I'll Add Points To All Things
86 Add A Point To The Hourglass
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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86 Add A Point To The Hourglass

Little Hus giggled in a sly manner. "Gru, stop talking. No one understands you anyway."

Gru got anxious. It extended its branch to whip Little Hus, but the sly husky bolster dodged it as he laughed.

It was then that Sanque opened its eyes and said, "It says since Deeny can store all that information into her brain, so can you. Just find a special item that can replicate or copy memories. It may work."

Everyone else was rendered speechless.

'Are you even sure that's what Gru said? Gru 'Gru-ed' like seven times and you got that much from him?!'

Before Su Yang even finished ridiculing him inwardly, Sanque continued, "On top of that, Gru said Little Hus is a stupid dog. He stole the master's shaver to shave himself."

The husky's face on the bolster froze in fear.

'YOU LITTLE! No wonder I keep losing my shaver recently. It's your handiwork! You are a freaking bolster. What fur are you shaving? Have you started piling?!'

After translating what Gru said, Sanque closed its eyes without taking any credit.

Su Yang glared at Little Hus with a gloomy gaze. Little Hus raised both his bolster edges as if he was putting his hands up. "Su Yang! Calm down! Hear me out!"

"I'll hear your a** instead!" Su Yang kicked Little Hus into the air.

Little Hus continued screaming in the air, "Aaaaah! Just hear me out!"

After dealing with Little Hus, Su Yang sat down and pondered Gru's suggestion. 'It might work.'

Since he needed to fill his mind with almost 20 years of English knowledge in less than 17 hours, it seemed like he must use a special item that could alter or boost his memory.

With that in mind, Su Yang looked at Deeny. "Deeny, what do you think about this?"

"It might work," she said.

Su Yang tapped Gru's little head and praised him, "Gru, you are a genius."

Gru seemed to be looking at him, but because it did not have a face, Su Yang could not know for sure though judging from its waving body, it seemed happy.

Since the decision was made, Su Yang dragged Little Hus back and told him to search for items related to memories.

Little Hus acted insolently at first because of his talent, but after Su Yang tossed him into the washing machine for 10 minutes, he understood his position in this house and dared not ask for anything more.

Of course, in order to prevent Little Hus slacking on the job, Su Yang said he would give him another piece of chocolate if he could sniff out something useful.

"CHOKALET!" Little Hus' eyes gleamed whenever chocolate was the topic of conversation.

With the promise from Su Yang, Little Hus started his search, and the thought of having chocolate motivated him to search the villa from top to bottom. Unfortunately, he did not sniff anything out.

Su Yang looked at the dispirited husky bolster. "Nothing at all?"

Little Hus shook his head. "Nothing at all."

Since the villa did not have anything useful, Su Yang had to go out to continue the search. He got a big plastic bag and shoved Little Hus into it before he went out of his rented basement.

The first place Su Yang visited was still the Uplus convenience store near his neighborhood.

Maybe it was really fated because the store assistant on duty today was the same guy from before. When he saw Su Yang come in with the bolster again, the store assistant was alert and cautious. A strange person would always turn heads wherever he went.

Su Yang did not have the time to care, so he circled the store with Little Hus, but the husky bolster shook its head. "There's nothing here either…"

'Special items with specific requirements are really difficult to find…'

Su Yang was not overly concerned. He had made him up his mind to invest all his time he had left today to search for the item that could help him. Since he could not get anything in Uplus, he should head to his next destination.

With that in mind, he carried Little Hus out, but when they passed by one of the racks, Little Hus suddenly twitched. 

Su Yang tacitly stopped. He looked at the rack filled with snacks. There were potato chips, cookies, and some jerky on display. 

However, this rack was a lot closer to the cashier, so both Su Yang and Little Hus dared not be too obvious. This would be their chance to test their tacit understanding of each other.

Su Yang put his hand over the snacks and signaled Little Hus who got the signal and knew what he was trying to do.

Su Yang continued moving his hand over the snacks, and during the second round, when his hand reached a bag of cookies, Little Hus signaled him.

'I got it! It's this bag of cookies!'

He took the bag of cookies to the cashier.

While the store assistant scanned the barcode on the bag of cookies, he asked, "What were you doing just now?"

Su Yang bluffed, "I was choosing."

His answer piqued the store assistant's curiosity. "Why must you put your hand over the products?"

"Haven't you played 'eenie, meenie, miny, moe' before?" Su Yang asked

The store assistant looked confused. Su Yang continued, "I got whatever 'moe' landed on."

'Are you kidding me? Do you think I'm an idiot?' The store assistant grumbled in his heart.

After the purchase, Su Yang went to a secluded spot and took Little Hus out of the plastic bag.

He thought he had finally gotten something useful, but Little Hus said the bag of cookies might have a scent though it was very weak and he was not sure how useful it might be. 

Therefore, Little Hus told Su Yang to search for more items for the sake of insurance.

Su Yang found his explanation reasonable, and after some thought, he brought Little Hus to the nearest supermarket.

At the supermarket, Su Yang and Little Hus walked to almost every corner. In the end, Little Hus picked a porcelain bowl and an hourglass.

The selections might have been a little strange, but Su Yang would rather buy the wrong item than miss out on the correct one, so he bought them all.

After going around for an hour, Su Yang got three items. Coincidentally, he also had three Random Points at hand. He decided to call it a day and go back to test his luck.

When he returned to the villa, Su Yang laid all three items out on the table: an hourglass, a bowl, and a bag of cookies.

Su Yang asked Little Hus, "Which one of these has the strongest scent?"

One of the edges of the bolster pointed at the hourglass.

"What about the second strongest?"

Little Hus pointed at the bowl.

'It seems like the bag of cookies is the weakest.'

On second thought, Su Yang decided to start with the strongest scent. Since these three items had something to do with memories or had the ability to enhance his memory, a successful point-addition to anyone of them would be enough.

Su Yang headed to the bathroom and washed his hands with his 'lucky' soap and started to add points to the hourglass.

When the system was brought up, a translucent [+] sign appeared on top of the hourglass. Su Yang tapped on it and the hourglass shrunk to the size of a finger.

'Did it work?' Su Yang waited patiently for the window to pop up.

Half a minute later, the description window appeared. 

[Hourglass +1: Size has shrunk and shape has changed.]

[Remark: Am I cuter when I'm smaller?]

'Cute, my a**!'


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