I'll Add Points To All Things
92 Come Out For A Drink?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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92 Come Out For A Drink?

The students suddenly realized that other than Li Runze, the well-known Mr. Smart Guy, Shanghai University had another 'god' hidden in plain sight.

If the English midterm scores were not convincing enough, the video of Su Yang reciting all the lines would.

They assumed that Su Yang was only good in other subjects and sucked at English, but it seemed like he was merely not serious about it.

After the video finished playing, the entire class was clear of doubts. It was just the midterms after all. If Su Yang did not score this high and Qu Xiaomeng stated that he could score higher, no one would question the results at all.

Since Su Yang was able to prove himself, no one would argue with the facts anymore, including Liu Yiyi.

Qu Xiaomeng glanced at the entire class and after making sure no one else had any other opinion, she cleared her throat and continued announcing the results. However, as she continued reading the results, she suddenly realized that Su Yang had walked out of the lecture hall.

'Did he just walk out on me? Did he skip class right in front of my eyes?'

After two seconds, she realized she was correct.

'That b*stard! He skipped my class again!'

After the class ended, Qu Xiaomeng tidied up and left the lecture hall. The students continued talking about Su Yang's results, but they were no longer in doubt, only in awe.

Some smarter students headed to the computer and copied the video into their thumb drives.

In that afternoon, the video of Su Yang showing off the lines from all kinds of American drama series started to circulate around the Shanghai University network.

At first, the video did not garner a lot of attention, but when someone edited the video into the clips of the respective drama series, it started to capture attention. Slowly but surely, the whole video was available online and the students from the other faculties were shocked.

"Holy sh*t, where did this 'god' come from!?"

"He's able to recite the lines from all the drama series!"

"He must be too free."

Su Yang's story behind the video slowly spread throughout the campus: a guy who barely passed high school English and the previous semester test was actually a 'god' hidden in plain sight!

Gossip usually spread like wildfire among the students. The video clip was not interesting at all, but when coupled with Su Yang's story, it became a trending topic on campus.

After the video garnered a certain level of attention, someone finally recognized Su Yang as the busker who sang "Beijing Beijing" at the entrance of the campus. Finally, the video became popular.

The video spread throughout campus the whole afternoon, and by nightfall, Su Yang's story and the two videos became the hottest topic at Shanghai University.

Interestingly, Su Yang knew nothing about his overnight sensation when he got home. After having burned the midnight oil last night, the lack of sleep made him tense. He collapsed the moment he reached the villa and slept like a dead man.

He finally woke up at 11 p.m. The first thing he realized was that his WeChat and QQ Messenger had exploded with messages.

His own classmates barely sent him anything. Instead, it was those from the other class and courses or even familiar faces from the other faculties who messaged him and congratulated him for his overnight popularity.

[Bro, you are awesome! It's really a waste that you are not in Super Brain[1]!]

Even Li Runze messaged him: [So, you've been lying low all this time? If I hadn't seen the video, I would never have known how good your English is. Since you've filled up your last weakness, are you trying to compete with me for the top spot?]

Su Yang did not know how to reply.

'Li Runze must have studied so much that his brain can't function properly. We aren't even in the same faculty, so what are we even competing for? Are you gonna switch courses?'

Su Yang did not reply to Li Runze despite knowing Mr. Smart Guy was excited to meet a worthy rival. He went through the chat windows and realized that all the messages were mostly jokes, praises, and congratulatory notes. 

However, there was one that stood out from the rest. It was from Lin Jiali.

'Why is this actress messaging me in the middle of the night?'

Su Yang checked the message in WeChat. He was surprised that Lin Jiali was asking a favor from him.

[I'm in Shanghai. Wanna have a drink?]

Su Yang was clueless about how to reply. 'Has she forgotten her identity as an actress? Or is she planning to tell me her identity?'

Su Yang carefully thought of what to reply. [Sure. Where?]

Less than a minute later, Lin Jiali sent him a picture of her fair hand holding a glass of red wine. [Here. In WeChat.]

'What in the F? This crazy woman…I really thought I'd be going out for a drink…'

Su Yang got up and looked around his room. He did not have a glass nearby, so he headed to the bathroom and got the cup that he put his toothbrush in for a picture.

[Sure. Cheers.]

'Congratulations. I'm also a crazy man now. That makes two of us.'

Lin Jiali sent him a laughing sticker and said: [You are really funny.]

Su Yang smiled helplessly and replied: [I got it from you.]

Lin Jiali did not reply right away this time, but two minutes later, she said: [I really don't want to come to Shanghai.]

Su Yang typed: [Why?]

Lin Jiali replied: [Because I have to work with that colleague that I'm jealous of again, and I can't say no this time. My old superior joined the event as a sponsor and he wants to use the event to promote his company's talent, so we are forced to show our support in person.]

Su Yang pondered about what she said. She usually spoke in a vague manner, but there were always clues to follow. The colleague that she was jealous of should be Han Yi while the event should be the campus singing competition organized by the three universities.

'Hmm, it seems like there's something is fishy about this competition.'

If there was really something fishy, any normal person with a sane mind would try to expose the lie by meddling around. 

However, Su Yang was not an average John Doe. He was a realistic person. He had nothing against the organizers, so why would he want to ruin the event? For the sake of a laughable justice?

'Dear everyone, it's already the 21st century. Let's try to be more realistic.'

If the organizers invested time and money but did not gain any benefits in return or did not use the opportunity to promote one of their own, that would be strange. The organizers were not running a charity after all.

If they were holding a competition, they would still need to invest some of their resources in the normal contestants just to give everyone a chance.

Besides, Su Yang did not participate in the competition, thus he did not have a conflict of interest with them, hence he was not even bothered.

If he really was interested, he would have hosted a competition himself when he got rich. He would then invite all the first-tier singers throughout the country and those that he liked as judges. It would be cooler that way.

As for his friends, Su Yang could not think of anyone that he knew who said they wanted to enter the competition.

Speaking of the competition, he suddenly remembered that he had promised Chu Xia to accompany her to watch the preliminary rounds.

'Did she join the competition? No way…right?'

[1] Super Brain: A quiz show. Jiangsu TV bought the rights to the German show, "Deutschlands Superhirn", and recreated it for the Chinese audience. 

Like "Running Man"? :D


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