. Then, he tried to register for an account but failed.

Deeny then messaged him: [Master, the app is still not connected to the server, so it's just an empty shell. You can't use it yet.]

As an internet and coding idiot, Su Yang asked a question that matched his image: [What's a server?]

Deeny replied with a sticker which showed a defeated look. She then explained: [A server is what takes care of your data and stores your information. It is the heart of your app. All the data received by the app will be sent to the server for processing.]

He realized he barely understood the theory behind the app. [Wait, wait wait, so what do I need now?]

[87 yuan. I'll go buy a server from Tencent Cloud, connect the app to the cloud, and we are done.]

'That's more like it. Simple and straightforward.'

Su Yang replied: [Can you pay for it first? I'll give you back the money later.]

Deeny was speechless. She knew that Su Yang was trying to scam her money, but she dared not disobey her master's tyranny, so she meekly replied with a crying emoji and went shopping for a server.

Setting up the server was a complicated process. One must first choose the system and set up the IP safety protocols and the system ecosystem, etc. After all that, only then could the app be connected to the server.

Deeny did not reply even after Su Yang finished his class, which was a minor subject. He had to move to the next tutorial classroom for the next lesson, so he pocketed his phone and went out.

At the same time, Chu Xia arrived at Qu Xiaomeng's office. She knocked on the door politely and said, "Ms. Qu, are you there?"

Qu Xiaomeng was busy writing something. When she heard her name being called, she looked up and saw a cute face by the door. "Oh, Chu Xia. Please, come in."

Chu Xia showed a delighted smile as she walked in and asked, "Aren't the other lecturers around?"

Qu Xiaomeng nodded and continued writing. "They don't have morning classes, so they aren't here yet." Then, she stopped writing and looked at Chu Xia. "Is there anything? Or has Season 8 of the Game of Thrones been updated with a new episode?!" She looked really excited when she talked about American drama series.

Chu Xia shook her head. "No. It's about the midterms. I'm here to ask about the results."

"The midterms…" Qu Xiaomeng locked eyes with Chu Xia and she suddenly looked embarrassed. Since the two of them were quite close, she was honest with Chu Xia. "You got first in class."

"Really?" Chu Xia did not fake her surprise. Her English had always been good, but it was not the best. She was, at most, top three in the class and barely got the first place in any exams.

Qu Xiaomeng nodded. Then, she told Chu Xia to sit down and said softly, "I have something to ask you. I want your opinion on this."

Chu Xia's big round eyes were overflowing with curiosity. "What's the matter?"

Qu Xiaomeng further softened her voice, "Only three people passed the midterms."

The revelation stunned Chu Xia and her jaw dropped, "N-no way!"

Qu Xiaomeng looked troubled. "I don't want to believe it either but…are my lectures boring?"

Chu Xia shook her head. "No! They are very interesting! I like your English lecture the most!"

Qu Xiaomeng locked eyes with Chu Xia. She believed that the girl was not lying, and judging from the test results, Chu Xia might be the second one in the class who liked American drama series. It was normal for her to enjoy the class, but not so much for the other students.

On the other hand, Chu Xia related the matter to Su Yang. 

'If only three people have passed the test, that means Su Yang is going to fail…but I guess it's fine since there are a dozen more students who have failed the test. 'Maybe his score will be a lot closer to the second last place…but I didn't know the others didn't like American drama series. Am I a deviant?'

Just when Chu Xia found it surprising, Qu Xiaomeng cleared her throat and said, "The other two who passed the test are Chu An and…"

Chu Xia was not surprised when she heard Chu An's name. After all, Chu An was a hardworking girl and might even be as good as Li Runze, the Mr. Smart Guy who studied almost every moment.

Unfortunately, 1% of talent was more important than 99% of hard work. Although Chu An's results had always been decent, she barely captured any attention.

Chu Xia was wondering who was the last one who passed the test. Was it Liu Yiyi or Zhao Shu?

When she heard the last name from Qu Xiaomeng, she was stupefied. 

"And…Su Yang."

"SU YANG?!" Chu Xia squealed in shock.

"Yes, Su Yang."

After that, Chu Xia's mind went blank. She did not know how she got back to class and how she made it through the lesson. Her mind was filled with the fact that Su Yang had gotten the top three in the English midterms.

Chu Xia looked at the sun outside the window. It was still rising from the east.

After class, she went to Su Yang. The hesitance and dilemma on her face were obvious. "I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?"

Su Yang said, "Good news."

"You passed the English test and got top three in class."



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