I'll Add Points To All Things
87 Special Item: Lethe“s Porcelain Bowl False
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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87 Special Item: Lethe“s Porcelain Bowl False

Truth be told, if the hourglass had not changed in size, Su Yang would have almost forgotten how long it had been since he added points to something useless.

He looked at the miniature table beside Gru, the meter-tall book beside Little Hus, and the little fly rabbit that followed Deeny around.

The scene hit him like a lightning bolt. He wanted to cry but failed to shed a tear.

'How could I forget!? The system can still produce trash!'

Su Yang had been really lucky recently, and no matter what he added points to, he would either get a special item or something with Life Evolution, hence he almost forgot that it could just simply change the size of the item.

He looked at the thumb-sized hourglass. It looked delicate but was useless, and he really wanted to cry a river.

It was then that Little Hus said something, "Su Yang! Su Yang!" He sounded very excited.

"What's wrong?" Su Yang turned around.

"The scent! The scent! The hourglass smells really good now! It's so good that I can almost lick it," Little Hus exclaimed.

Even if it was fragrant, it was useless. Up until this point, Su Yang had never gotten an item that he could add more than one point to. The [+] sign was gone! He was clueless when the system would enable him to add a second point to the same item. 

'Maybe when that happens, this hourglass will finally be useful.' 

He discarded the useless thought away and continued adding points.

According to the great law of gacha gaming, after getting a Common rarity character or card game, the odds of getting an SSR next would be greatly increased….OR NOT!

Regardless of which, he could not do anything at the moment other than adding points. 

He opened the system again and a little [+] sign appeared above the porcelain bowl, so he tapped on it.

A little gleam later, the point was added.

At that very moment, Su Yang's heart skipped a beat because he knew he had it this time.

With the gleam, the bowl shrunk to the size of a teacup. The structure and texture of the bowl also changed drastically. The plain-looking peony flower patterns on the bowl turned into blue and white patterns. Coupled with its size, it looked extremely exquisite.

Su Yang picked the bowl up for a closer look. The bowl felt fragile, and when placed under the light, a portion of light could even go through its thin layer. He waited patiently for the system's description.

A minute later, the familiar window popped up on the bowl.

[Porcelain Bowl +1: Acquired special ability. Appraise? Yes/No]

Su Yang tapped on 'Yes'.

The description of the bowl then changed.

[Lethe's Porcelain Bowl (False)]

[Ability: Fill this bowl with water and those who drink it will forget.]

[Restriction 1: A maximum of two bowls per person a day.]

[Restriction 2: A bowl of water can wipe out 30 minutes' worth of memories.]

[Remark: How many bowls does one have to drink to forget a person?]

The urge to throw the bowl at the wall was strong, but Su Yang held himself back. This bowl might be useful or great, in fact, but it was not what he wanted at the moment.

He needed something that could make him remember things, not forget! His English was already bad and if he had a bowl of water, poof, he might forget everything altogether! 

'I'm so dead tomorrow if I drink from this bowl…'

Su Yang took a deep breath and put the bowl aside. He had to force himself to calm down.

'The world is a beautiful place, and I shouldn't trample over its beauty with my anger. No, no. Peace, calm, tranquility. Life is but a show…'

After he steadied his emotions, Su Yang moved on to the last item: the bag of cookies.

He had already wasted two Random Points, and if he could not get anything from the last one, he would have lost more than he could afford.

Maybe because Su Yang was having a bad day, Little Hus disappeared. Deeny had also flown away, probably busy attending to the app. Gru was left in the corner of the living room and its twigs were extending away.

However, maybe because Gru sensed Su Yang's gaze upon itself, the twig paused and pointed at him. "Gru, Gru?"

Su Yang smiled bitterly but did not say anything.

Gru extended its twig to curl around the couch. It then pulled the rest of its body to the couch and leaned beside Su Yang. It looked up and said, "Gru, Gru?"

Su Yang touched its head and flashed a warm smile. 'No matter what happens, I still have Gru by my side!'

With that in mind, he reignited his confidence. 'I can do this! I must do better!'

He reopened the Point System, and this time around, he shut his eyes when he tapped the [+] sign on the bag of cookies.

The moment he pressed the button, he screamed in his heart, 'If I don't get an SSR item this time, I'll quit this 'game'! Wait, that's not right…I'll quit adding points!'

A quick gleam later, the point was added, but the bag of cookies did not change.

'Don't tell me I've failed again…'

The third time was usually a charm, but if this one failed, Su Yang's mentality would collapse. Fortunately, the system did not let him down. A while later, a window popped up on the bag of cookies.

[A bag of cookies +1: Acquired special ability. Appraise? Yes/No]

Su Yang tapped on 'Yes' without a second thought, and a new window popped up. After he went through the description, he finally heaved a breath of relief and fell back on the couch. 

'I finally did it.'

[Memory Master's Special Wasabi Cookies]

[Ability: Every piece of cookie will give your memory a super-boost for 2 hours. You will never forget what you see but your nose will suffer the consequences.]

[Remark 1: The cookies contain a special type of wasabi. Please do not get it into your eyes. If you do, please wash it with milk though it might not be useful.]

[Remark 2: If you really get it in your eyes, you shouldn't be reading this because, by the time you do, you might already be blind. Good luck!]

[Remark 3: When you consume this product, your brain will exhaust more energy than usual. Please ensure you have sufficient sugar intake or glucose level.]

It was the first time Su Yang was seeing an item with these many remarks. Even the ability description was not as long as the list of remarks.

He looked at the time. It was 6 p.m. at the moment. He did not have any classes tomorrow morning, so he could just head to campus at 10 a.m, which gave him around 16 hours to study. It should be enough for him to study all the English he missed out as well as the American drama series.

With that in mind, Su Yang called Deeny out, "Deeny, help me get all the study materials for English, starting from entry-level pronunciation to whatever they are teaching in university."

Shocked, Deeny said, "Master, isn't that a little too much? You just need to study university-level English and the American drama series."

Su Yang shook his head. "Since I've got the chance to improve, I might as well fully utilize it. I should really strengthen my basics because I'm only bad at English. It should be enough."

Deeny wanted to dissuade him but gave up in the end. She used her superbrain to search for all kinds of information on the internet and prepared them for him.

Meanwhile, Su Yang took the chance and headed out to buy some food and sweets.

He had been quite good at Biology during his high school days, and he knew that the brain consumed energy when operating. The easiest supplement he could get to supply the brain with the energy to think was sugar.

It was even written in the remark as a reminder and the system was correct.

Half an hour later, Su Yang brought a large bag of things back to the virtual space where Deeny had prepared all the necessary information for him.

He opened the bag of cookies and counted a dozen of them inside. He might be able to save some after this study session.


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