I'll Add Points To All Things
88 High Intensity Learning
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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88 High Intensity Learning

With that in mind, Su Yang discarded his hesitation and opened all the information Deeny had prepared for him as holographic panels. He then put one of the cookies in his mouth and chewed it.

The moment he crushed the cookie with his teeth, an indescribable pungent spiciness attacked his nose and choked him. He flushed hard and almost suffocated. 

He quickly grabbed his cup and tried to wash the spiciness down. The torment lasted for more than 10 seconds before fading completely.

After that, a refreshing energy stream rose from his nose and gushed into his brain. He could feel the energy stream clearing the messy thoughts in his mind, making it as blank as a piece of paper. It was a strange feeling. It felt like other than his own consciousness, the world around him became white and only what he saw remained colored.

On top of the first holographic panel were some simple English pronunciations. Su Yang read through them quickly, and with a quick flip, the holographic panel turned to the next page.

He continued to the next page and the next, getting faster as he went on. He was so focused that he could read everything on a page with a glance before he continued to the next.

Deeny suddenly appeared beside him, looking at him with a worried gaze.

Su Yang was reading like a robot. His body was stiff and his eyes were dull, but he was emanating a terrifying golden glow around him.

Soon enough, Su Yang finished the first book and she seamlessly provided him with the second book. He soon finished the second, the third, the fourth, and so on.

Two hours flew by in the blink of an eye. Su Yang started from kindergarten level and managed to reach middle school-level within the duration. Every single word, every sentence, and every phrase were printed in his mind as if his eyes were a copier.

The duration of the cookie's power was over and Su Yang could finally catch a breath. He never thought that studying English would be this easy. Although he actually had a great memory, he lacked linguistic talent.

When he was a kid, he spoke to his family in his hometown dialect, and after he entered middle school in town, the teacher taught him Mandarin and requested all the students to communicate in Mandarin.

After a semester, Su Yang mastered Mandarin but somehow forgot how to speak in his hometown dialect.

When he went back home during holidays and heard the familiar dialect, he felt lost and did not know how to answer them. The words were at the tip of his tongue. He knew how to say them, but they just could not escape his mouth.

English was even harder than Mandarin. No matter how hard he studied, he could not remember anything.

Other than some nouns that he managed to cling onto, which was also the reason why he could pass with the minimal score, be it in terms of sentence or grammar, he could not remember anything and got even worse when he tried to study.

Now, after the piece of cookie, he believed he could score 115 over 120 points in the middle school exam. He was even confident enough to pass high school English despite only reaching middle school-level.

After all, all academic subjects started with the basics and improved as one continued studying. After remembering all the fundamentals, he could easily relate them with some similar terms and phrases.

On top of that, Su Yang was an English mute despite knowing a limited amount of English before this. He could only write and not speak. Therefore, if he mastered the language from the basics, it would benefit him more.

He had never learned basic pronunciations back in elementary school, hence his weak fundamental knowledge. During middle school, he had fallen behind so much that he could barely read and it exacerbated his situation.

After the cookie, he finally filled up that hole in his mind. He could already pronounce a word that he had never seen before.

Deeny looked at Su Yang with a worried expression. "Master, do you want to have a break?"

He waved. "No, I'm on the clock."

Deeny could not do anything but nod.

Su Yang chucked a big glass of sugar water down and ate the second piece of cookie. The moment he chewed, the suffocating spiciness attacked him again.

He ate another piece after the spiciness faded and studied from elementary level to university level. He even covered band 4 and 6 of the TEM (Test for English Majors) altogether.

After studying all that, Su Yang even asked Deeny for some spoken language materials and scanned through them.

In the end, he moved on to the most important part: the American drama series.

He started with every episode of the drama series that he saw in the test. It was difficult at first, but as he continued, he gained speed and eventually fast forward at 8x speed and then 16x speed.

Su Yang's intense studying made all four of his pets worried sick, or rather, three of them to be exact because Sanque continued to play dead in the flower pot.

Maybe because of the intense brain activity, even though Deeny kept feeding Su Yang sugar water, he looked exhausted and the rim of his eyes started to cave in.

"Gru, Gru." Gru was worried about Su Yang, but Su Yang scanned through the holographic panels like a machine or a soulless man.

Little Hus quietly extended his evil edge and wanted to poke Su Yang in the face, but Gru extended its twig and whipped him while 'Gru-ing' angrily, "Gru, Gru!!"

The husky on the bolster showed a disgusted look. "You can even speak properly. All you know is Gru-Gru. Who the hell knows what you are talking about?"

"Stop fooling around. Do you think studying will kill the master?" asked Deeny.

"Gru, Gru…" Gru 'Gru-ed' meekly as if it was in pain.

Little Hus dug his nose with the bolster edge. "Meh, he won't die so easily."

Deeny was worried. It was then that she saw Sanque in the pot in the corner. Her eyes gleamed and she asked, "Sanque, can you cure the master's situation?"

Sanque slowly opened its eyes. "Yes."

"How long?" Deeny asked.

"1 cm." 

Deeny flew away to get a pair of scissors to cut 1 cm of Sanque's roots. She mixed it into the cup of water and fed it to Su Yang.

After drinking the ginseng water, Su Yang felt alive. His eyes felt brighter and his body was less weak.

Gru 'Gru-ed' happily. It then extended one of its twigs and pulled Sanque closer. The other twig then picked up the scissors.

Sanque looked at Gru with its ugly face. "What are you doing?"


Kachak! Another centimeter of Sanque's roots was cut off. 

Gru's simple mind thought that Su Yang could recover faster if more roots were cut.


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