I'll Add Points To All Things
91 Suspect & Evidence
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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91 Suspect & Evidence

"No way! Su Yang got third place?!"

"Oh my god! Is this for real?"

"This is…"

The class erupted into chaos as everyone was talking about Su Yang's result.

It was normal for them to react this way. Someone who usually scored the last place suddenly skyrocketed to the third; no one with a sane mind would believe it. Something must have gone wrong.

However, Su Yang was quite a likable person in class, so no one stood up and accused him of cheating. As for what went on in their minds, it was their own thoughts and theirs alone.

Su Yang sat in his seat without responding. He continued tapping his phone as if Qu Xiaomeng had not called his name.

Chu Xia looked around the class before she turned to Su Yang with a worried gaze. She wanted to say something, but even with her mouth slightly opened, no words managed to escape.

Qu Xiaomeng did not stop the students from discussing it. She stood beside the podium and listened to the heated discussion.

The students in the Faculty of Arts were always well-disciplined. Therefore, after five minutes of heated discussion, when they realized the class was still on-going, they quietened down.

The silence was also infectious. The whole class returned to stillness and everyone was looking at Qu Xiaomeng. They wanted to know how the lecturer would handle this matter.

After the class was completely quiet, Qu Xiaomeng said with an honest tone, "I believe everyone is having doubts about the results, and so am I. However, I've talked to Mr. Su this morning."

Some of the students took a peek at Su Yang but did not spot any expression on his face. They did not know how the conversation with Qu Xiaomeng turned out.

Qu Xiaomeng continued, "Mr. Su has proven to me that he is good In English. With his level of mastery, he can easily surpass 71 points and maybe even score 100."

The entire class exploded in a debate again.

Then, a girl stood up and questioned without the slightest courtesy, "Ms. Qu, I'm not doubting you, but I just want to know if you can be fully responsible for what you said."

Qu Xiaomeng nodded. "I can."

The girl was Liu Yiyi. She was known for her serious character and meticulous attention. She added, "We all know how good Su Yang is in other subjects and we admire him for being able to excel in other subjects, but English has always been his weakness. He got the last place in class last semester and you are now telling us he can score 100 in the midterms? We don't believe it, at least, not me."

It was rare for the students to question a lecturer's judgment and vouching. It was university after all, so everyone tended to take it easy and no one wanted to simply offend others. Everyone was actually curious about how Su Yang's result had skyrocketed but they were not overly concerned.

However, Liu Yiyi was different. She has always been a strict and somewhat stubborn person and would only believe in what she found reasonable. She would get to the bottom of this even if it put the class in an awkward situation.

It was Qu Xiaomeng's first time handling this kind of situation, so she was at a loss of action.

It was then that Su Yang put his phone down and stood up. "If you want proof, I'll prove it to you."

He then headed to the podium to stand beside Qu Xiaomeng. He looked at Liu Yiyi with a sharp gaze. "You can simply ask me anything about English. If I get it wrong, I lose."

He added, "Be it American drama series, Hollywood movies, or English literature, grammar or even TEM-4 and 6, anything."

As Su Yang welcomed the challenge confidently, it deterred Liu Yiyi a bit, causing her to blank out for a moment. A moment later, she took a stack of papers out from her bag and said, "These are the trial papers for TEM-6 that I bought recently. Do you dare to give it a go right here?"

"Why not?" Su Yang said.

The other students knew they were in for a show and they were eager to find out how this matter would turn out in the end.

Liu Yiyi simply picked a set of papers for Su Yang.

He took the papers and conveniently 'borrowed' a pen from a nearby student before he started answering.

He had never seen or done this paper before, but with his current level of English, it was easy.

In less than 10 minutes, Su Yang put the pen down and said, "You can check the answers." He then walked out of the lecture hall.

Liu Yiyi took the papers and checked the answers. The more she checked them, the gloomier she looked.

Maybe because Su Yang was no longer around, the other students felt less awkward. Some of the students were curious when they saw Liu Yiyi's gloomy expression. They got closer and wanted to find out how Su Yang did.

The first question was correct; the second question, correct; the third question, correct…

Su Yang got all the questions before the essay part correct.

Even for the essay, he had filled a whole page with words. The other students were decent in English themselves, and after they scanned through the essay, they realized that he might be on par with or better than them. 

After all the answers were checked, all the students in the class were forced to accept the fact.

Other than the listening part, Su Yang got almost everything correct, and with the outstanding results, he could easily score the listening part with flying colors.

Qu Xiaomeng was correct. Su Yang was really capable of getting full marks.

After the clamor and discussion calmed down, Qu Xiaomeng took her phone out and connected it to the computer. She cast a video to the projector and said, "Some of you might find it difficult to believe, but it's a fact. While Su Yang's English might be good, it doesn't mean he can simply score in this midterms because the questions I set were a little uncommon. So, I tested him myself this morning."

Qu Xiaomeng played the video on the projector. It was the video she had recorded that morning whereby Su Yang recited all the lines from the drama series.

Su Yang looked straight into the camera and recited every line perfectly. Qu Xiaomeng changed the title and episode from time to time, and Su Yang could still answer without a second thought.

The whole video was around 40 minutes long and it was not even recorded from the beginning. Qu Xiaomeng would fast-forward or skip to a certain scene to speed things up and the students noticed that Su Yang's eyes never left the camera.

After watching the video, everyone in the class was rendered speechless.

'Is he even human?'


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