I'll Add Points To All Things
89 What Do You Think About Your Results?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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89 What Do You Think About Your Results?

Sanque's ugly face grew together again and it shot Gru a strange look. 

Gru counted the roots above Sanque's head while looking at the ugly ginseng. A question mark popped up above Gru's head(?).

Half a second later, Sanque quietly raised its hand and crawled out from the pot. It walked away without even looking back. It seemed like Sanque was going to break up with Gru.

Gru sighed but did not go after Sanque. Instead, Gru refilled the cup with water and soaked Sanque's roots inside. A moment later, the water turned yellowish and the cup of ginseng water was ready to be served.

Then, Gru carried the cup of water to Su Yang and urged him to drink the water by 'Gru-ing'.

Su Yang was imprinting everything about English in his mind like a robot. He grabbed the cup of ginseng water instinctively and finished it in one gulp.

Gru happily clapped its twigs.

Thus, Su Yang quickly revised everything about English and American drama series while consuming wasabi cookies with ginseng water. He ate a total of six pieces of cookie and spent 12 hours covering everything.

In the end, he finally imprinted all the written and spoken language, applications, slangs and dialects, and everything about American drama series in his mind.

Gru dragged Sanque out from one of the rooms and tied it up as a hostage for its roots.

Sanque tried to resist at first, but after a while, it gave up and accepted its cruel fate. It closed its eyes as if it was looking at death straight in the eyes, except that it would squeal in pain whenever one of its roots were cut. It might have looked dead if it remained quiet.

Su Yang started revising from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. He burned the midnight oil to learn everything, and in the end, he collapsed on the couch and fell asleep.

Of course, before he closed his eyes, he told Deeny to wake him up at 10 a.m.

It was 10 a.m., so Deeny woke Su Yang up. 

Even though he had only slept for two hours, Sanque's ginseng roots helped him a lot. Su Yang felt refreshed like never before, and his body felt stronger than usual.

'The ginseng is really a great supplement. Even when Sanque's roots are not used to cure illness, using them as a source of nourishment is also a good idea.'

However, looking at Sanque's dying expression, Su Yang decided to let it catch a breath.

Sanque was like a sheep. Su Yang could not shave its wool every day. He must allow the sheep's wool to grow before he could harvest more.

Deeny then brought up the video of him studying last night. Su Yang realized he had drunk a lot of ginseng water throughout the night and he even saw himself drinking at least 500 ml of ginseng water in one gulp.

He headed to [Master Sommelier Faucet] and checked the new slot. If the ginseng water could be stored in the slot, he could mass produce it!

Unfortunately, he did not see the ginseng water stored in the faucet. Since the system did not provide him with an answer, Su Yang could only speculate. 

'The system seems to have its own operating mechanism. Items and abilities can't be reproduced by one another. I guess there's no bug for me to exploit.'

After he tidied up, Su Yang grabbed his bag and headed to campus.

The first thing he did when he reached campus was to visit Qu Xiaomeng's office. After burning the midnight oil, Su Yang was confident that he could pass the TEM-8 test if he took it.

As for the American drama series, he could not be any more familiar with them.

His current English level was better than his own hometown dialect and he learned his speech through American drama series, hence the accurate pronunciation and intonation. Even if he conversed with a foreigner, he would be mistaken as an American-born Chinese.

Su Yang knocked on the door when he arrived at the office. 

Another lecturer's voice answered him, "Come in."

Su Yang opened the door and saw several other lecturers of the same faculty at their respective desks. Qu Xiaomeng was at her desk too.

He greeted all the other lecturers before going over to Qu Xiaomeng. "Ms. Qu, are you looking for me?"

Qu Xiaomeng nodded. She looked around the office and said, "Follow me."

The two of them went to a corridor with fewer students around. Qu Xiaomeng looked at Su Yang and asked, "Have you learned about your score in the midterms?"

Su Yang nodded. "Yeah."

"What do you think about your results?" she asked.

Su Yang looked at her and said calmly, "I think I scored a little too low. If I can take it again, I'll score 100."

Qu Xiaomeng was shocked by what she heard and her jaw dropped.

As Su Yang's English lecturer, she knew about Su Yang's state during class. She had sufficient reason to suspect him of cheating in the midterms to score more than 70 marks, but she persuaded herself to believe that he could have poured in some hard work.

However, when Su Yang told her he could score 100, Qu Xiaomeng did not believe it.

'Do you really think you are some prodigal genius? If you are, I'm Confucius! You barely passed your high school exams and your first-semester English test, yet you have the guts to tell me you can score 100 in the midterms? Is it me or are you going crazy?'

Qu Xiaomeng took a deep breath and said in a heavy tone, "Su Yang, stop it. We both know how bad your results are."

"I do, but you might not [1]," said Su Yang. He spoke with a fluent American accent without the slightest influence of Mandarin.

Qu Xiaomeng was shocked. 'I-is this Su Yang? Since when could he pronounce this accurately?'

Despite her shock, she said after a little delay, "The questions in the midterms are all related to American drama series, so they aren't your usual English questions. Even the other students who were better at English failed the midterms."

Su Yang looked at her and started to recite every line in the first episode of Season 1 of "Westworld", a drama series by HBO. 

Qu Xiaomeng failed to respond at first, but after a few lines, she realized that he was actually reciting the lines from the series. Her jaw dropped to the ground.

After a few lines of "Westworld", Su Yang changed to "Friends", a classic American sitcom. There were a lot of slangs used in the series and the grammar used was not entirely accurate, but Su Yang was able to recite every line without any mistake.

Having imprinted every season of Friends in his mind, if he had a pen, he could have written down the script from scene to scene in English!

After "Friends", Su Yang continued with "Game of Thrones", "Prison Break", "The Big Bang Theory", and all sorts of drama series.

Even when Qu Xiaomeng randomly asked him about a lesser-known series, he could recite the lines without a second thought.

Qu Xiaomeng was in awe. If she had suspected Su Yang before, when she simply questioned him about a random drama series and he could recite it perfectly, her suspicion evaporated.

As Su Yang could recite every line perfectly, if he could not score high in the midterms, who else could?

However, if his English was this good, why would he have failed the previous tests?

'Is it because of me and my teaching methods?' Qu Xiaomeng could not help but think about her teaching methods. 'Am I a genius at teaching?'


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